Tuesday, March 26, 2019

#ADOS No.14 - The Old And New Guard

This is from a Facebook post dated March 19, 2019 from Chicago #ADOS obstructionist Dr. Conrad Worrill. His comments are in bold print. My responses are in regular print.

"#Reparations. #ADOS is putting forth the idea that there is an old guard and new guard in the Reparations Movement. On the question of reparations for African people in this country, and throughout the world, there is only ONE GUARD."

OK - well if there must be "ONE GUARD" I think I will go with the winners - and that is #ADOS. There is no question for reparations for African people throughout the world in the ADOS equation. And within ADOS - that question has never been raised. And it does not need to be raised. AT ALL.

"And that is the GUARD of vindication and repair for the enslavement of African people in the Western Hemisphere and the continuing impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the damages inflicted on us."

"Western Hemisphere?" ADOS live in the United States. We know the damage and the impact. That is why we are taking practical moves in the United States to resolve this issue. 

"There can be only ONE GUARD on the question of the Reparations Movement. There can be no old, or young, or old and new in the Reparations Movement."

I'm sorry Sir - the "ONE GUARD" does not seem to work. It has been 40 years since we have heard from the "OLD GUARD". Now that someone else is finally DOING SOMETHING - here you come to obstruct and destroy the movement. Don't end up on the wrong side of history after all the preliminary work you have put in. 

"The Reparations Movement is a Movement to REPAIR what happened to all African people at the hands of European Imperialism and white supremacy. We need to be clear about that."

We have been clear - that is why ADOS exists. ADOS is the moment of clarity Sir.

Monday, March 25, 2019

#ADOS No.15 - Tribalizing The Issue Of Reparations

This is from a Facebook post dated March 18, 2019 from Chicago #ADOS obstructionist Dr. Conrad Worrill. His comments are in bold print. My responses are in regular print.

"#Reparations. After careful research, I have determined that the #ADOS leadership are exploiting the natural instincts of African people in America to vindicate our capture and enslavement in America. Coming out of the woodwork, they are exploiting an idea that has finally become a popular idea with Black people in America."

"Careful research?" And what did you "research"? Where? What sources? Sir - the only basis of determination is that which you have conjured up in your own head. Did you come to this "determination" alone - or did you have help?

You are correct in saying that there is a "natural instinct" residing in the minds of African Americans. And since this "natural instinct" is a part of ALL African Americans - no one could "come out of any woodwork" to exploit anything. There is also no finality here - no "becoming" when it comes to this issue in terms of "popular ideas".

Reparations is an idea that has been residing in the mind-wiring of African Americans since 1865. "Exploiting" an idea is not the same as coming out with a better marketing and implementation strategy. This is something that N'COBRA and other organizations have so far failed to do.  

"The idea of reparations has now become popular because of the unsung heroines and heroes who protractedly advocated for reparations since the end of the Civil War. Now that the idea has become popular among the masses of African people, in this country, they have leaped out with a social media strategy under #ADOS, promoting pure divisive tactics."

The idea of reparations has come to the front of the political discourse and is now on the conversational menu of everyday African Americans is because of the intelligent bullet pointing of the issue - and the adept usage of social media platforms. 

So Sir - "unsung heroines and heroes" can advocate for reparations since the end of the Civil War? But that same advocacy is off limits to millenials that live in the here and now? What is this? Advocacy regarding an issue that affects everyone in a particular community is not owned by the foundational activists. 

The techniques to move it forward cannot be limited to a particular "way". And no one person or entity within the community does not own any "rights" or lockdowns on how an issue is articulated or how a solution should be accomplished. What is wrong with a social media strategy? It works (obviously). Are you angry because the moribund and directionless Pan-African movement did not think of it first? Did they "leap out"? YES. And I'm glad they did. 

"Promoting pure divisive tactics?" I would not call making clear who is eligible for reparations and who is not - should be called "divisiveness." Why would you?

"These tactics are aimed at tribalizing the issue of reparations by advocating an anti-African immigrant and anti Pan-African positions."

Well Sir - the tribalizing was already there. Africans and Caribbeans don't fuck with us. When they come to America - they look for their own tribes and white people. And they have nothing but disdain for us.

"They are imposing a strategy of divisiveness that seeks to destroy the unity efforts developed since the UN World Conference Against Racism where reparations organizers, activists, and organizations impacted the conference to declare the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Slavery, and Colonialism were Crimes Against Humanity and African people are owed reparations throughout the world."

Huh? How many more "declarations" are y'all gonna do?

"This declaration occurred in September of 2001 in Durban, South Africa. The insertion of #ADOS tactics is tampering with the broad unity developed in the Reparations Movement since Durban. We must remain steadfast in our opposition to such divisive tactics by #ADOS."  

OK - Y'all do that "steadfast" shit. And see where that takes you...

#ADOS No.17- Explosive Slavery Knowledge

Thursday, March 21, 2019

#ADOS No.9 - Reparations And Pan-Africanism

This is from a Facebook post dated March 9, 2019 from Chicago #ADOS obstructionist Dr. Conrad Worrill. His comments are in bold print. My responses are in regular print. 

"Reparations & Pan-Africanism. Our great historian and departed ancestor, Dr. John Henrik Clarke described in his classic book, "Notes for an African World Revolution, that: "The idea of uniting all African people had its greatest development early in the 20th Century." In this context, reparations for African people will never die. Dr. Clarke wrote that: "In 1900, the Trinidian lawyer, H. Sylvester Williams called together the first Pan-African Conference in London. This meeting attracted attention and put the word "Pan-African" in the dictionaries for the first time. According to Dr. Clarke there were only thirty delegates that came mainly from England, the Caribbean, and the United States. Dr. W.E.B. DuBois led the small delegation from the United States."

I duly respect Dr. John Henrik Clarke and I just happen to possess all of his books. The idea of uniting all Africans was a great idea and a wonderful sentiment. But as we can observe, even if we limit our observations to Africa alone, Pan-Africanism is just not happening. It does not look like it will happen in the near future and at this time, Diasporans need to effectively address current and historic concerns in more strategic and localized fashions. Especially if ANY Diasporans are to effect practical and tangible outcomes to the philosophical and stated historical bases that have been laid down by our esteemed scholars and historians of the past. 

Until #ADOS - this Reparations issue was always limited to Pan-African enthusiasts and HR40. That's it. There will be no more "small delegations" regarding this issue. Why? Because it has been bullet-pointed and properly marketed to the man in the street. And when the man in the street in appreciable numbers take notice, then the politicians take notice. And that is what you are seeing now. The typical Black person cannot relate to daishikis or conferences in Durban Sir. And Black people today are hurting too damned much to have time for kumbaya with Africans that don't even like us.    

"When we use the term Pan-Africanism we must be very clear. Pan-Africanism is the belief that people of African ancestry, throughout the world, have the same racial and cultural characteristics and the same social and economic conditions as a result of our African origin."

The belief in Pan-Africanism is well and good. The problem is that "Pan-Africanism" is not proactive and strategic. That's a problem. And when you try to insert Pan-African beliefs and sentimentalism into #ADOS's strategic and proactive BUSINESS moves - that's a problem. #ADOS, in no way, minimizes or denigrates Pan-Africanism. 

