Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Good Christian

You cannot be a good Christian unless you are discriminating against or hating somebody. Inclusiveness, tolerance, equality, freedom, morality, enlightenment - all of these things are actually against the "Word Of God." Read the Bible for yourself and see. One of the things that is extremely irritating to many Christians in this country is the fact that non-Christians have freedom of speech rights also. If it were not for First Amendment constitutional restraints, Christians would imprison, torture and kill those that had the nerve to express a different worldview than the Christian one (like they do regarding Islam in Muslim countries).

"Blasphemer!!! Off with his head!!!!"

Even in America - you must still be careful about being honest (about your non-belief) around Christians (especially Black ones) - they can and will get violent in some cases (this dumb shit is seen as "defending the faith" - truth only needs to be demonstrated - not "defended" - but since many Christians have no concept of logic - this may be hard to get across), or some may do things like setting you up to get fired from your employment or pressuring a landlord to evict you from your home. Many Christians are too weak-minded and credulous to handle frank dialogue.

Christians are also into "shunning" - today, that means soft ostracism, arrogant avoidance, or just not wanting to talk to a person that they know is an atheist. They can't behead people anymore - like they used to. Nigger clergymen teach their flocks to fear intelligence and independent thinking ("everything you need to know is in the Bible"). But that may be a good thing - you will know, explicitly who is, and who is not worth talking to. Why would you want to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to reason with a bunch of whooping dummies anyway?

Lying about or hiding your own non-belief, exercising sage-like patience and practicing strategic accommodation and deference in the face of pure ignorance - you know - the same way you would deal with a retarded person (be sure to add-in a few "amens"), helps you to get-along with the typical Christian. No, no, and no - you cannot be honest with many Christians and expect to co-exist with them peacefully at the same time. I mean that - you seriously HAVE TO LIE in order to get-along with most Christians.

There is a reason that the first thing the founders did while formulating the U.S. Constitution was to separate church and state. They separated the law of God - from the law of the land. The most anti-Constitutional, anti-Bill of Rights, anti-humanity, pro-slavery book ever composed on this planet is the Holy Bible. The founders understood this shit completely. The majority of Christians (who - by the way have never seriously studied the Bible in its entirety, like most atheists have) really don't understand why the law of the land should not be the law of God.

It is a shame that nigger Christians don't get the fact that if the law of God was legislatively reconstructed and put back into practice - the first thing that white, conservative, dominionist Christians would do - would be to put our Black asses back into slavery (no expiration date on that practice folks - check your Bible please), all women would have to go back into true submission mode, meaning shut the fuck up or get fucked-up (equal what?), and all homosexuals would be picked-up and wiped-out. Keep it up - you dumb-assed religious knuckleheads might just get what you keep asking for.

Religious Motherfuckers (new noun) that live in this United States of America need to research and recognize where their freedoms actually come from... And it ain't from the Bible or God or Jesus or Your Pastor or TD Jakes (that "God-given" stuff is total bullshit). Proactive credulity and enlightened consent just do not mix - they can't. 

Imagine the idiots in this picture running the country.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unbelievable Dumbness

This post is about an article from the Saturday, November 13, 2010 Chicago Sun-Times newspaper (AP). What is excerpted below sounds like something from a newspaper out of the 14th century. This shit is crazy and unbelievable. The fact that their "conference" was considered newsworthy is in itself mind-boggling. Do these Catholic priests actually believe that demonic possession is a real problem in 21st century America?

Ahhh... NO. It's about money and opportunity.

It is a truly sad commentary that millions of people around the world take these bastards seriously. They [Catholic priests] have to be laughing their asses off (with the assistance of a little benedictine, of course) within their respective seminaries, monasteries, presbyteries, and rectories. It is also sad that those same millions of religious dum-dums out there believe that their financial, health or mental challenges can be solved only by supernatural means.

I do understand that exorcism could potentially be a lucrative source of revenue for churches (and not just the Catholic ones - the mega-preachers will be on this soon), if marketed properly. The attitude of clergy is: Hell... If the suckers are out there, why the fuck not?

But really... Read this shit:

"2-Day Conference Aims To Bring Priests Up To Speed On Exorcisms

Citing a shortage of preists who can perform exorcisms, the nations Roman Catholic bishops are sponsoring a conference on how to perform the rite.

The two-day training, starting Friday in Baltimore is to outline the scriptural basis of evil, instruct clergy on evaluating whether a person is truly posessed, and review the prayers and rituals that comprise an exorcism.

'Learning the liturgical rite is not difficult,' said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston-Houston, Texas. 'The problem is the discernment that the exorcist needs before he would ever attempt the rite.'

Few have the training
More than 50 bishops and 60 priests signed up to attend.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, who organized the conference, said only a tiny number of U.S. priests have enough training and knowledge to perform an exorcism. Dioceses nationwide have been overwhelmed with requests to evaluate claims.

Neal Lozano, a Catholic who has written about combating evil spirits, said he knows an exorcist in the church who receives about 400 inquiries a year, but determines that out of that number, two or three of the cases require an exorcism."

Wow... Christians never cease to amaze.

You know what... Fuck "discernment" - I could open up an "Exorcism Express Store" (can I franchise this?) to take care of those other 397 inquiries (plus) that un-named exorcist won't deal with. This is America - anybody that wants an exorcism should be able to get one. OK?.. Charge a really low price of 750 bucks per exorcism - cheap!!!

That's right - since "dioceses nationwide have been overwhelmed with requests," somebody needs to deliver the services, and get that money.

Or... I could publish a new magazine - "Exorcism Today," where those that offer various exorcism services (consulting, equipment rental, etc.) could place their advertising, along with articles that highlight particular exorcists and their success stories. Not to mention tips and suggestions for exorcism practitioners, and updates on the latest advances in exorcism techniques and technology. Shit... I'll do both!!!

