Thursday, June 7, 2012

Born Again?!!

The clergyman says: "You must be born again..!"

Think about that. Some preacher motherfucker, just as grown as you are - saying that you need to do a brain reset to your first second of awareness on this planet. An attempt to mind-punk you into functioning as a blanked-out religious retard, through your accepting Jesus as your "savior," and him (by extension) as your "shepherd." Hey Grown Man! Do you really need a "shepherd?" You're a sheep now? OK...

When a "called and anointed" bastard puts your mind safely in the "blessed and highly favored" trick bag - he will then have the power and the latitude to pimp-fuck your wallet, your wife and you.

Now, there's your dummified ass - sitting in the pews - and handing it over, like a bitch on the corner. Then - after he polishes-off your wife's pussy and pockets your money, he will justifiably be laughing hard at your nigger self behind your back for becoming another brainwashed "born again" sucker.

But hey - he's laughing because it is the Christian thing to do.

Preachers don't even have the decency to buy you a fucking "Happy Meal," after you've taken the goddamned trouble of getting your ass "born again."

"Here Dumbass... Do this lollypop while I do your wife."

And look at you BROTHER. You're supposed to be a grown-assed man, inherently capable of thinking for yourself, doing for yourself and making things happen. As a man - you should not be afraid to stand on your own mind and your own responsibility. As a man - you should not ever permit some cynical booty-busting liar to tell you how to order your life - through stupid preaching and useless advisement based upon a filthy, nonsensical, slave-making book. Any time someone tells you that you need to be "born again" - you should take that as an insult. Does the time you've spent so far in this life count for anything? Does it?

"Born again?" Please...

Why would anyone need or want to go mentally backwards just to receive the supposed "Good News?" Have you ever asked any of those clerical confidence men anything? Or do you sit there, wide-eyed and mute, and let those bastards do ALL the talking, like they have access to some "special knowledge" that you don't?

An exhortation to be "born again" means this: A slick fucker wants YOU to accept whatever dope he says without analysis or discussion, debate or comparison. This is PURE SHIT being handed to you - like a baby.

Accepting this nonsense is crazy and irresponsible on your part... OK? Any Black man that is dumb enough to waste his time and treasure on Christianity at any level - in any form, for whatever reason, "born again" or not, deserves to be fucked.