Where is that line coming from? 

#ADOS is dealing with a local issue - a local grievance, that must be resolved through the local [United States] laws, constitutions, politics, and policies. Reparations internationally cannot be effected internationally as a singular complainant entity. It just will not work that way. The philosophy, spirit, ancestral unities, and tactics may be shared internationally - but the executions (on the ground) must be differentially aggregated, specific, local, and focused. Again, results effected by focused legal, political, and legislative strategies. 

I do not understand why you do not get this.

"This Pan-African spirit flourished in the development of the Garvey Movement when millions of African people joined the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and African Communities League (ACL). The idea of Pan-Africanism is deeply rooted in the Reparations Movement. This was evidenced when Pan-Africanism was the foundation of unity by the African delegates, from around the world, at the World Conference Against Racism - held in Durban, South Africa in August of 2001."

Having a "foundational unity" has nothing to do with appropriate strategies and action. The Garvey Movement - OK - OK - OK. Are the Pan-Africanists just frozen in time? Or what? Is it so hard for you to get "unrooted" and possibly plant new trees that may possibly have a higher yield? I am just a little younger than you. Y'all making Baby Boomers look bad. Pan-Africanists are just moribund. I am glad I never became a formal member of your group. Until Africa and the rest of the Diaspora embraces Pan-Africanism - I would say that everybody else is just wasting their time. 

"This Pan-African unity led to the Conference declaring that the Transatlantic Slave Trade was a crime against humanity and African people are owed reparations throughout the world. Although 911 set the Reparations Movement back, our organizing work has not stopped as witnessed by its current public discussions. Hopefully, this current phase of the Reparations Movement in America will be guided by history." 

Every Diasporan was in sync with the idea of that declaration long, long before August 2001 Sir. Your organizing work has nothing to do with the current discussions (and actions). "Guided by history?" We know the history. Got it. This current phase of the Reparations Movement in America is now guided by "Get It Done."

#ADOS No.13 - Regarding Boomer Bashing

Lately - there has been quite a bit of "Boomer Bashing" from younger #ADOS supporters on Twitter and other social media platforms. Totally understandable - but just slightly mistaken. Boomers are typically the "face" of Pan-Africanism and #ADOS obstructionism. Actually - that obstructionism emanates from a small group of Pan-African infactuationists and first and second generation immigrant offspring that (mostly) have angelicized names - that HAPPEN to be Boomers. They are not the Boomer in the street. I have mostly ignored it. But a fellow #ADOS Boomer was quite upset - and he strongly communicated his concern. I sent Ms. Yvette Carnell an e-mail expressing my concern about this trend. #ADOS is about one's philosophy and being ON CODE - not what year you were born. We both fit that criteria. 

My friend is an #ADOS soldier.

I am 63 - my buddy is 64. And we both will be in Louisville.  

3-21-2019 - E-mail to Yvette Carnell

"Boomer Bashing"

I do wish that #ADOS will let up on the Boomer bashing. There are thousands of us Boomers that are solidly with #ADOS and are willing to put in the work to make Reparations happen. I do understand that the general "face" of Pan-Africanism are Baby Boomers. But that oppositional face is just a small percentage of Boomers - that is not the Boomer in the street. The Boomer in the street supports #ADOS (at least in Chicago).

You guys know what you are doing - and I respect, support, and am ready to work with you. I attended two N'COBRA meetings years ago. Was unimpressed because all I saw was resolutions to do more resolutions. No plans for any kind of ground games or marketing. The ideas were limited to a small number of Pan-African enthusiasts and scholars impressing each other with scholarship and historical findings - but no plans to get policy made and results done.

Please don't put all Boomers into the same ignorant boat as the educated obstructionists. The many Boomers that understand are with you - and ready to work. No man can control what year they were born.

Will see you in Louisville.

Arthur Ward

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

#ADOS No.12 - $100 Trillion Is Reparations - Non-Negotiable

I have heard a lot of very small, inadequate, and inappropriate numbers, ideas, proposals, strategies, and programs, and this, and that and all of that - about what reparations should look like. Let's get one thing money straight folks - we Black [ADOS = American Descendants Of Slavery] people are owed at this time, a non-negotiable $100,000,000,000,000 [100 trillion bucks] minimum money and considerations over seven generations - starting from now. 

No politics here. 

Harper's Magazine - a reputable white folks publication, estimated that the total of reparations due was about 9.7 trillion DOLLARS, Based on some 222,505,049 hours of forced slave labor between 1619 and 1865, compounded at 6% interest through 1993* Now that's just for slavery. But - what about the compounded trillions in painful losses accrued from the post-slavery period? What about compensative damages potentially expended for maximum visceral and mental pain, lynching, economic destruction, and continuous full-scale suffering? 


What about the time and effort and resources and lives lost trying to secure, practice, and enjoy ALL OF the benefits and protection of the rights that the Constitution stated that we already had or were supposed to have as citizens? 


What about the monetary repairs needed - as a result of the special and precise unconstitutional laws and policies that were enacted and enforced against us? Post-slavery? Those were all unnecessary costs that were heavily imposed and dearly paid. But aside from that - this Harper's Magazine calculation shows that white folks in general are well aware of the true history. And them, logically concluding from that awareness - fully cognizant of what this country owes us in substance and justice. Reparations is not deep or complicated. Real Simple. You took something. You need to return that something. Plus interest. Simple. If you hear any opposition to reparations, whether that speaker is white liberal, American Black, avowed racist, Black immigrant, or otherwise - understand that all anti-reparations statements are anti-justice statements.

This is about Business and Justice. Do you see all those zeroes? That's what real Reparations look like. The carefully researched and respectfully calculated conclusion of Seventeen to Twenty Trillion Dollars is simply not enough. Forty Acres and a Mule was not enough compensation in 1865 if you think about it. THEN. For 246 years of direct legal slavery? Forty Acres and a Mule? Wasn't Enough THEN or NOW. Let us do a full and DONE reparations package.

100 Trillion Dollars - Seven Generations. That's IT - That's CORRECT.

And these twelve reasonable and uncomplicated points are how reparations should properly be delineated and expended:

1. Actual Cash Payments - you know - CUT AND DISTRIBUTED CHECKS. You Know - Money. Distributed quarterly (7 generations overall to the group - 70 years individually if initiated within this period). Reparations would not feel like reparations without cash being distributed.

Every Body Else worldwide that was properly reparated got CASH as all or part of their reparations package. Cash works for the originally abused American Indians and their descendants. Cash worked so well for American Indians, they were able to use cash to build successful gambling casinos. Cash worked for the formerly interned Japanese Americans and their descendants. Cash distributions are still working internationally for Jewish Holocaust survivors, their descendants, and the descendants of those that did not survive. Cash distributions - payments - is the foundation of all reparations.

But some folks say we shouldn't get cash.