This can go far... What do you think?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quote From A White Man - No.1

"It has always amazed me that so many Black people buy into Christianity when the justification for slavery can be found right there in the Bible!!"

Rusty Gunn

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long - My Hero

Another gay-anti-gay (we need a term for this) mega-preacher bites the allegations. This is turning into a habit. Any time I see anyone - not just preachers, being as vociferously hard-core anti-gay as this guy, I expect them to get caught tossing salad sooner or later.

It's a flag - as far as I am concerned.

Even though sixteen is the age of consent (sixteen... wtf?) in the State Of Georgia - the bald fact is that the guys he was fucking around with were still (in reality) children. A sick-assed pedophile clergyman is a predator of the worst kind. He will fuck your mind from the pulpit with that bullshit snake-oil called Christianity - then fuck your child within his "private" chapel, after he gently "anoints" his or her blessed behind with VaselineÒ.

Isn't it great how mega-preachers use only "name brand" products?

(Back to him...) This dirty bastard will pray with you - then take everything, your heart, your mind, your wallet, your _________ (fill in the blank).

Bishop Long is a pimp and a conniving liar. But I believe that my [Black] folks are dumb enough (yes) to continue to support this booty-snatching charlatan anyway. So let us ALL forgive this motherfucker in the name of Jesus. Might as well... Niggers have already forgiven his dick-sucking ass.

I hope he didn't swallow... Bling-Bling!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Amazing Atheist

Listen to this - this guy nails the "Ground Zero Mosque" issue right on the head. Pat Condell (the guy he is talking about) is a vocal and unrepentant Atheist (he's very funny) that can be seen on YouTube. The link to the video he is referring to is below.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Was Going To Say Something Else. But...

I got off-track when I saw this picture. I was about to write something about Black televangelists - but seeing this picture upset my sinuses so severely that I forgot what to write.

This nigger is a spokesman for Jesus Christ? Wow... Black people are more gullible than I thought. Any person that thinks this dude dispenses useful information needs immediate psychiatric attention.

Are Black people that bad-off? I mean shit. Come on...

If it were possible to visualize a really thick, powerful, noxious-smelling fart - this guy is what it would look like...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three More Reasons I Am An Atheist

1. I just can't bring myself to worship white people. For me - to worship Jesus is the same thing as falling on one's knees and indiscriminately giving every passing white guy on the street a blowjob. Can't do it.

2. Can't give money to clergymen. I need to buy my own private jet before I pay for someone else's.

3. God does exist (my atheism is cracking). And he's white. Can't worship him. I know he's white, because in every venue I've visited that has artwork showing what God looks like (see the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican for example), those works show him as white. His only begotten son is white (see the picture above and Mel Gibson's movie). Right?

All the angels, cherubs, and seraphs in those artworks are also white. The Virgin Mary is definitely white. I never saw Black folks even in the backgrounds of those works - you know, doing the things that Black folks are supposed to do in a Christian heaven: Cleaning, yard work, shining sandals, cooking, ironing, getting lynched, you know - the usual Christian stuff.

No niggers in heaven nowhere - shit, heaven may be segregated too (it probably is)! Hey, even Moses himself looked just like Charlton Heston (see the "great" movie "The Ten Commandments"). And since we all know that Christians don't lie - I take their word for it. God is white!

I also know God is white because of the way that Black people were treated for 400 years in a Christian land. It makes total sense: If you are not white (even if you are Christian) why shouldn't you be treated like shit? And if Black Christian people were, or if they are now - being regarded like shit by God himself and God's chosen people, in a Christian country no less - why should I worship him or even acknowledge his existence?

He certainly doesn't acknowledge mine - that is for damned sure. How about you? Slavery, Jim Crow, Lynching. Salvation for niggers was not, or ever - his business. I haven't seen it...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Go Back To Africa"

I was talking with an associate recently about a verbal incident that culminated in him being told to “go back to Africa.” I thought he was unnecessarily upset – he should have looked at it as a joke. Anyone that says this has either "run-out," or never even had a decent insult... A real dumbass. I am an avid literacy-lover that appreciates the sheer linguistic artistry of a good insult. Really - if you are going to take the time to insult me, say something that I can appreciate (and steal).

The funny thing about the “go back to Africa” hardball, is that in my own experience, this insult is usually thrown by white people that have not been in the United States very long, and do not know English very well. Ninety per cent of the time when this ball was hurled my way – it was usually from someone with a heavy Eastern-European accent.

“Spell Africa!” I would retort.

“Ssspeeel Aaafrikka?!!!!!!” They would respond. “Aaahhh… DurrrrYOU Ssspeeel Aaafrikka… JurrYourr Bleck Mudderrr Pucker!”

I have heard of others being advised about immediate relocation to Africa by Mexicans, Laotians, Koreans, Irish, Australians, Greeks, Italians, et cetera. The common thread that seems to tie all of these self-appointed travel consultants together, is that they all have those thick “old-country” accents, broken English, and five years or less of residence in the United States. And once they gain citizenship – they boldly raise the ignorant nerve to attempt to relegate folks that were here (and working) – long before this country became a country.

None of these new immigrants seem to be aware of the fact that the American genealogy of 90% of Black people is much longer than that of most presently living white Americans. I also notice that NONE of these immigrants tell American white folks to go anywhere (why not?). I don’t know where they get this shit from. Maybe telling Black folks to “go back to Africa” was part of their citizenship training.

Who the fuck knows?

