Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Closet You Can Believe In

Another one bites the allegations. This time it is Dr. George Alan Rekers, an important leader of the Christian right, a minister, and a leading anti-gay activist. I’ll bet you can’t guess what they say the good doctor was doing. Well – he was seen hanging out with a known homosexual person at an airport – the both of them returning from a 10-day European vacation. A person that goes by the (nice) name of “Lucien” who was hired by the good doctor as a “travel assistant.”

The doctor denies any impropriety (of course). “Lucien” was available for work, and was hired through a (gay) website called “” Hmm, sounds innocent enough. Dr. Rekers recently had surgery, and he needed an assistant to help carry his luggage. Plausible? Plausible.

But in a Miami New Times article, we find that “Lucien” (allegedly) did not carry luggage, and he was paid to do nude body rubs. “Lucien” (a prostitute) believes the good doctor is a homosexual. And “Lucien” remarked – “In all honesty, [Rekers] should disassociate himself from these [anti-gay] groups.” Wow. Why did he say that?

Could it be that in addition to the body rubs – they were possibly doing "homosexual stuff?” With Dr. Rekers? I don’t believe it. I think Dr. Rekers was “ministering” to “Lucien” about the sinfulness of the gay lifestyle. That’s what I think. I mean – he is a minister. Right?

And what the fuck is wrong with a “nude body rub?” My God…

Just to show you as an example of how those conservative “family research” groups are nothing but a bunch of lying hypocrites: The misleadingly-named Family Research Council (this joint was founded by slick conservative fascist - Dr. James Dobson) removed all language from their website, regarding Rekers’ role as a founding member.

Those bastards took that shit off real quick.

According to Wikipedia, “they [FRC] also posted up a release denying any association with Rekers for over a decade, stating that ‘while it’s extremely disappointing when any Christian leader engages in the very activities that they “preach” against, it’s not surprising. The Scriptures clearly teach the fallen nature of all people.” But look at how those (ahh... Straight?) Christians are treating him. Would Jesus do this?

Dr. Rekers is also an officer of “NARTH” (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality). This outfit claims to be able to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality through some kind of “conversion therapy.” Sounds phony to me. And even if it did work - if I were gay, I would not undergo the therapy... I couldn't take some preacher son-of-a-bitch converting me from homo to hetero, and then telling me I can’t get any pussy because of some “abstinence” crap. Fuck that.

I'll always believe that claims of sexual-orientation re-do’s are bullshit. But, if they really are able to do this - I think outfits like NARTH are missing an opportunity... Instead of keeping all of those “proven” tools and techniques inside an organization, maybe they could assemble all the core materials: A cross, an abridged Bible containing the pertinent verses to be recited, holy water, a whip, handcuffs, a special condom to prevent masturbation, a poster of Ted Haggard, etc…

Put all this together as a kit. Sell it for $29.95 at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart. Call it “Gay-Away” or “Homo-Evictus” or something. I am sure some marketing firm could come up with something catchy.

That way, if one’s son or husband starts to hot-flash and generate homosexual urges, or suddenly develops an uncontrollable desire for high-heels, or if he inexplicably "must" re-decorate the house - those urges can be eliminated by a simple run to the drugstore and $29.95.

Cheap, quick relief. They would sell a billion dollars of this shit the first week on the market.

But getting back to this (alleged) jerk-off… Those anti-homosexual homosexual Christians like Dr. Rekers simply fascinate me. They spend their Biblically-stunted, humanity-repressed, closeted lives trying to make life more nasty and miserable for the un-closeted ones. They are the ones that are anti-life, anti-freedom, and anti-family. The un-closeted are the real Americans, the actual moral heroes in this.

Religious Motherfuckers (new noun)... This is America!!!

Where every son-of-a-bitch is supposed to have the freedom to live who he is, and be able to go where HIS life wants to go, not where YOU meddling, hypocritical assholes believe he needs to go.

Fuck all Bible-thumping, anti-Constitutional liars.

As you can see - they cannot possibly live according to their own (professed) beliefs. They then want to turn around and tell everybody else what to do. Fuck YOU. Religious Motherfuckers need to stop faking, stop fucking with other motherfuckers, trash those stupid-assed Bibles, and work on becoming actual Americans.

Come out of your bullshit closets, step into freedom  – and, just be who you are.

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