When our great-great-great-grandparents were sold and shipped for international commerce purposes. And our great-great-grandparents were enslaved and boxed-in for domestic free labor purposes. And our great-grandparents were Jim Crowed and strung-up for existing and breathing. And our grandparents were head-kicked and barbecued for being commercially competitive and academically curious. And our parents were professionally redirected and financially circumscribed to no end - everybody else made CASH off that.

Folks sold tickets to lynchings. Hustlers sold sandwiches and drinks at those events. You had slave auctions. Slave brokerages. Slave-breaking specialists. Slave insurance companies. Slave finance companies. Slave logistics. Slave contracting and outsourcing. Slave brothels. State enforced peonage. "Might-as-well-be-slavery" sharecropping. Yes, stuff was "cropped" - but never "shared." OK?

Let's do some Convict leasing. Slave breeding farms. Slave catching contracts signed with American Indians. Kidnapping agreements, slave trading co-ops, slave shipping partnerships, and raiding contracts signed with the royalty of certain African tribes. Inhuman medical experimentation. Business burn-downs. Farm burn-downs. Town burn-downs. Systemic property devaluation. Racially differentiated purchase restrictions of all kinds. High finance charges and fees charged to Blacks only.


How about some redlining? Let's stick in some land robbery? Predatory land contracts? Everybody cool with slavery and post-slavery invention and intellectual property theft? Or segregated, substandard health care? Or NO health care? Would you like a serving of unacknowledged and uncompensated culture appropriation? Or how 'bout some federal, state, and municipal agency policies - cheating Black people out of rightfully earned and entitled Social Security and GI Bill benefits?


Let's do some predatory management contracts for Black entertainers and professional athletes. Let's add-in a few racial covenants. Black men being drafted into the military to fight for foreigners rights OVER THERE. At the same time, receiving no citizen's rights OVER HERE. Let's do that. And let us suffer those niggers 100% taxation for zero percent representation. For zero percent justice under the law. For zero percent protection under the law. For zero percent anything under the law. Let's do some unequal pay for some equal work - codified by the government - enthusiastically applied by business. And let's do some slick Machiavellian housing policies at every stinking governmental level. Let's do that.

Every-Body-Else made money.

But somehow - WE - their progeny, their rightful inheritors, should NOT be entitled to cash? Is that so? Well - that's what certain Black legislators in Washington are saying. Presidential candidates. Degreed-up Black professors. Intellectually assured Black journalists. Think tank Black conservatives. Certain white and Jewish liberals. All white and Jewish conservatives. Paid Black clergymen. Anti-Black - anti-reparations - banana boatistas, of all kinds, colors, tribes, and ethnicities. That's what they're saying. And when they do talk in numbers - most of them are stuck on a 500 billion dollar tip as reparations. That "politically feasible" bullshit. You Know...

This is a paternalistic incredibility - and each one of those well-spoken people should use their well-educated paternalism for purposes that are constructive for a change. That's what I'm saying. We are not their wards, and they are not our guardians. Understand people - there should not be, and cannot properly be Any Exceptions to this cash stuff when it comes to ADOS. That beautiful entitlement - THE MONEY - belongs to and needs to be equally expended to us as well.

Gotta Have It.

You Know - green, crisp, lovable, spendable, saveable, holdable, stashed-in-the-bra-able, kissable, trickable, foldable, CASH. No civil rights leader-type "symbolic" stuff. No food stamp-ish "substitutions for" cash. No "programs" paternalistically doling benefits out.

And no condescending "Baby Bonds" shit - Senator Cory Booker. Some anti-reparationist motherfucker with a sense of humor gave you THAT idea.

Is that correct Senator?

"Baby Bonds..."

Take that beauty over to the Jewish folks at AIPAC Senator Booker. Suggest replacing the 50.1 billion DOLLARS in foreign aid and 3.8 billion DOLLARS in military aid we give annually to Israel with "Baby Bonds". See what they say.


Slavery, Jim Crow, and post-Crow systematics was all about THE MONEY. Reparations HAS to be about the money and ALL of its associated extensions.

Do You Understand?

Back To The Show: Those that die during their reparational distribution period - their distributions should be aggregated to designated heirs for the remainder of their (70) undistributed years. Those that have no heirs - their distributions should be put into a general reserve and the funds re-distributed for education purposes. The actual distributed amount (which will be the same for every living ADOS individual) is open to be worked out. Not negotiated - there is a difference.

75% of distributions to ADOS persons that are under 21 years of age should be held in trust in interest or dividend bearing accounts or mutual funds (money market or S&P 500). The entirety of the accumulated trust holdings will be released to the individual(s) discretion at the age of 21 (twenty one).

Eligibility for ADOS distributions, considerations, and benefits should have no considerations of an ADOS individual's present income, net worth, profession, or position in society. This is about LINEAGE only. OK? Yes - Oprah is ADOS. President Obama is not. Louis Farrakhan's children and wife are ADOS - Louis Farrakhan himself is not. Oprah would be just as eligible for reparations as any other ADOS.

Let us keep this transaction clear, clean, and straightforward. Unpaid debts that are owed to an individual have nothing to do with the present net worth of that individual. Just like the way banks usually have a higher net worth than the folks that borrow from them. That doesn't exempt borrowers from paying them back. If I'm a billionaire - and YOU owe me five dollars. I want my five dollars back. Like NOW.

A debt is a debt.

The only criterion for eligibility should be the afore-established lineage standard (at least one parent) from American Slavery. The "one-drop rule" positively applies here. One drop of African genetics - plus provable lineage from American Foundational Slavery, makes you eligible for reparations. We don't need any impositive inquisitors - unnecessarily bringing up partisan percentage contentions over how much Black does it take to be Black. OK?

Lineage is the thing that Counts.

In the past - if you were somehow passing for white, and racism-white supremacy discovered you were even one percent Black. You would be treated as one hundred percent Black immediately and brutally. No discriminating genetic percentification metrics - determining where you stand on the good to bad treatment scale with them. Light-skinned niggers were lynched right alongside dark-skinned niggers. History shows that nigger treatment has been applied to all ADOS consistently, and in full - regardless of individual niggermetrics. For four hundred beautiful years. Whether you are a one percent nigger, or a one hundred percent nigger. There is - and never was, no discriminative let up.

No abolition of: "The One-Drop Rule".

And today, we should not allow ourselves to get off-tracked with some white folks' lame, diversionary, genetic percentification game talk. Attempting to create an aggregated identification and distribution complication where there is none. As you should know - we have many proud, self-identified ADOS individuals in our community that "look white". With technology - we can easily know the difference between the Rachel Dolezals and the Adam Clayton Powells.

Some of those folks are in YOUR family.

Only Lineage Counts. 

Special consideration should be done for ADOS that have some American Indian ancestry. But were unfairly excluded from American Indian reparations beneficiary status because of their significant African (ADOS) heritage. But - can still prove lineage from American Foundational Slavery. With today's technology - proving, locating, and disproving the direction of one's historic genetic connectivity is in our hands. The precise geographic landing of your family here or elsewhere, is easy, accessible, reliable, and low-cost. Did your ancestors land in Virginia or Haiti? That would be the first and most important question. We need the right answer before we talk about anything else.

