Friday, March 19, 2010


Lyndon B. Johnson

So - the Republicans are threatening to challenge the constitutionality of health care reform through the courts if it passes.

They can challenge - but they won't win.

The constitutionality of this particular reform is just as "unconstitutional" as Medicare, technically. If they wanted to be consistent and believable, they would challenge both programs in court. If they had the guts and conviction to do it (which they don't) - we would hear the loud and awful howl of objection that would come from their hypocritical, Medicare accessing, teabagging constituents.

Heads would roll in the GOP for being honest for a change. Life for teabaggers - death for everybody else. Hey - even Republicans like entitlements, especially the kind that keep THEIR lying asses alive and well. Mr. President, Madam Speaker - fuck the Republicans.

Get this thing passed.

Wasn't Medicare signed into law by a Democrat?
Oh yeah - Lyndon B. Johnson.