Tuesday, March 26, 2019

#ADOS No.14 - The Old And New Guard

This is from a Facebook post dated March 19, 2019 from Chicago #ADOS obstructionist Dr. Conrad Worrill. His comments are in bold print. My responses are in regular print.

"#Reparations. #ADOS is putting forth the idea that there is an old guard and new guard in the Reparations Movement. On the question of reparations for African people in this country, and throughout the world, there is only ONE GUARD."

OK - well if there must be "ONE GUARD" I think I will go with the winners - and that is #ADOS. There is no question for reparations for African people throughout the world in the ADOS equation. And within ADOS - that question has never been raised. And it does not need to be raised. AT ALL.

"And that is the GUARD of vindication and repair for the enslavement of African people in the Western Hemisphere and the continuing impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the damages inflicted on us."

"Western Hemisphere?" ADOS live in the United States. We know the damage and the impact. That is why we are taking practical moves in the United States to resolve this issue. 

"There can be only ONE GUARD on the question of the Reparations Movement. There can be no old, or young, or old and new in the Reparations Movement."

I'm sorry Sir - the "ONE GUARD" does not seem to work. It has been 40 years since we have heard from the "OLD GUARD". Now that someone else is finally DOING SOMETHING - here you come to obstruct and destroy the movement. Don't end up on the wrong side of history after all the preliminary work you have put in. 

"The Reparations Movement is a Movement to REPAIR what happened to all African people at the hands of European Imperialism and white supremacy. We need to be clear about that."

We have been clear - that is why ADOS exists. ADOS is the moment of clarity Sir.

Monday, March 25, 2019

#ADOS No.15 - Tribalizing The Issue Of Reparations

This is from a Facebook post dated March 18, 2019 from Chicago #ADOS obstructionist Dr. Conrad Worrill. His comments are in bold print. My responses are in regular print.

"#Reparations. After careful research, I have determined that the #ADOS leadership are exploiting the natural instincts of African people in America to vindicate our capture and enslavement in America. Coming out of the woodwork, they are exploiting an idea that has finally become a popular idea with Black people in America."

"Careful research?" And what did you "research"? Where? What sources? Sir - the only basis of determination is that which you have conjured up in your own head. Did you come to this "determination" alone - or did you have help?

You are correct in saying that there is a "natural instinct" residing in the minds of African Americans. And since this "natural instinct" is a part of ALL African Americans - no one could "come out of any woodwork" to exploit anything. There is also no finality here - no "becoming" when it comes to this issue in terms of "popular ideas".

Reparations is an idea that has been residing in the mind-wiring of African Americans since 1865. "Exploiting" an idea is not the same as coming out with a better marketing and implementation strategy. This is something that N'COBRA and other organizations have so far failed to do.  

"The idea of reparations has now become popular because of the unsung heroines and heroes who protractedly advocated for reparations since the end of the Civil War. Now that the idea has become popular among the masses of African people, in this country, they have leaped out with a social media strategy under #ADOS, promoting pure divisive tactics."

The idea of reparations has come to the front of the political discourse and is now on the conversational menu of everyday African Americans is because of the intelligent bullet pointing of the issue - and the adept usage of social media platforms. 

So Sir - "unsung heroines and heroes" can advocate for reparations since the end of the Civil War? But that same advocacy is off limits to millenials that live in the here and now? What is this? Advocacy regarding an issue that affects everyone in a particular community is not owned by the foundational activists. 

The techniques to move it forward cannot be limited to a particular "way". And no one person or entity within the community does not own any "rights" or lockdowns on how an issue is articulated or how a solution should be accomplished. What is wrong with a social media strategy? It works (obviously). Are you angry because the moribund and directionless Pan-African movement did not think of it first? Did they "leap out"? YES. And I'm glad they did. 

"Promoting pure divisive tactics?" I would not call making clear who is eligible for reparations and who is not - should be called "divisiveness." Why would you?

"These tactics are aimed at tribalizing the issue of reparations by advocating an anti-African immigrant and anti Pan-African positions."

Well Sir - the tribalizing was already there. Africans and Caribbeans don't fuck with us. When they come to America - they look for their own tribes and white people. And they have nothing but disdain for us.

"They are imposing a strategy of divisiveness that seeks to destroy the unity efforts developed since the UN World Conference Against Racism where reparations organizers, activists, and organizations impacted the conference to declare the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Slavery, and Colonialism were Crimes Against Humanity and African people are owed reparations throughout the world."

Huh? How many more "declarations" are y'all gonna do?

"This declaration occurred in September of 2001 in Durban, South Africa. The insertion of #ADOS tactics is tampering with the broad unity developed in the Reparations Movement since Durban. We must remain steadfast in our opposition to such divisive tactics by #ADOS."  

OK - Y'all do that "steadfast" shit. And see where that takes you...

#ADOS No.17- Explosive Slavery Knowledge

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Now I Am Sure This White Lady Would Approve Of Reparations

#ADOS No.9 - Reparations And Pan-Africanism

This is from a Facebook post dated March 9, 2019 from Chicago #ADOS obstructionist Dr. Conrad Worrill. His comments are in bold print. My responses are in regular print. 

"Reparations & Pan-Africanism. Our great historian and departed ancestor, Dr. John Henrik Clarke described in his classic book, "Notes for an African World Revolution, that: "The idea of uniting all African people had its greatest development early in the 20th Century." In this context, reparations for African people will never die. Dr. Clarke wrote that: "In 1900, the Trinidian lawyer, H. Sylvester Williams called together the first Pan-African Conference in London. This meeting attracted attention and put the word "Pan-African" in the dictionaries for the first time. According to Dr. Clarke there were only thirty delegates that came mainly from England, the Caribbean, and the United States. Dr. W.E.B. DuBois led the small delegation from the United States."