A central national reparations registry and information website administered by ADOS should also be created. Like the Jewish Virtual Library website (Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee - please click on the link and notice that all reparations listed on this website are in the form of direct cash payments, pensions, and/or asset restoration to groups of individuals and descendants. If cutting checks and asset transfers are good enough for Jewish victims and their descendants, cutting checks and asset transfers are good enough for historic Black victims and their descendants).

Those ADOS individuals that do not want to receive reparations for whatever reasons - don't want to upset their white neighbors, or see reparations as a "handout". Are too "dignified" to receive reparations, or just plain stupid, for example - can opt out. Opting out will be permanent once done. And the agreed upon permanence can have no possible future appeals, repeals, or other reversing actions.

This non-rescindment agreement should be spelled out explicitly, using clear third grade level English so that the oscillative "ah-changed-my-mind" folks can't claim opacity, misunderstanding, or incomprehensibility. Permanent opt out status will legally be in place upon the signing and notarization of the opt out document package. "Refusenik" distributions will be placed in reserve, then re-distributed to provide sustainability and expansion grants to ADOS owned businesses.

OR - they can permanently reassign their reparations to another ADOS individual(s). OR - ADOS run institution(s) except churches.

That's it.

Wait a minute - NO. That's not it. I want to direct a word to the butter-biscuited paternalists that are "worried" about what individual ADOS will do with their reparations checks. Let us make this simple:

"None of your fucking business!"

Yes - some ADOS will trick their money off. OK? Guy buys himself 7000 pairs of Jordans, woman purchases a semi-trailerload of weave for personal use, brothas making it rain, and rain, and rain at the strip club, the bar, the hoehouse. OK? Dude buys himself 100,000 super-soaker waterguns and fills them with ketchup*. OK? And that's his business. OK? They are gonna DO IT. That's for sure. Every race on this planet have certain members of their various tribes that will trick off money. We ADOS have our share as well. Each family has as least one.

BUT - I don't go to the hoehouse anymore. OK?

At the same time - we also have a substantial percentage of ADOS that will: Pay off their mortgages, purchase homes, improve their homes, finance their businesses, start businesses, make investments, pay off long standing debts, improve their credit, get more education, purchase certain medical procedures, donate to certain constructive causes, travel the world, do something different, etc., etc., etc. You see? So we do not need "overseers" to make sure that we handle OUR money to their liking(s). The same folks that will presume to know what to do with our money better than us - would tell any person that attempted to do the same to them to



Why is it that many well educated Black persons of note that will speak affirmatively on reparations, always say conversely, that they don't want money, or this is "more than just a check?" When slavery, Jim Crow, and racist systematics was ALL about white folks, American Indians, Arabs, Jews, and Black African elites making money. Making money LITERALLY off our grandparents backs. And none of that made money being inherited to us. What IS THIS??? Have they taken leave of their logic? Do they have any Black group gainfulness? Any sense of justified inheritance?

Do they understand that slavery and post-slavery racist systematics was all about the Money? Do they get that - AT ALL? Why is the question of money always taken off the table by these Christianized - "We Shall Overcome" type folks? And its acceptance said to be "Beneath Us"? And that cutting checks is "Racially Divisive"? And we "Gotta Include Everybody"? And "Social Justice"?


The main people - the Foundational Black Americans that are the most recognized, Black-leaderized, listened to, broadcasted, and capable, in voicing our right to access - to OUR money and resources that are imbedded within the economic essence of this country - Doing This. These Confusing People - openly, intentionally, making appeasing cases, while racism-white supremacy watches - listens. To suggestively push away the very money and resources that is legitimately owed to us? Amazing. How do they see that all others - both foreign and domestically domiciled that have been reparated are getting direct payments? But they never say that others should not get direct payments. Just Us. They may believe that privately - but I personally have never heard them regarding cash payments in the negative when it comes to others.

At the same time - the Foundational Black American descendants of today, whose uncompensated grandparents indisputably built this country - should not get the direct payments due that are provided by their right to rightful inheritance? I don't get that. Why should we be the exception to the best reparations has to offer?


Senator Elizabeth Warren says that Native Americans should be brought into the room and made part of our reparations "conversation"? OK. But conversely - I never saw anybody suggesting bringing in African Americans for collaborating discussions with American Indians regarding breaking off some of those profits from the 474 (as of this writing) casinos that they own nationwide. Or sharing their reparations payouts. Or sharing some of those reservation lands. Or handing over SOME of those casinos. Or possibly having discussions with US regarding the American Indian role in American Slavery - and what is possibly owed to US - From Them.

Especially the:

- Cherokees

- the Chicasaws

- the Chocktaws

- the Westos

- the Yamasees

- and the Creeks

Nope. I heard they don't want to talk about that Senator. It is true that all Native Americans were here first - and they were abused and deprived in certain ways, by the same European colonizers that partied on us. That's for sure. Separate issue though. Separate claim if that's what you want to do. But that's for sure.

They were HERE - but they did not develop the country. They did not put in the work. None of it. And the tribes that I just mentioned were themselves slaveholders and/or slave catchers. Of Us. For Real. The civilizational and economic infrastructure that undergirds what you see today - was built by Foundational Black Americans. WE did that. That's for sure as well.

Black folks were never invited to any inside discussions, nor have ever displayed any outside opposition, regarding Jewish reparations - OVER THERE. Not Ever. Anywhere. But certain meddling Jewish individuals will always insert themselves into our reparations argument to say - "No Nigger Reparations" - OVER HERE.

Check out professional political elocutioners Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, and David Horowitz, for three. And politician Bernie Sanders - for one. Expounding their greasy, convoluted, simple-minded reasonings as to why niggers should not get compensative justice. Jewish commentators and politicians are too historically smart, too politically aware, too generally intelligent, to themselves believe the racism-tinged incredibilities coming out of their OWN mouths regarding this issue. They KNOW their injudicious flagrancies contain no justice. Their unembarrassed words literally bleed with impositive, high-handed, nigger-contempt. I just sit and listen to this crap with my popcorn. How did the issue of OUR reparations become a Jewish decision?


Do Black folks have to run EVERYTHING past them first? We need permission Bernie? There are more openly identifiable Jewish oppositionists as well. I can provide a long list upon request. Would it be anti-Semetic to ask if certain individuals are anti-Black? The Nazis had an inhuman and murderous "Final Solution" for the Jews. At this point, in listening to what I've been hearing lately from my Jewish brothers and sisters -

I wonder if Jews have a "Final Solution" for Us.

Just asking.

Because WE SEE You.

OK - since everybody wants to have a "conversation" - let's talk.

Jewish people were deeply involved with all aspects of the American slave enterprise. Involved on the total timeline of Black deprivation and suffering. Involved with the economic exploitation of Black people after slavery. Involved with benefiting from redlining. Involved with all the societal circumscriptions put upon us for 400 years. Involved with strategically keeping us in line and in place, through the NAACP, Urban League, Black Lives Matter, and other "Negro" organizations. Involved with promoting and performing "blackface". Involved with distributing negative and false propaganda regarding the image and character of Blacks through the media and entertainment. Well educated in smoother than Hennessy "handshake to the front - knife to the back" practices towards us.

