Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Reply To The Devoted Wife - In Five Quotes

Recently, Roxanne Wilson, the devoted wife of Joe “You Lie” Wilson, made a lovely video, in an attempt to help calm the furor over the Congressman’s loud seizure. The video can be seen at her husband’s website: http://www.joewilsonforcongress.com/, and on YouTube (here). Bring a box of tissues and tune in, the video is quite touching – I almost cried myself. I had to watch it several times so that I could pull a few random quotes out and examine them closely.

Now – Roxanne Wilson is an amazing Republican spouse; she can talk as much crap as her husband. She even tops him in certain respects, because unlike him, she can actually sound sincere. She almost had me fooled! I swear – you could hear the motherfucking violins playing as she spoke. After her husband is voted out of office, she should run. You know – to keep the seat in the family. Here is my response:


I saw your video. You got to me. And I hope things will get better for you and Joe. This is crazy. I mean, having to deal with all this unnecessary attention. This will pass. But while we are on the subject, I would like to go over a few things that you said – just to make sure I am clear on the message you are attempting to convey.

QUOTE ONE: “I am very appreciative of the President, accepting his apology. And I think the President has been very gracious to my husband in accepting his apology.”

Are you telling me that when the President told your husband that he accepted his apology, old Joe did not yell “You Lie” this time? Are you sure? That would be hard to believe – given Joe’s passionate and uncontrollable reactions that are otherwise shown when it comes to him hearing any civilized statements from the President.

QUOTE TWO: “My husband doesn’t deserve the treatment that he’s getting from congress.”

OK. What treatment does your husband deserve from congress? Let’s talk Southern for a moment. Let us dial the clock back to say – 1956. Why 1956? Because the present-day white Republican sense of how society should be ordered references from that period in American history. OK. Now, what would some “uppity N-word" deserve (in your mind) if he had interrupted a white man, while that white man was - let's say - ordering coffee? What would have actually happened?

How? Day? Night? Rope? Chain? Fire? Dogs? Bats? Bullets?

What would your white Southern mind think would be deserved if that were President Joe Wilson speaking to a Joint Session of Congress, and that goddamned “uppity N-word" (oh... Let's just say it - NIGGER) Senator Barack “HOOsayne” Obama had spoken out in the same knuckleheaded manner? Would YOUR husband have been as gracious as President Obama? This is a serious question. What would the majority of the white Republican South think HE deserved? How much time do you think would have passed before he was shot or lynched?

QUOTE THREE: “Joe’s a wonderful father. Um, he adores his family – he adores the boys.”

I am sure he is a good father, and “adores” his sons. But what has that got to do with how he feels about Black people in general, and the President in particular? “Heritage” minded Confederate fathers have always loved their sons for a good reason – who else is going to keep the notion of  "white supremacy" alive?

"Now son - it's important to get the rope nice and tight, so that the neck snaps immediately when you let the feet go..." Right?

And... What has adoring his goddamn family got to do with Daddy Joe violating House Rule No. 370?

"Rule 370? What is that?" You may ask.

Allow me to cite directly from the House Rules dear:

“… the [House] rules do not permit the use of language that is personally offensive to the President. Manual § 370; 5 Hinds § 5094. For example, it is out of order to call the President a “liar” or a “hypocrite” … Manual § 370; 8 Cannon § 2498; Deschler-Brown Ch 29 § 47.16… Members must abstain from personally offensive language [to the President] even during impeachment proceedings. Manual § 370.”

Hmm, seems like pretty clear language to me – and I am not a member of the House.

Your husband has represented the 2nd Congressional District of South Carolina since 2001 – did he ever read the rulebook? Or, could it be that he does know the rulebook – and he assumed those rules could be ignored when communicating to a President "that happens to be Black"? And - is it possible he assumed that because he is white, he would have immunity from criticism or censure if he broke those rules? Well, please inform your husband that this is not 1956. There are no police dogs or fire hoses to back-up racist intentions anymore. He can be taken down (by niggers) in 2009 – and I (a mentally disturbed nigger) will make sure that he never opens his Confederate-powered mouth again without receiving the proper blogosphereric and electoral blowback.

QUOTE FOUR: “He’s got an incredible work ethic.”

That’s good to know. Too bad he does not also have an incredible race ethic – with him being from South Carolina - that would be saying something. But since he does, as you claim, have this “incredible work ethic," maybe he could insert a little time in his busy schedule to READ THE FUCKING HOUSE RULES. And possibly - during his book-bound quietude, deeply meditating, and carefully contemplating upon what he has read, maybe he can reflect on the fact that those rules universally apply (no shit), no matter and whatever race the President is, or whatever race the Congressman is.


In this country, you have the freedom to hold and express racist ideas all you like, but as a member of Congress, you are rightly expected by the House, and the people, during certain occasions, and in certain places, to keep a grip on yourself, and to maintain the decorum that is fitting for a member of that exclusive body. But Roxanne - I am not a hardass. I'll cut him some slack. Maybe the motherfucker forgot?

QUOTE FIVE: “In the town hall meetings that Joe held, people were passionate. They’re concerned, they’re worried, they’re upset.”

But Roxanne – of course they’re upset. If you are a backwoods born, Confederate flag waving “Real American” – that is still reeling because this country has “lost its mind” and elected a “Nigger President” – and with your already ignorant right-wing marinated brain being loaded on a daily basis, with more shit-kicking, right-wing ignorance by the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh – and with your husband in his honorable capacity as a United States Congressman, giving official sanction, and reiteration to this same ignorant nonsense – and if all of your so-called “news” comes from FOX News, and if you don’t know any better, or if you don’t tune-in to or read anything else; then yes, you would be “upset” also.

The “upset” ones are the majority, or eighty-five per cent of the people that are showing-up at these “town hall” meetings. The remaining fifteen per cent are – serious people whom are actually interested in reforming health care, or paid agitators, dispatched from insurance companies to purposely stir-up discord, thereby keeping the serious folks from talking, and making the “upset” ones more upset. You also have the people that have other messages to bring forward with their open display of guns, appearing alongside those good Americans that carry signs threatening the President with assassination. And finally – we have the usual stupid Black Republicans.

A professional party planner could not have come up with a better mix.

Your husband committed a deliberate act of contempt and insolence toward THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. This action was a keynote to the racist flag-wavers, and a further provision of cover for the insurance companies that want to kill the public option. Nasty.

Joe Wilson will forever be a caricature in American political history.

Roxanne – if you and your husband are truly concerned about those people’s “concern,” then you and he could atone for Joe’s “You Lie” craziness by telling them the truth for a change, thereby helping America move away from racist politics. How about some real caring in instructing your constituents? So that they may stop being the unwitting tools of the insurance companies, and working against their own better interests.

If husband Joe was out there actually doing the politics of caring, instead of doing base-appealing through making politically expedient racist gaffes; you Roxanne, could then spare the country from any more of your apologetic video propaganda.

Thank you so much for reading my reply. Have a nice day!

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