I duly respect Dr. John Henrik Clarke and I just happen to possess all of his books. The idea of uniting all Africans was a great idea and a wonderful sentiment. But as we can observe, even if we limit our observations to Africa alone, Pan-Africanism is just not happening. It does not look like it will happen in the near future and at this time, Diasporans need to effectively address current and historic concerns in more strategic and localized fashions. Especially if ANY Diasporans are to effect practical and tangible outcomes to the philosophical and stated historical bases that have been laid down by our esteemed scholars and historians of the past. 

Until #ADOS - this Reparations issue was always limited to Pan-African enthusiasts and HR40. That's it. There will be no more "small delegations" regarding this issue. Why? Because it has been bullet-pointed and properly marketed to the man in the street. And when the man in the street in appreciable numbers take notice, then the politicians take notice. And that is what you are seeing now. The typical Black person cannot relate to daishikis or conferences in Durban Sir. And Black people today are hurting too damned much to have time for kumbaya with Africans that don't even like us.    

"When we use the term Pan-Africanism we must be very clear. Pan-Africanism is the belief that people of African ancestry, throughout the world, have the same racial and cultural characteristics and the same social and economic conditions as a result of our African origin."

The belief in Pan-Africanism is well and good. The problem is that "Pan-Africanism" is not proactive and strategic. That's a problem. And when you try to insert Pan-African beliefs and sentimentalism into #ADOS's strategic and proactive BUSINESS moves - that's a problem. #ADOS, in no way, minimizes or denigrates Pan-Africanism. 

Where is that line coming from? 

#ADOS is dealing with a local issue - a local grievance, that must be resolved through the local [United States] laws, constitutions, politics, and policies. Reparations internationally cannot be effected internationally as a singular complainant entity. It just will not work that way. The philosophy, spirit, ancestral unities, and tactics may be shared internationally - but the executions (on the ground) must be differentially aggregated, specific, local, and focused. Again, results effected by focused legal, political, and legislative strategies. 

I do not understand why you do not get this.

"This Pan-African spirit flourished in the development of the Garvey Movement when millions of African people joined the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and African Communities League (ACL). The idea of Pan-Africanism is deeply rooted in the Reparations Movement. This was evidenced when Pan-Africanism was the foundation of unity by the African delegates, from around the world, at the World Conference Against Racism - held in Durban, South Africa in August of 2001."

Having a "foundational unity" has nothing to do with appropriate strategies and action. The Garvey Movement - OK - OK - OK. Are the Pan-Africanists just frozen in time? Or what? Is it so hard for you to get "unrooted" and possibly plant new trees that may possibly have a higher yield? I am just a little younger than you. Y'all making Baby Boomers look bad. Pan-Africanists are just moribund. I am glad I never became a formal member of your group. Until Africa and the rest of the Diaspora embraces Pan-Africanism - I would say that everybody else is just wasting their time. 

"This Pan-African unity led to the Conference declaring that the Transatlantic Slave Trade was a crime against humanity and African people are owed reparations throughout the world. Although 911 set the Reparations Movement back, our organizing work has not stopped as witnessed by its current public discussions. Hopefully, this current phase of the Reparations Movement in America will be guided by history." 

Every Diasporan was in sync with the idea of that declaration long, long before August 2001 Sir. Your organizing work has nothing to do with the current discussions (and actions). "Guided by history?" We know the history. Got it. This current phase of the Reparations Movement in America is now guided by "Get It Done."

#ADOS No.13 - Regarding Boomer Bashing

Lately - there has been quite a bit of "Boomer Bashing" from younger #ADOS supporters on Twitter and other social media platforms. Totally understandable - but just slightly mistaken. Boomers are typically the "face" of Pan-Africanism and #ADOS obstructionism. Actually - that obstructionism emanates from a small group of Pan-African infactuationists and first and second generation immigrant offspring that (mostly) have angelicized names - that HAPPEN to be Boomers. They are not the Boomer in the street. I have mostly ignored it. But a fellow #ADOS Boomer was quite upset - and he strongly communicated his concern. I sent Ms. Yvette Carnell an e-mail expressing my concern about this trend. #ADOS is about one's philosophy and being ON CODE - not what year you were born. We both fit that criteria. 

My friend is an #ADOS soldier.

I am 63 - my buddy is 64. And we both will be in Louisville.  

3-21-2019 - E-mail to Yvette Carnell

"Boomer Bashing"

I do wish that #ADOS will let up on the Boomer bashing. There are thousands of us Boomers that are solidly with #ADOS and are willing to put in the work to make Reparations happen. I do understand that the general "face" of Pan-Africanism are Baby Boomers. But that oppositional face is just a small percentage of Boomers - that is not the Boomer in the street. The Boomer in the street supports #ADOS (at least in Chicago).

You guys know what you are doing - and I respect, support, and am ready to work with you. I attended two N'COBRA meetings years ago. Was unimpressed because all I saw was resolutions to do more resolutions. No plans for any kind of ground games or marketing. The ideas were limited to a small number of Pan-African enthusiasts and scholars impressing each other with scholarship and historical findings - but no plans to get policy made and results done.

Please don't put all Boomers into the same ignorant boat as the educated obstructionists. The many Boomers that understand are with you - and ready to work. No man can control what year they were born.

Will see you in Louisville.

Arthur Ward