Our history with Jews has only looked good - great optics - after the invention of the camera. "Marching with Dr. King" - "Freedom Rides" - that shit. Some kind of Jewish-Black "brotherhood?" How? Jews used to own us as slaves - now we're "brothers"? Where? Miss me with that. What's that word - "Schvartze?" What does that mean? The actuality of this relationship - off camera - true intentions - confidential conversations - between Jews - behind doors - about us - never been good.

A true and working "brotherhood" would put us exactly at the same political, economic, and educational status as our "brothers". Wouldn't it? That's how I understand "brotherhood" to work. A complete and sincere exchange of resources, knowledge, comaraderie, and mutual uplift. A sort of  "Me rise - You rise" type deal. "Brotherhood." You know?

But the history says otherwise.

That history is not usually researched, examined, or spoken of to any obvious degree. If the Jewish role in American Slavery IS brought up - everyone is told: "That's Silly - we have more important things to discuss." OR - "To speak on THAT history is anti-Semetic". OR - "We acknowledge it. But the participation of Jews in the slavery enterprise was so small - that it is barely worth mentioning. Fugeddaboudit!!!"

But EVERYBODY must "Never Forget" the Holocaust.

If I were Jewish, I would not be so vociferous in my opposition. Opposition sometimes inspires research. Through research, some folks may find out more about you than you want them to know. But - before I am labeled as anti-Semetic - just ask my good Jewish associates whether I actually am. Because I speak the same way IN FRONT of them TO THEM - and VICE VERSA - as we pop open another bottle of wine. That exchange is called: "Honest conversation" - "Productive Dialogue." And even they agree: "Just like the Black people stay the fuck out of JEWISH reparations business - the JEWS would be smart to stay THE FUCK out of BLACK reparations business."

No "code switching" here.

They know I am not globally anti-Semetic. I am carefully, and selectively "anti" towards whatever I perceive to be anti-Black, be they individuals, groups, or policies. You know - the same behaviors Jews display when they perceive anything to be anti-Semetic, anti-Jewish, or anti-Israel. Be they individuals, groups, or policies. Just as human as they are. And, just like them - I will always speak up if I think I am being, or about to be, fucked over. But - unlike them, I am always open to correction.

At the same time - the truth is the truth.

Back To The Show: When Japanese-Americans got their justice - were WE "included" in those discussions?

Ahh... NO.

So - how does everybody else - Jews, Hispanics, North Koreans, Martians, and rickety boat type motherfuckers that just got here. Still smelling like seaweed. Seem to think they should invade our meeting space - and become part of our "conversation"?

African and Caribbean immigrants can barely give American Descendants Of Slavery a passing "good morning" on daytime streets. Can disparage us between themselves all night. Can call us "Akata" 24/7 on social media. But somehow, these same folks arrogantly feel they should emerge from their sweet white neighborhoods, and inappropriately insert themselves into OUR reparations issue with OUR government.

Who They???

You know - they are those phenotypically fraudulent - tribalistic butter-biscuiters that authoritatively coon in eloquent twoface. They will flagrantly open their "totally-out-of-line" mouths - to tell OUR GOVERNMENT and the public, through talking points, via national media and political forums. What THEY think should be done about US. Isn't that something? We are never part of, nor asked to be, included in anyone else's discussions, contentions, or institutions. Especially those discussions and institutions belonging to immigrant Black Africans and Black Caribbeans. They don't even break bread with us. They MAY do it in Africa - with the exception of our good allies - generally, they sure as hell don't do it here. The Pan-Africanists don't seem to have figured that out yet.

Did I hear someone say - "Akata?" OK... I don't care what the carefully curated etymology of the word "Akata" is, as explained by well-educated West African immigrant apologists over media platforms. The actual "on-the-street" - everyday, "just-between-us-Africans" usage of "Akata" IS a synonym for "Nigger" - universally applied as a descriptor BY THEM - in that way - towards Foundational Black Americans. Everywhere. Remember that folks.

HEY!!! My African Brothers and Sisters!!! Why is it nearly impossible for Foundational Black American folks - the fucking "Akatas" - to gain dual citizenship in ALL African countries? No "Right Of Return"? No? Any good explanations?

Guess we could talk about that later.

But when we do talk - we could start off with what the

- Yorubas

- the Kongos

- the Akans

- the Mbundus

- the Ashantes

- the Fons

- and the Igbos owe to Foundational Black American people. Yeah, we could talk about that. Since our enslavement and sale was the main source of foreign exchange for these tribes and kingdoms - along with others not mentioned here. And the wealth that was created through that exchange, is still residing, and popping, and exponentializing within the present net worths of the descendants of the original enslaving African elites and merchants. Those descendants are now the West African private jet class.

Just Asking...

Now, putting asides, aside. At the rate the Black media heads, Black politicians, civil rights luncheoneers, paid pastors, and Black intelligentsia are going. Reparations, if left in their hands only - once done, will be boiled down to a handshake and a beer.

Well, I guess I should be grateful that the others are not as deep-throated and sincere regarding an intent to keep us Black people in the nasty and continuously deprived state we're in. As Her Greasiness - that Jamaican-Indian bitch, also known as Senator Kamala Harris. Quote: "SO - I'm not gonna sit here and say I'm gonna do something that's only gonna benefit Black people. NO!!!" Really Sweetheart? WOW. The counterfeit negress has spoken. At least she told HER truth. You can't say she didn't let us niggers know.

The others haven't gone that far - YET.

Oops!!! Maybe they have.

Bernie Sanders: "NO!!!"

Elizabeth Warren: "A check for WHAT?"

Cory Booker: "Baby Bonds!!!"


The educated butter-biscuiters are afraid to demand from the government, the astronomically correct amount of money, assets, and considerations that is definitively owed to us. Why? In their minds (it seems) - the laws, policies, affirming arguments, and practices of inheritance - which white people damn near die over to protect and practice, are good enough for only white people to access. But not appropriate enough for us to do the same. For some reason - the equal application of inheritance principles and policies in their entirety, should be withheld specifically from us. Money and assets are good enough for the abusing collective to extract continuously and bequeath exponentially for centuries. But not good enough for the foundationally abused and their direct-line descendants to access even once - for two damned minutes?

OH!!! - Her Greasiness has a "Lift Act" - OH!!! - OK.

Black people - the buck has to stop somewhere at sometime. Your vote is a supremely valuable currency. Votes don't exist just to put certain folks in office that market good words and present good optics. There must be a guaranteed and specific benefit TO YOU agreed upon and then accomplished in exchange for that vote. Why do you think white people have always devised all kinds of dirty quasi-legal schemes, threatened groups, murdered individuals, and executed all kinds of nefarious actions to stop us from exercising our voting rights? Exercising "Voting Rights" is not just the act of "voting". Follow me here. There is an intentional "front end" - and a satisfactional "back end" to a vote. The "back end" from a vote must be the specific tangibles demanded, that are purchased through the currency power of a vote. And delivered to you by your candidate. That's the proper operational intent - the proper cause and effect of a vote.