This “go back to Africa” missile flies out of white folks mouths so often that I wonder if they have lost their creativity. This shit is so old and redundant. They have been saying this “go back” stuff since we were released from slavery (“Can’t use you no more... So why don’t you leave?”). I mean – if white folks are going to continue to make a habit of insulting and cussing-out Black people, they could at least spend a little time to expand their vocabularies and come-up with more innovative words, phrases, combinations and applications.

Hey - I even know of some Mexicans that are presently learning how to say “nigger” in Chinese ("AHHHS-S-Sooo-NNigggg-uh!!! - Oh!").

"Now... Come-on white folks – you really need to step it up!"

So far in my life - as of this writing:

- I have been told to, “Go Back To Africa” exactly 57,526 times.
- Been called a “Black Mother-Fucker” exactly 853,419 times. And
- been called a “Nigger” exactly 19,658,244 times.

I keep count - so what... Now - there are points in many people’s lives that will get jaded to certain things. I’m a guy that harbors extremely “controversial” thoughts and dispenses solid but uncompromising speech. Trigger cocked, and ready to rock, right then and there. White or Black. You give ME shit, I give YOU shit, no time wasted, no dead air. Impatient and imprudent. So, a certain amount of excited invective is bound to come my way, just as a matter of course. This “go back to Africa” stuff is just one of the ways that the shit comes to me. Ok?

For example:

I met a white guy in Mississippi that hated Black people so much - he could say “nigger” at the astounding rate of 22.6 times a second.

I kid you not!

After one good conversation with me – this cracker-motherfucker’s emotional state was so worked-up that it enabled him to break his own record by calling me “nigger” at the faster than lightning pace of 47.3 times per second. His flow was beyond amazing. You’d really have to hear it to believe it. This, in addition to calling me an “uppity Black bastard” - squeezed within the last tenth of a second. Whew!!! I’d like to see ANY rapper or auctioneer top that.

As far as I know, the record still stands.

Black folks! The next time a person tells you to “Go back to Africa” – start laughing your ass off - then ask the stupid son-of-a-bitch…

“Is that all you got?”

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Closet You Can Believe In

Another one bites the allegations. This time it is Dr. George Alan Rekers, an important leader of the Christian right, a minister, and a leading anti-gay activist. I’ll bet you can’t guess what they say the good doctor was doing. Well – he was seen hanging out with a known homosexual person at an airport – the both of them returning from a 10-day European vacation. A person that goes by the (nice) name of “Lucien” who was hired by the good doctor as a “travel assistant.”

The doctor denies any impropriety (of course). “Lucien” was available for work, and was hired through a (gay) website called “” Hmm, sounds innocent enough. Dr. Rekers recently had surgery, and he needed an assistant to help carry his luggage. Plausible? Plausible.

But in a Miami New Times article, we find that “Lucien” (allegedly) did not carry luggage, and he was paid to do nude body rubs. “Lucien” (a prostitute) believes the good doctor is a homosexual. And “Lucien” remarked – “In all honesty, [Rekers] should disassociate himself from these [anti-gay] groups.” Wow. Why did he say that?

Could it be that in addition to the body rubs – they were possibly doing "homosexual stuff?” With Dr. Rekers? I don’t believe it. I think Dr. Rekers was “ministering” to “Lucien” about the sinfulness of the gay lifestyle. That’s what I think. I mean – he is a minister. Right?

And what the fuck is wrong with a “nude body rub?” My God…

Just to show you as an example of how those conservative “family research” groups are nothing but a bunch of lying hypocrites: The misleadingly-named Family Research Council (this joint was founded by slick conservative fascist - Dr. James Dobson) removed all language from their website, regarding Rekers’ role as a founding member.

Those bastards took that shit off real quick.

According to Wikipedia, “they [FRC] also posted up a release denying any association with Rekers for over a decade, stating that ‘while it’s extremely disappointing when any Christian leader engages in the very activities that they “preach” against, it’s not surprising. The Scriptures clearly teach the fallen nature of all people.” But look at how those (ahh... Straight?) Christians are treating him. Would Jesus do this?

Dr. Rekers is also an officer of “NARTH” (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality). This outfit claims to be able to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality through some kind of “conversion therapy.” Sounds phony to me. And even if it did work - if I were gay, I would not undergo the therapy... I couldn't take some preacher son-of-a-bitch converting me from homo to hetero, and then telling me I can’t get any pussy because of some “abstinence” crap. Fuck that.

I'll always believe that claims of sexual-orientation re-do’s are bullshit. But, if they really are able to do this - I think outfits like NARTH are missing an opportunity... Instead of keeping all of those “proven” tools and techniques inside an organization, maybe they could assemble all the core materials: A cross, an abridged Bible containing the pertinent verses to be recited, holy water, a whip, handcuffs, a special condom to prevent masturbation, a poster of Ted Haggard, etc…

Put all this together as a kit. Sell it for $29.95 at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart. Call it “Gay-Away” or “Homo-Evictus” or something. I am sure some marketing firm could come up with something catchy.

That way, if one’s son or husband starts to hot-flash and generate homosexual urges, or suddenly develops an uncontrollable desire for high-heels, or if he inexplicably "must" re-decorate the house - those urges can be eliminated by a simple run to the drugstore and $29.95.

Cheap, quick relief. They would sell a billion dollars of this shit the first week on the market.

But getting back to this (alleged) jerk-off… Those anti-homosexual homosexual Christians like Dr. Rekers simply fascinate me. They spend their Biblically-stunted, humanity-repressed, closeted lives trying to make life more nasty and miserable for the un-closeted ones. They are the ones that are anti-life, anti-freedom, and anti-family. The un-closeted are the real Americans, the actual moral heroes in this.

Religious Motherfuckers (new noun)... This is America!!!

Where every son-of-a-bitch is supposed to have the freedom to live who he is, and be able to go where HIS life wants to go, not where YOU meddling, hypocritical assholes believe he needs to go.

