Monday, January 19, 2015

Islam Is A Religion Of Peace

I watch these fucking American politicians consistently saying that: "Islam is a religion of peace." OK... Well, politician type motherfuckers (this includes the President), need to understand this: After 9-11, London, Madrid, the Boko Haram bullshit, and now the Paris (Charlie Hebdo) bullshit, it is unreservedly burned into all of our collective consciousnesses worldwide that Islam is "a religion." A religion that honestly exposes itself with all the wonderful nonsense (and more) that comes along with it being "a religion."

The huddled we - the law-abiding directed us, living politically and correctly here, within our respective zones of over-tolerance; wearily navigating the eggshell paved streets of our threatened cities and villages; again breaking into a comforting cold sweat as we board our public conveyances or enter tall buildings; and then to hear our fucking elected representatives, whom are publicly full of amazing and breathtaking excuses for those extreme-faithful ones, who superbly take the Holy Quran deadly and seriously...

That's right... 300 million Americans politically, and rhetorically placed between a damned machine-gun and a fucking hard place. As the bombs explode ever louder, and the bullets fly ever more frequently, in more and more places. The politically-driven voices drone across those lovely airwaves and cable channels, ever more eloquently and persistently, while they themselves are doing NOTHING - calling on the rest of us fucks to do even more tolerance and understanding.

The "We", the Joe and Jane Averages of this country, mostly agree with that tolerance and understanding stuff. We would just like to do it without our ordinary citizen type asses being blown-off while doing it, and then cynically being asked by bastard politicians to like it.

That's all... You see?

We - the politically-corrected and rhetorically-fucked non-Muslims, are just quietly sipping a cup of coffee, going to work, sending our kids to school, having a beer with our friends, caring for our aging parents, and patiently waiting worldwide for the "of peace" part to kick in...


Sirs... We are waiting.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fifty Years Of LIES


This is the best analysis of the Kennedy Assassination that I have seen. Please watch and think.

JFK To 911 - Watch And Think

A video about how the "power elite" stays on top through murder, strategy, and deception.