"Voter Suppression?" What's That? At this point - the main source of "voter suppression" in general, is us not being registered intentionally. US - not showing up intentionally. We must show up to the polls impressively. But to vote and choose strategically - differently - disruptively. If we must vote downballot - then that's what we will have to do. Understand - WE determine the results in all major elections. WE - the Foundational Black Americans of these United States - are 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment Federal Supercitizens.

First among Equals.

It is time WE understand, reside in, and action this fact.

From now on people, decide: No vote without TANGIBLES and considerations that are specified by us on the table. We need to develop a self-decided, self-generated, and uncompromisingly demanded Black agenda - not Black optics. That agenda: It being presented and demanded to execution by us, to all incumbents and candidates. If your voting reasons differ from these demands and conditions - then why are you voting? If none of any candidates are willing to execute OUR agenda - NO VOTE FOR THEM. Understand people, that agenda includes YOUR individual needs. If no candidate is willing to roll with us - then none of US should hand over our vote to ANY of them. Democrat or Republican. Trump - or no Trump.


And fear based voting days for us are over. This - "But we got to get rid of Trump" alarmism. OK? Don't fall for that rush-job. If we lived through all the other overtly racist presidents. And twelve of them were actual slaveholders? And Woodrow Wilson. And Andrew Johnson. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And Nixon. And the Bushes. We could strategically live through this one as well. Working through the swamp - to accomplish a substantive long-term goal. People - stop giving your vote away to certain parties and/or candidates for nothing in return.

Let the elective chips fall as they may - if we must.

As an aside - I would hope that all ADOS prepare themselves to the best of their individual abilities, through learning business, finance, economics, politics, law, and civics. Doing that in either formal, informal, and independent ways. We all do need to have SOME pre-reparational knowledge and direction. Otherwise - we will end up empowering others with our empowerment.

2. Exemption from Federal and State Income Taxation (7 generations overall to the group - lifetime individually if initiated within this period) - or possibly credits. Including percentage or full income tax exemptions for incorporated and LLC companies that are at least 70% owned and controlled by ADOS - or possibly credits. Including forgiveness for individual and business taxes presently owed. Exemption from estate taxes. Exemption from capital gains taxes. Exemption from domestic import/export levies. Exemption from luxury taxes. Exemption from federal excise taxes. Exemption from state and federal taxation of lottery and gambling winnings.

No exemption from regular local sales taxes, municipal taxes (that - for the upkeep and salaries for sewers, sanitation, roads, fire, police, etc.), and property taxes (that - to pay for local education) though.

ADOS to ADOS child support and alimony payments will be cancelled or modified down (125 years overall to the group - 50 years individually if initiated within this period) on a case by case basis. ADOS to non-ADOS alimony and child support judgments will be modified down or cancelled on a case by case basis.

3. Multi-billion dollar endowments for HBCU's. Free scholarships for those students that are academically qualified. Student loan forgiveness (7 generations overall to the group - 70 years individually if initiated within this period) for ADOS only - on presently held obligations. Vouchers (full ride) should be provided for ADOS attending vocational, trade, medical, and technical schools.

4. Multi-billion dollar capital infusions for Black (ADOS) owned banks, credit unions, finance companies, investment companies, and insurance companies. This done every year for twelve years - starting the first year reparations are enacted. Along with guaranteed government contract set-asides for Black (ADOS) owned businesses. Major corporations over a certain size to spend 10% of their advertising and media budgets with Black (ADOS) owned media companies in exchange for tax credits. And 10% of federal and state advertising and media budgets to be set-aside and expended with Black (ADOS) owned media companies.

5. GI Bill type assistance for acquiring housing (up to a four-flat) and grants for business start-up capital (a business plan must be presented). Federal reimbursement for business licenses and fees. Federal reimbursement for certain business and financial education outside of formal schools or colleges. And the narrowing or sectioning of certain affirmative action policies to properly apply to Blacks (ADOS) only.

6. Free universal healthcare - dental care and specialized psychiatric care for ADOS (7 generations overall to the group - 120 years individually if initiated within this period).

7. Transference of certain government owned lands and residential properties (city, suburban, and rural ADOS Homesteads) - and the prioritized granting of unencumbered permissions and licensing in specified commercial areas (like gambling or cannabis endeavors for example) to ADOS individuals and/or ADOS owned business entities that are qualified. Federal and state media licenses, bandwidth, and spectrum set-asides for qualified ADOS and ADOS owned entities should be sold at 75% lower than the current market price.

Certain urban neighborhoods should be "Blacklined" (my word). Meaning certain protected and prioritized districts within certain cities (we're segregated anyway - and that could be a good thing) - reserved exclusively for the commercial and residential use of ADOS and non-ADOS Blacks. Property taxes will be subject to pre-established limits. If there are any revenue shortfalls to local governments due to capped property taxes in "Blacklined" areas - those shortfalls will be covered and/or subsidized by local, state, and federal government entities.

These areas will be prioritized to receive federal and state expended urban improvement grants, Tax Increment Financing, and various business development grants. Residential and other properties can only be transferred between ADOS and non-ADOS Blacks. Businesses cannot be established without community approval and falling within the guidelines. Businesses that have some non-Black ownership in these areas must be at least 70% owned and controlled by ADOS residing in that same community.

Multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial properties that are currently owned by whites and other non-ADOS entities and individuals in "Blacklined" areas will be sold (by law) at assessed value to ACIT's (ADOS Community Investment Trusts) established and operated by that ADOS community.

Any other community approved companies (like Starbucks, McDonald's, Walgreen's, etc.) - their equity shares [stock] must be publicly listed and traded. So that they may be potentially owned by ADOS on the back-end, via direct stock market purchases or indirectly via mutual funds and ETF's with those purchases transacted and owned by ADOS individuals, ADOS owned businesses, and ADOS Community Investment Trusts. And those aggregated franchised entities (single stores like a McDonald's) within those districts must be at least 70% owned by ADOS. Those (publicly listed corporate) single stores (like Walgreen's, Starbucks, etc.) must be housed in commercial facilities that have been built-to-suit and leased from ADOS individuals, ADOS business entities, or ADOS Community Investment Trusts that own those facilities.

No white, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American originated business entities that are 100% privately owned by non-ADOS (franchise or otherwise) should be allowed in these areas.

These areas should have an emphasis on "Intrification" (my word). Meaning that all private improvements to these areas will be ADOS initiated, financed, executed, and owned by those that live in those areas. This done - along with government infrastructure improvement funding for public areas. Also - local policing in these districts should be done by ADOS and non-ADOS Black officers. "Blacklining" would also serve as a "firewall" against any potentially encroaching "gentrification" - or white takeover through the investment of and "moving into" by whites into certain properties and areas.

Why "Blacklining?" Well - with reparations, our asset picture will be vastly improved. That could mean community ownership and improvement where we already live. More opportunities to exploit profit where WE live. Most white people - conservative, indifferent, and liberal, don't want to live next door to Black people anyway. And that's fine, as far as I'm concerned. Most of the time - those Black folks with some means, move into predominantly white areas for better living conditions and amenities. Not necessarily because they want to live next to white people, or are particularly interested in "diversity."