Fuck all Bible-thumping, anti-Constitutional liars.

As you can see - they cannot possibly live according to their own (professed) beliefs. They then want to turn around and tell everybody else what to do. Fuck YOU. Religious Motherfuckers need to stop faking, stop fucking with other motherfuckers, trash those stupid-assed Bibles, and work on becoming actual Americans.

Come out of your bullshit closets, step into freedom  – and, just be who you are.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sarah Palin - Part 5

Looking back and reflecting on some of the novel aspects of the 2008 presidential campaign. One of the things that really sticks in my mind is the fact that Sarah Palin is an open "holy-ghosting" Christian (for real), that preaches abstinence out front. While at the same time toting around a daughter that was (and still is) giving away pussy out back like haloween candy, and was pregnant (and will be again).

Is this Republican politics - or what?

Saggin Ass

Maybe because it is my age or something - but I am so confused about this "sagging" stuff. I mean, the main stylers of this "style" are supposed to be the most macho of our [Black] race. They say this is "gangsta" - but it looks so - well - GAY. But maybe it isn't. In Chicago, I don't see many guys that are openly GAY doing this "sagging" thing - I really don't. The gays, on average, are actually more masculine in their dress than the average Black heterosexual. Is this the new "macho?" The new "gangsta?" Somehow - I just don't see Al Capone or John Gotti rolling like this.

It is like these guys are signaling or inviting others to make some kind of contact with their asses. "Here's my drawers man - come and get it." That can't be it. Right? But their pants are "down" and "low" - aren't they? Not a homosexual flag?  Are we sure that this is not an invitation to get it "up the ass?" You sure? OK... Maybe their asses are so hot, they need to get additional cooling before their pants burn-up.

"Smoke!!! Pull um down man! Pull um down!"

This practice also (to me) looks; "BUSTED" - "LOST" - "HOPELESS." "No way do I know where I am going man - and don't want to know..." A 25 year-old man emulating the sartorial habits of a 2 year-old with a full diaper (I have met a few that are 40 years of age that do this -  and yes, I call it properly: "The Full-Diaper Look"). The more extreme stylers of this look have the actual tops of their pants FULLY UNDER their asses, and then stabilised with a fancy belt. I mean, full ass with colorful underwear OUT! "Sir - are you SURE you don't want it up the ass?" WOW. I am now supposed to regard (for real) a grown man as a serious individual that intentionally walks in public with HIS PANTS DOWN.

"Cultivated infantility" - shall we say?

Any woman(!?) that would date a guy dressed like this has to be actually retarded herself, or have some other intractable mental issues - she's got to. What masculine attraction does she see here? His pink and blue underwear? This is a man? Really?

Do "saggers" pay child support?


Believe me - once some gangsta rapper pushes the idea hard enough, these same guys will seriously be wearing (Nike) skirts and panties next ("saggin' skirts?"). I mean, they already wear earrings, and some even sport long fingernails now (how cute!). I think we are now witnessing the full-press "bitchification" of the heterosexual Black American male.

Why not go all the way?

(I do understand that in old times past, earrings for men was a regular and normal thing. That was culturally phased-out over time because of practical military and personal defense reasons. Any kind of piercing provides an adversary with more points, or opportunities to put a hurting on you via damage by tearing, or amplifying and reinforcing the pain of a blow because of the presence of metal on or in the skin. RIP OUT - a nose or ear ring. PUNCH HIM - right square on his brow or lip piercing... BOOM!!! - AAHHH!!! Get the picture?)

At a wedding (no less) - I saw an individual so invested in this look, that he was "sagging" the pants and cummerbund to his (purple) tuxedo. A tuxedo that precisely matched the color of his purple Nikes. But I must give the purple tuxedo brother credit however - he had made for himself, an inconceivable and probably unprecedented objective, and the brother accomplished this objective superbly. MAN. Talk about being a witness to something new and different...

Another confusing thing I was witness to: The saggers always seem to wear the loudest colored and boldest design underwear they can find (so that folks CAN notice it?). But when a guy actually NOTICES IT, and expresses his attraction to it [the ass] - now the sagger has an attitude and a "real" reason to fight ("I ain't no fag man!!!"). I witnessed such an encounter at a mall. It was as incredible as it was interesting.

But you know... At this age, I have finally learned that "incredibility" is one of the great things that add surprise and interest to the living of life. And anything that you yourself may find to be, or deem as "stupid," or "dumb-assed," or "tasteless" - others may find that very thing to be just what they are looking for. For example - it is like a long time ago, I was in a leather store, and there was the first time I saw a Pelle Pelle jacket. I examined it, then said to myself: "This some stupid looking shit - who would be dumb enough to wear this crap?" Now you see Black folks everywhere wearing this stuff...

You see?

Maybe "sagging" comes under that category.

What if they have to run? Looks complicated. I would love to see how you pull off a getaway with your pants like that. I am sure I am wrong.

Am I?

Someone - please give me a reasonable explanation for this.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Drill Baby Drill

Have you noticed that there has not been a peep heard from the normally loud and opinionated "drill baby drill" crowd, ever since the recent oil spill fuck-up in the Gulf of Mexico?

Sarah Palin,
John McCain,
Rudy Giuliani.

Quiet... Strategically mute and vacant, these folks. Along with their now strangely silent, politically inert, "ditto-headed" sycophants.

"President Obama: I hope you have learned something from this. Any time you listen to, think about, or yield to Republican wishes, something is bound to blow-up, wash-out, or sink. When the blow-up, wash-out, or sinking occurs - they'll stand (far-off) to the side and look up at the clouds with their hands in their pockets (whistling and shit). And THERE you will remain - alone, in the spotlights, before the people, to clean-up. 