"Diversity" has always been a money losing proposition for Blacks. Plantations were "diverse" - if you really think about it. Understand? "Diversity" always means that others (white women, Asians, Jews, Black immigrants) record the ideas, fully appropriate and reconstitute those ideas, undercompensate any labor involved, and unapologetically take those extracted assets home. They will then package and monetize them - then partition ADOS Black folks away from the profits. Sometimes those assets are disproportionately extracted through "good management" and "fair contracts" and "better deals." That's "diversity." So - NO "diversity" in "Blacklined" areas.

We could make "Blacklined" areas as good as or better than predominantly white areas in all respects. WE could create the ultimate in upper middle class living, for ourselves. No more white folks calling police for breathing, eating, or walking while Black - where you live. No more crappy attitude from the white cashier at the corner store - where you live. No more contemptuous looks from the Korean at the local beauty supply - where you live. No more abusive loudmouthing from the Arab motherfucker at the nearby liquor emporium - where you live.

No more Japanese waitresses rushing you out of the Japanese restaurant before you've finished eating, and they do that shit all the time - where you live. No more Vietnamese handing out ass-whoopings at the nail salon - where you live. No more imported caste system nonsense from the (East) Indian at the Dunkin Donuts by the bus stop - where you live.

Also - these abuses can rightly be looked upon as business opportunities to be exploited in "Blacklined" areas. For example - Black people have been exposed to cuisines from all over the world. At the same time - people of other ethnicities really don't like Black people patronizing their establishments. They just tolerate our patronage, so they don't run afoul of discrimination laws.

Black folks could open restaurants that feature different international cuisines. But - prepared, presented, and sold by Black people. We can learn and sell any cuisine we want - but then, these cuisines could be enjoyably consumed and socialized over without any imported discriminatory nonsense, for a change. Even African owned restaurants prefer white patronage over African American patronage (that's why most African restaurants are located in white neighborhoods). Sushi, Korean barbeque, tempura, Greek cuisine, Indian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, French cuisine. We could learn and do these cuisines (and more) better than the originators.

The other thing that can be done in "Blacklined" areas is the recapture of the billion DOLLAR Black beauty supply business. The liquor store business. The gas station business. The nail business. ALL prepared food business. Even Chinese food. From top to bottom. All of it.

No more isolating indifferences, "good morning-less-ness," and superiorist arrogance from your white neighbors - where you live. More community. More networking. More family. More tranquility. And, if we can get the fratricidal Mr. Pookie in practice, and the Rap music industry in spirit, to stop assisting the police and the racists in trying to gun down all Black people from the face of the earth - More humanity.


The "Blacklining" concept is not to say you cannot live anywhere else you choose. You can, and you should, if that is what you'd like to do. But - it would be nice to have exclusively Black urban "homelands" to retreat to, that are relaxed, beautiful, welcoming, clean, crime free, chaos free, racism free, and devoid of white, Asian, and Hispanic people (except those that are visiting through and spending money in Black owned businesses - then leaving).

Lastly - "Blacklined" areas should be federally protected by law and in fact. We can't have another Rosewood or Tulsa conflagration anywhere. Racists and others that seek to do, or actually accomplish assault of persons, or destruction of property, or both - in these areas, should receive harsh federal penalties. Including the death penalty - if appropriate. And people - don't forget: The stand your ground interpretation of defensive rights bestowed by the Second Amendment are available to you as well.

Aim - Click - POW!!!!! 

8. $2.5 trillion in vouchers for the purpose of purchasing financial assets (stocks - bonds - annuities - ETF's - mutual funds - precious metals) expended once every 3 years for 125 years starting from the year reparations are established.

9. A 25% premium added on current Social Security distributions for ADOS retirees. Continued eligibility for Social Security benefits for all ADOS (7 generations overall to the group - 125 years individually if initiated within this period). That premium calculation should also be applied retroactively and expended (in a single check) if certain individuals began receiving Social Security payments - and are still alive, before reparations have been enacted.

Those ADOS that are currently receiving disability payments should continue to do so without bureaucratic interference or deprivative modifications.

10. Extraction of Penalties and Settlements from certain U.S. Corporations and other entities. This includes certain American Indian tribes, certain religious entities, and certain educational entities that still exist that were directly involved and/or indirectly benefited from or with the American Slave Trade and associated industries.

Extraction of certain Penalties and Settlements from certain U.S. States, Counties, and Municipalities that still exist that were directly involved and/or benefited from or with the American Slave Trade and associated industries, and some redress for specified and unique post-slavery discriminatory laws, policies, and acts. And those payments being distributed equally through the U.S. Treasury to all ADOS in quarterly checks.

U.S. Federal Court suits filed against Foreign Entities, and direct Foreign Court legal filings and actions, and/or U.S. State Department acts, and/or International Court filings and actions should also be done and extractions performed against certain African, Arab, and European States, along with filings against certain Foreign Owned Companies and other entities that still exist (including certain African tribes) that were involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This is specifically regarding slaves from that trade, that originally landed in colonized territory that was subsequently established as - and is now recognized as the north continental United States of America.

Any and all legal, research, investigation, and discovery costs incurred by ADOS run organizations for the aforementioned reparational purposes will be reimbursed by the U.S. Government.

11. Full funding and vouchering of Montessori and Headstart schools in Black neighborhoods (250 years starting from the year reparations are established). Facilities upgrades and endowments for public elementary and secondary schools in Black neighborhoods. ADOS only STEM and business schools should be established and endowed. Community control of elementary and secondary schools should be instated by law.

12. Release of non-violent prisoners and restoration of their voting rights (if abated or cancelled) with rehabilitative reinsertion programs, and full expungement of criminal records for these individuals. Those that remain incarcerated (no matter what they were convicted for) - their distributions will be held in trust. Full access to all reparational benefits and considerations will be given on the day of release (or parole). This done for the first seven years of established reparations.

Those funds will be distributed or invested or held (in an interest bearing account) according to their [incarcerated person(s)] individual discretion(s). Regarding funds that have been abandoned through death if heirs are not found - those funds will be put into the general reserve and then re-distributed for education purposes.

A serious initiative for general prison and law enforcement reform will be established.

And this is the cheap version. That's Right! A Deal! In comparison to the Harper's Magazine numbers of $9.7 trillion for slavery only - minus post-slavery legal abuse, pain, suffering, and wholesale deprivation. $100 trillion is A Deal! There is a corporate and racial justice WORTH here - that needs to be compensated as completely as monetarily possible. And admittedly - I am being a little imprecise here. I don't have all the numbers. But I carry the legacy of all the pain, injustice, and deprivation. I got that. So those that are great at numbers - please - let us run those. Now - if things sum up to 100 trillion or more - after adding up everything? OH WELL. There should be no surprise if they do. Because - IF you understand the actuality of American history -


Now - if folks think that $100 trillion is too low, and if we can negotiate a higher, more just number like $125 trillion? OK? $100 trillion is where it really should be if justice is reparationed right - at minimum. OK? Remember - this would be expended over SEVEN generations - starting now with the presently alive generation. If coming out of the room - we should still have an agreed upon, but - NON-NEGOTIABLE $100 trillion as an absolute floor. Dude - I'll take it.