Isn't that what's happening now? Isn't it?"

Yes... Is the correct answer.

Stop listening to those snake motherfuckers, and go forth with the progressive mandate that the people have given you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best Opinion Ever!

"parkerlangvardt - Aside from all the hating on both sides of the argument, if you can't agree that people in the church should be required to report child molesters to the law, you are a sick fucking motherfucker. How can anyone tolerate a "moral authority" who fucks children? I'm not religious, but I have no problem with religious figures who actually practice what they preach, as long as what they preach is truly moral."

A YouTube viewer's commentary regarding the Catholic Church and the child molestation controversy.

Check out the related video via the link below:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stephen Fry on Catholicism - From the Intelligence Squared Debate

Stephen Fry Rocks!!!

Listen to this - I could not have said this better myself. Erudition, passion, and truth. I hope the Pope is listening. And yes - I do think the Pope's racket-running ass should be arrested. Life in prison.

"Got nothing to do motherfucker? Pray!"

Hey... Just getting the mugshots would be worth it ("This is a mugshot Your Holiness - you can't bless the photographer!"). Front shot, side shot, with the pope hat, that white dress he wears, fingerprints and all. Sell the jailhouse booking pictures as a poster. They'll go fast!

The entire Catholic Church should then be prosecuted and taken down under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), because the Catholic Church is truly an ongoing criminal organization. Law enforcement should dismantle the Vatican for landfill, seize all bank accounts and other assets, shut down all church operations, sell off all church art treasures to compensate the innocent victims of sodomy rape committed in the name of God, and levy stiff fines on any Catholic entity caught serving bananas and/or tossed salad.

If you can - watch the whole debate. Christopher Hitchens (my hero) does some heavy solo riffs in this debate also.

Can RICO be used in an international court? If not - bring the case to Chicago. We Chicago folks have a way of making sure a case ends with the right verdict. The Pope could then do Mass every morning (for the next 100 years) at the Marion Federal Penitentiary. Halleleujah!!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Christian Nation - No.4

"In most of us colored folks was the great desire to [be] able to read and write. We took advantage of every opportunity to educate ourselves. The greater part of the plantation owners were very harsh if we were caught trying to learn or write. It was the law that if a white man was caught trying to educate a Negro slave, he was liable to prosecution entailing a fine of fifty dollars and a jail sentence. We were never allowed to go to town, and it was not until after I ran away that I knew that they sold anything but slaves, tobacco, and whiskey. Our ignorance was the greatest hold the South had on us. We knew we could run away, but what then? An offender guilty of this crime was subjected to very harsh punishment."

John W. Fields
Age 89 (at the time) - a former slave. From the 1938-1939 Federal Writer's Project Slave Narratives.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Christianity In Action!!!

The greatest thing about lynchings is that they were always 100% attended by Christians - including the folks being lynched. As you can see, THIS is what interracial fellow-shipping in the name of Jesus is all about. I myself must admit to being impressed, at the many beautiful ways that white conservatives and Blacks in this country can unite as committed, Bible-believing Christians. This is just one faith-based example of how we, together - can accomplish TRUE brotherhood!

God Bless America.*

NOTE: Some people are angry at me for displaying this picture. They scream (through e-mail) that "These are not real Christians!!!" OK... Well what are they then - Muslims? - 5-13-2009

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Christian Nation - No.3

"Question with boldness even the existence of God; because if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear."

Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Christian Nation - No.2

"When the government puts its imprimatur on a particular religion, it conveys a message of exclusion to all those who do not adhere to the favored beliefs. A government cannot be premised on the belief that all persons are created equal when it asserts that God prefers some."

Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun,
from the Lee v. Weisman ruling - 505 U.S. 577 (1992).

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is a picture of Ted Haggard's LYING ASS

Why is it that high-profile, married, white, clean-shaven, right-wing, FOX News supporting, Christian, conservative Republican politicians (like Senator Larry Craig's lying homosexual ass) and clergymen (like Ted Haggard's LYING - homosexual ass) of all stripes always get caught doing it? The same guys that oppose abortion, gay marriage, pre-marital sex and even discussions about sex - seem to get more sex, gay and straight - than every-fucking-body else. Do these guys believe what they are preaching? Well, do they? Maybe I am missing something here. But there has always been a positive, but weird connection (from what I see) between preaching abstinence and getting more ass.

Ahh... Tiger [Woods] ain't in this.

When I was in high school, the main two girls that talked the most about "repentance" and "salvation" and "Jesus" - no make-up, long dresses, no gym, were the first ones to pop pregnant - one by her married, abstinence preaching pastor. I guess she held her "holy" open a little too long.

My brother and I used to debate about which groups of avowed Christian girls gave better sex - be it sanctified vs pentecostal, or whatever. In our experience, it turned out that the catholic girls were always the plainest looking, but also the freakiest (by far!). Baptists and Methodists gave the very best blowjobs. And those fine-assed Jehovah's Witnesses were always the quickest for quickies (when cheating on their husbands). Witness women have always amazed me with their expert ability to leave a motel room (fast!) with a straight face, straight clothes, hair, etc. Like nothing happened!

"Read this [Watchtower], on the way home sweetie!" (kiss, kiss, SLAM!!)

The sanctified and pentecostal girls were always (numerically) the most unmarried. But they always had the most kids, the most thongs, the prettiest bootys, the wettest pussies, and were always ready to fuck (only after church - of course). Let me tell you brother... Them long dresses, shit - Pentecostal girls can FUCK! (I've found that there is a lot of tight, pent-up spiritual energy on reserve under those long dresses) Open (and quite hot) adultery is the norm within sanctified and pentecostal churches - especially if the great and anointed pastor himself is involved in some of the various adulterous triangles (some of these good pastors have done the mom AND daughter within the same family - check on YouTube).

Like anal? Catholic - is the way to go (those girls give it up)...

"Damn girl - that picture of the Pope seems to be looking right at us..."


Looking for sex? I recommend you stop wasting your time at parties and nightclubs. Find the churches where the congregants shake in the aisles, and dance in the pews, and holler the loudest, praising Jesus. You need to see some sweat-drenched, speaking in tongues, organ-pounding, (amen) choir-shouting, (whoa) Holy Ghosting own down... AMEN!!! You got to feel the POWER... My Brother - of the Hooolee Spirit!!! That way you will know you are in the right place. Look out for big juicy women that ass-play tambourines in the pews - they are especially hot (they always end-up on top, fucking ME).

Oh... Ohhhh JESUS, I'm coming!!! 

(Why is it that Christian women always make sure to alert Jesus when they are getting a nut? This usually happens when you are pounding that wet, blessed and anointed PUSSY good and hard from the back - then, she will turn around - look straight at you, and shout-out a report to "Jesus" that she is popping off!!!  Does Lord Jesus really need to know this? And the more she is NOT supposed to be fucking you - the louder she gets... Why do they do that..? Maybe it's in the Bible - who knows?)


Abstinence and monogamy talk may be good religious PR - but hey man, Christians just love to fuck folks they are not married to. Especially those politicians and clergy that present themselves as conservative, white, married, right-wing, FOX News approved and interviewed, anti-abortion, anti-contraception (really!?!), anti-Black, Republican "morality" types (I really like it when those fuckers get caught in a hotel tryst with a Black girl - it makes for great press... You know?). But if you think about it - this makes total sense. C'mon... You can't deny anything, if you don't fuck anything. So, if you have nothing to deny - why be a politician? OK? If you don't intend to fuck the folks in your congregation on every possible level - why be a clergyman? Okay..? We all know, being a clergyman of any type is a sure guarantee of access to extra ass, along with the money for hotels, plane tickets, drugs, and Viagra.



Ass is one of the main reasons that some are "called" to preach. OK? Now - because of the fact that I really like pussy - and like any man, am always trying to come-up with ways to get more of it - at one time, I actually thought about opening a church, and becoming a preacher. Yes folks - I am a hard-core, unrepentant ATHEIST - but, hey... There is no contradiction there folks... Why? Because most clergymen are just as atheist as I am - they just choose to lie about it. They know there is no God, just as well as I do. But the clergyman's attitude is: "Fuck That - Ah gots to make my money, and gets my PUSSY too!" You know? This, ahhh, stinking - duplicitous, become-a-clergyman-for-the-money-and-the-pussy-and-tell-everybody-else-to-be-abstinent-bullshit - has gone on for twenty fucking centuries folks. How many clergymen do you know of that taught "chastity" - but got caught doing a little "counseling" under sweet little 17 year old Chastity Johnson's dress? How many preachers do you know of that loud-talked about the "sinful nature" of gay people, and the "dangers of the homosexual lifestyle" - that got caught sneaking out of some dive leather bar with his um, "associate" in the smoking middle of "boystown?" Right? I would not be surprised if there were classes on how to do this kind of shit properly offered in theology schools.

So - "Clergymen!!! - Don't miss class!"

My problem is - I like money, but I cannot bring myself to be that big a liar - to that many people - and on a daily basis. While also contributing to the sustenance of the most ignorant and retrograde aspects of human nature.

"With a Bible? Over some pussy, some Benjamins, and a private jet?"

"Not doing that - is called 'morality' folks..."

Being a clergyman is easily one of the only professions that you can legally make multi-multi-millions directly and openly from bald-face lying, baiting others, cheating, and expending blatantly unverifiable assertions. It is, great money, BUT - from a purely moral standpoint, being a clergyman is not morally worth it. That's right folks. NOT... Any Black person that professionally preaches Christianity (or anything that is "faith-based" for that matter) to anyone in the Black community is a lying criminal and a traitor. Christianity always equals White Supremacy. To intentionally assist the power structure in keeping my Black people's heads, not only up in the clouds - but up their asses as well (you got to switch-up sometime... OK), when we as a people need to intelligently organize our efforts to solve our very real now and here problems down here? "Keep HOPE alive? Ahh, no motherfucker..." As much as my Black people have been over-lied to over the very long course of 400 fucking years. And then attempting to balance that lying practice with making money - I could not ever bring myself to live within the deceptively filthy duality of an appearance of morality, through the practice of clergycraft, while, at the same time, intentionally exhorting my people to believe what I know to be hyper-stupid and hyper-retrograde mis-truths, super-righteous bullshit, anti-morality, anti-history, and piously unscientific nonsense... Yeah, you know - backwards bullshit.

Can't do it... There are better ways to get money, AND pussy.


Look man...

The Virgin Mary herself wouldn't stand a chance in most churches (or Washington for that matter). Could you imagine how many clergy and politicians would like to bust THAT ass - including the Pope? Or including me. Yes... I'd want to INHALE that immaculate pussy. Who wouldn't want to get a whiff of that? If I ever met THE VIRGIN MARY, hey man - I would ask - no reserve: "Hey baby, you been sitting on that for a long time... 'Like a drink?"

And she'd say:

"YES! Been waitin' over 2000 years for a guy with the balls to ask!!!"


A Letter To The Editor

Not all Black people are welfare-minded, pathology-nurturing lumps that are always looking outside themselves to be "saved." Even though this young woman is a Christian - enough real sense has been put into her to make her letter a standout. I concur with most of her letter. I am posting it below in its entirety:

"As a proud African-American woman, I am disappointed and ashamed of the comments some have expressed regarding President Obama and what he should be doing for the Afro-American community. We have a painful reputation of wanting handouts. That thinking needs to end. Even with the presidency achieved, many still can see the glass half empty!