No apologies needed. The government doesn't want to do it anyway - so don't force it. No monuments needed. No handshakes needed. No kumbaya moments needed. No singing "We Shall Overcome" needed. No "Friendship Breakfasts" needed. Ain't no friendship.  

Just pay the debt...

And Please No "Truth And Reconciliation Commissions" needed. That's church shit - and this ain't church. This is BUSINESS. White people will turn upside down and redo any truth expended by Black people anyway - a waste of time. And as far as I can see - there is not any "conciliation" available to be re-upped. All of the aforementioned reparational demands should be expended with NO CONSIDERATIONS as to how others outside of the ADOS community feel. Do you understand? How did lynching feel? OK? Tell me about that shit. And everybody that has studiously studied this issue knows that $100 trillion, or more is the right number. 

If we are going to do reparations - let's do it right the first time - and get this deal over with.

AND - reparations has nothing to do with addressing racism, or "healing", or eliminating any racial animus, or caring about any potential divisiveness. OK? White folks were not worried about "divisiveness" when they had our carcasses tied to a plantation - or when they were stringing us up every weekend - or when they put their whole foot up our asses on a daily basis - or when they were lustily raping Black women on a nightly basis. Isn't it stunning that the same discriminating collective that absolutely perfected the science of "segregation" - is now voicing "concern" regarding "divisiveness" issues at check time?  

Africans and Caribbeans were not here when they were putting fire hoses and dogs on our "Akata" grandparents. They did not have to face the fucking Ku Klux Klan. Never saw no evidence of Nigerian sharecroppers. Never heard of any Trinidadians being lynched in America. That was just us "Akatas" putting in that resistance, that fight, that work. US - stopping all "African Exclusion Acts." For Africans. US - advocating for positive Caribbean immigration reforms. For Caribbeans. And US "Akatas" absorbing all the abuse and death. So that ALL of the diaspora may enter THIS America, and walk equally in THIS country. As upright human beings. OK. But Again - who put in that work? 

"Just Us Akatas." By Ourselves. Alone. 

Now that we have clarified ourselves, the diaspora is now spitting in our faces. Drawing appeasatory political lines through greasy criticisms, global social media disparagement, stupid feasability questions, nigger obstrustionist talking points, Pan-African fantasytalk, and openly concurring with white supremacy against our demand. They now claim to be worried about "divisiveness" issues regarding a relationship that has never been unified in the first place? 


We have run out of Gas.

Let me make this CLEAR. Reparations are not a solution to the racial divide in America - that is not the purpose for reparations and cannot be the purpose. Just like insurance companies are not the solution to traffic accidents. The conditions that cause accidents have to be addressed within disciplines that have nothing to do with insurance. 

Insurance is there to monetarily compensate victims as far as possible - FOR the damage and suffering created FROM accidents. That's It. Reparations and racial reconciliation are two separate things - to be discussed in two separate rooms - at two separate times. 

SO - let's do the money first. 

The purpose of reparations is to rightfully address in substance plus interest, the well known effects of centuries of government established, promoted, and abetted criminal abuse and deprivation of Black people in this country - as far as monetarily possible. NOT to improve any race relations.

This is about JUSTICE not FRIENDSHIP.

Got IT?

Reparations demands are independent of how Blacks and whites "feel" about each other. Anyone that tries to make that "divide" stuff part of the conversation is full of shit. If reparations do happen - the white folks that hate us now will hate us more. And the white liberals that don't overtly show any racial animus - will start showing some teeth. That is just a fact. But they were mad when we demanded our voting rights - correct? They were mad when the law enforced open seating on public transportation - correct? They were mad when slavery legally ended - correct?

So why shouldn't they get mad about some niggers rightfully receiving - in true justice, a few extra dollars from an indisputably guilty and hypocritical government? Expect it. That only makes sense. Understand that 99.9% of white people do not want racism-white supremacy to end. And when we do get reparations - they only want us to get those reparational resources on THEIR terms. Especially the liberals. Understand that. And for those that are afraid that white folks might start shooting if we get reparations. Ahh - they're shooting now aren't they?

Nobody should be insulting us with any "symbolism" talk. NONE. And we need to keep a sharp eye on paid Black preachers. Understand that Christianity itself is a part of the racist-oppositional power structure. OK? Black preachers (not all) - are generally opposed to true Black empowerment. Black empowerment is not profitable to the church. Observe - that is why most Black preachers that will speak affirmatively on reparations - always move to take the cash payments aspect off the table. Watch. And then suggest to institutionalize any potential expenditures. The (Biblically approved and regulated) slavery atrocity itself, the slave trade, Jim Crow, lynching, discriminatory practices, racist systematics, and all deprivative tricknologies exacted against us - those were not "symbolic" at all. OK? Therefore a reparations act should be completely real, substantial, cash-able, touch-able, feel-able, and see-able.

Let's do MONEY - Not "symbolism." 

From now on people - every "apology" should have a check attached to it.

Substantive reparations also provide some redress for law enforcement abetted pogroms (Tulsa, Rosewood, Elaine, etc.). Reparations will also provide some historic redress for legally abetted heterosexual and homosexual rape - Thomas Jefferson - Strom Thurmond - Robert Newsom - the Ku Klux Klan. Reparations would also provide some historic redress for the beatings, executions, murders, labor extractions, and rapes of free and enslaved Black children.

OH - and no more "studies" and "conferences" - it's check time.

Even if ADOS did well economically after slavery - even if ADOS were the most prosperous minority group in America right now - that in no way would invalidate or mitigate the rightness or validity of any claims for reparations. The legal request for reparations is totally independent of our economic conditions in the present.  At the same time - our economic conditions in the present are in their current deplorable state, partly because we never received reparations.

The uniquely precise ADOS demand for BLACK reparations is also totally independent of the various discussions, complaints, and compensatory demands of other ethnic and racial groups that have been wronged. No other group should be part of OUR "conversation" - Senator Elizabeth Warren. Understand? We are not in any way "linked" to anybody else's shit. 


And - let this be a warning to all other "diversity" minded folks - Foundational Black American people will not be caught up THIS TIME in any obfuscating, deflectivist, and inappropriately inclusive "what-about-isms" or any other time wasting conversations regarding any of the destructive things that white folks and the government have done to other groups. OK?

All other groups must "hold their own nuts," so to speak.

Do you understand?

Reparations is not politics folks - reparations is a non-negotiable economic infrastructure demand that is justified, was promised, but never put in place - plus interest. In other words - this is BUSINESS people. There are some things regarding government that ARE political - and some things that are not. Like our water and highway systems. Understand? The building and maintenance of those infrastructural necessities are the responsibility of the government. But the question itself of getting those systems built and running is not a political one. They HAVE TO get done. The politics - if any, is about figuring out HOW to get those things done. And WHOM is going to do it. Understand? 

Reparations is NOT Politics - it is NOT Race Relations - and it is definitely NOT Reconciliation.

It Is Justified Economic Infrastructure - Accomplished.

*Oshay Duke Jackson
ADOS - American Descendants Of Slavery