Why does President Obama have to have a special agenda for us? His accomplishment is our victory!

Doesn't he have enough to deal with? He has a country to care for - not just our neighborhoods! We need to take responsibility for our actions, our schools, our crime, our children, our children, our drug problem, our fatherless families.

Why does our community have to have this reputation? Why should politicians have to be blamed for what goes on in our homes?

I was raised by my aunt. My mother was in and out of prison. I had no relationship with my father, though I knew who he was. I was very lucky I had been involved with my church, and thanks to my aunt, I had to get good grades while I worked part-time jobs. I also had to be home by 10 p.m. My aunt knew nothing but trouble comes after dark. I received several scholarships, and I am now completing my bachelor's degree at Loyola University. I never asked for what can be done for me; I simply did what I needed to do to reach my goals.

The very concept that we continue to need more special treatment is what fuels the race tensions. Yes, I am ashamed. When are we as a nation going to be colorblind? I do not wish to be treated any differently.

What I want is equality. Yes, discrimination exists, but it does for many. I have seen discrimination against people at my job due to their weight, religion and especially against women! I also must admit I have seen as much discrimination against whites as I have against our race.

When I worked at a government building, I witnessed flagrant displays of reverse discrimination.

As long as we continue to focus on a race-oriented agenda, we are thinking divided. We mimic the very problem with our government and the obvious loyalty to the parties - not the people.

We need to think about Americans as all one family with our own agenda for our country. Let's think united, lets talk united, lets act united!"

Latasha Jackson,
a letter to the editor - Chicago Sun-Times: Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Christian Nation - No.1

"As a child, I used to ask God why did he make me Black because it wasn't fair for me to be treated the way I was treated, being called names, spit at... going through all that harassment that we went through."

Franklin Richmond,
a middle school student in 1960 and brother of original sit-in participant David Richmond.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Lyndon B. Johnson

So - the Republicans are threatening to challenge the constitutionality of health care reform through the courts if it passes.

They can challenge - but they won't win.

The constitutionality of this particular reform is just as "unconstitutional" as Medicare, technically. If they wanted to be consistent and believable, they would challenge both programs in court. If they had the guts and conviction to do it (which they don't) - we would hear the loud and awful howl of objection that would come from their hypocritical, Medicare accessing, teabagging constituents.

Heads would roll in the GOP for being honest for a change. Life for teabaggers - death for everybody else. Hey - even Republicans like entitlements, especially the kind that keep THEIR lying asses alive and well. Mr. President, Madam Speaker - fuck the Republicans.

Get this thing passed.

Wasn't Medicare signed into law by a Democrat?
Oh yeah - Lyndon B. Johnson.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hip Hop Is

Pro-Rudeness (toward Black People - but best manners with whites),
Pro-Disrespect (of Black People),
Pro-Theft (from Black People),
Pro-Rape (of Black Women),
Pro-Minstrelsy (keep white folks laughing and shaking their heads),
Pro-Misogyny (for Black Women only - no words for white women),
Pro-Funeral (murder! The higher the Black body count - the better),
Pro-Filth (Generally),
Pro-Armed Robbery (of Black People),
Pro-Rap (niggers getting paid to tell niggers to kill niggers - put the message on a record - sell a lot - win a Grammy - thank God!),
Pro-Carjacking (baby in the back? Throw him out the window),
Pro-Drive-by Shooting (in Black areas only - white folks shoot back).

Pro-Ignorance (of Everything except basketball),
Pro-Nigger (tell the world - "That's MY name!"),
Pro-Bitch (A proper and respectful title for all Black Women worldwide - including YOUR MOTHER).

Pro-Ho (the OTHER proper and respectful title for all Black Women worldwide - once again including YOUR MOTHER).

Pro-Mis-Education (got a book? You're "acting white!!!"),
Pro-Black Children (don't raise em', shoot em').

Pro-Gang (for gangstering and abusing and killing Black People only - I notice they don't swagger towards or shoot white people. They also don't bring that shit to solidly white neighborhoods either - white folks have lots of guns and warehouses full of bullets and target practice).

And, last, but not least: Pro-Slavery - for the clothing and sneaker companies ("Ya want me to bend over a little more Sir?").

I am only saying what I see.

"Pro-Slavery? What do you mean?" Ever notice how Hip-Hoppers are always wearing clothing that have advertising on it? These dum-dums are willing to pay people to be walking billboards for THEIR clothing companies, but not get paid for it themselves in turn (crazy!). Indeed - they are actually paying white folks, and smart Black folks (in the Hip-Hop trick game) to do their product advertising and promotion for them! A whole generation of dummies!

If this ain't self-promoted slavery - I don't know what is.

Look at em' going down the street - Roca-Wear, Tommy Hilfiger, Marithe & Francois Girbaud, Sean John, Louis Vuitton, Apple Bottoms, Baby Phat, etc. And not one of these knuckleheads are getting a dime for walking around with all of this advertising on their persons (I call it "billboard-wear"). If you see "Tommy Hilfiger" on a billboard, and if a Hip-Hopper has that same signage on his back - tell me, what is the difference?

Well - there is a difference: The "Tommy Hilfiger" on the Hip-Hopper's back is actually a more effective advertising vehicle (he is walking around, indoors and outdoors - therefore - more eyeballs are hitting the ad). It is ALL about eyeball hits. The more hits you get - the more you are supposed to get paid (just like Oprah or the Super Bowl - that's how it works). But yet - the typical billboard holder is getting paid thousands of dollars a month (just standing in one spot) - and the typical Hip-Hop dumb ass has just PAID Mr. Hilfiger ($150.00 or more) to do a better job of advertising FOR HIM than the billboard.

That's why Mr. Hilfiger is able to live in a $150 million dollar mansion - and the "fashionable" Hip-Hopper has no clue. The Hip-Hop dummies keep Tommy Hilfiger's and Sean John's, etc. advertising costs down to nearly zero by wearing THEIR ADVERTISING on their backs for free. One young lady I met had so many "designer" labels on at the same time, she looked like a walking clearance rack.

I asked her: "Where's the check baby?"

It is amazing how this [Hip-Hop] industry has maneuvered our young folks into thinking that wearing advertising without compensation is somehow fashion. Good Job! Has ANYONE in the Hip-Hop community ever noticed that Mr.Tommy Hilfiger does not wear "Tommy Hilfiger?" As much as Hip-Hop music and street culture talks about getting PAID, it seems to me that the Hip-Hoppers would have figured out this "get-over" a long time ago.

I guess though, if you are stupid enough to tell the whole world that it is OK to refer to yourself and your people by the worst names possible - it should stand to reason that you would also be dumb enough to do advertising and promotion work for free.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Root Of All Evil?

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

1 Timothy 6:10 KJV

Just something in my face for fifty-three years that I just happened to notice: If money is “the root of all evil” as the Bible says – why does the dollar bill have “In God We Trust” printed on it? What does that mean in that context? I mean – if I were a Christian, I would naturally be attracted to any useful printed material that had the word “God” on it. Why? Because “God Is Love” right? And love is something that most people want to trust in. Right? But here we have God’s book telling us not to love the very thing that is reminding "we the people" what we should trust in - that is - in God.


It is even more confusing when you have Christians of all denominational stripes doing these three things:

1. When church/state separationists file lawsuits demanding the removal of “In God We Trust” from our currency – the main entities to file counter-suits demanding to keep this phrase printed on “the root of all evil” are churches, Christian individuals and Christian organizations. It would seem to me that since money-love IS "the root of all evil" - Christians especially would want to remove this phrase from the currency.

2. Church leaders speaking in conviction of the evil nature of money, but not hesitating to pass around containers to collect it, after they finish their lofty sermons about the dangers of  “the love of money.” Some church leaders have TV programs – and even whole networks, whose main purpose (it seems) is to collect money. A substantial amount of time on these networks and programs are devoted to appeals for millions of dollars in donations. Billions in some cases.

3. Televangelists telling people to "send-in" a certain amount of money (to them) as a "covenant to the Lord" in order to demonstrate the sincerity of a person's devotion for the purpose of having a specific prayer answered, or for a "miracle" to occur. They also refer to this get-over as "sowing seeds." I heard one guy say that "God told me to tell you about the miracle of the thousand dollar seed!!!" After the money is sent - "Expect a miracle... EXPECT IT!!!"


Clergymen - why would you want to collect a large amount of anything that may induce some (or possibly yourself) to “err from the faith” or cause some individuals to “pierce themselves through with many sorrows?”

"Can’t God provide, Reverend?" “Well, God provides in mysterious ways son.” "I see."

This money thing is getting more confusing by the minute.

OK, help me out here – are there any poor televangelists? No? What about poor but well-known gospel artists? Not poor. What about mega-church pastors? Ain’t short on bread either. What about “Reverend Joe” at the little storefront on the corner? Nice suits – beautiful car. What about poor parishioners? Oh now! Plenty of those! Especially the ones that pray for money. Well, maybe somebody is lying about this “root of all evil.” The ATM's in some of the larger churches and payroll deduction programs for tithes (no shit) also make me believe somebody is lying about the love. Or maybe everybody is lying.

If Christians really believe that money-love is “the root of all evil” stuff, I think they should do three things:

1. Stop playing the lottery – there is the possibility of winning. “And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:24 KJV). Christians – do you really want to fuck with your chances of getting into “the kingdom of God” by messing around with the lottery?

2. Stop going to “the boat” (in Illinois we have floating casinos). 95% of the people going to “the boat” are people coming directly from church (on Sunday!!!). Do these people ever consider they are potentially putting themselves into the same kind of spiritual jeopardy as playing the lottery? Why would any “saved and sanctified” person want all of that “evil” in their bank account anyway? Either you believe that "needle" shit, or you don't.

(Some Christians will try to divert your understanding from THE OBVIOUS by saying: "Ahh... He mean the LOVE of money." I have NEVER seen a Christian show anything less than LOVE for their money - and yours too. Seriously - it is TRUE that professional Christians are rather good at theft, embezzlement, mail fraud, ponzi-schemes, writing bad checks, baiting and switching, and working various confidence schemes. Hell - just plain old "preaching" itself is a confidence game. Looks like "love" to me. Don't allow yourself to be bullshitted with their god-talk nonsense - PLEASE.)

3. Stop tithing – since money has such an evil inducing potential – the last place Christians should want to give it to is a church. Smart Christians that understand this principle don't tithe. Without tithes and other cash offerings - Christians would greatly reduce the number of good clergymen turning themselves over to the devil. You wouldn't want to be at fault for bringing that - would you? We all know what happens when clergymen get their hands on too much money (Rev's homosexual affairs come into the light, Rev's drug problems become widely known, Rev's wife beatings are revealed, and - the good Reverend's child molestation accusations start becoming a nuisance - you know). If you keep your wallets closed folks - the love of God would then prevail over the love of money. Christian parishioners would then have less need to pray (then gamble) for money to pay for stuff – you know - like rent, because they would be giving less of this "evil" away to clergymen - and consequently would then be able to give more to capitalists.

This is a good thing - you need to pay your bills anyway.

And lastly, parishioners – think about this - should the operating costs for your pastor’s Bentley really be an essential part of your "spiritual" budget?

It takes a lot of "evil" to pay for a car like that.