Thursday, June 7, 2012

Born Again?!!

The clergyman says: "You must be born again..!"

Think about that. Some preacher motherfucker, just as grown as you are - saying that you need to do a brain reset to your first second of awareness on this planet. An attempt to mind-punk you into functioning as a blanked-out religious retard, through your accepting Jesus as your "savior," and him (by extension) as your "shepherd." Hey Grown Man! Do you really need a "shepherd?" You're a sheep now? OK...

When a "called and anointed" bastard puts your mind safely in the "blessed and highly favored" trick bag - he will then have the power and the latitude to pimp-fuck your wallet, your wife and you.

Now, there's your dummified ass - sitting in the pews - and handing it over, like a bitch on the corner. Then - after he polishes-off your wife's pussy and pockets your money, he will justifiably be laughing hard at your nigger self behind your back for becoming another brainwashed "born again" sucker.

But hey - he's laughing because it is the Christian thing to do.

Preachers don't even have the decency to buy you a fucking "Happy Meal," after you've taken the goddamned trouble of getting your ass "born again."

"Here Dumbass... Do this lollypop while I do your wife."

And look at you BROTHER. You're supposed to be a grown-assed man, inherently capable of thinking for yourself, doing for yourself and making things happen. As a man - you should not be afraid to stand on your own mind and your own responsibility. As a man - you should not ever permit some cynical booty-busting liar to tell you how to order your life - through stupid preaching and useless advisement based upon a filthy, nonsensical, slave-making book. Any time someone tells you that you need to be "born again" - you should take that as an insult. Does the time you've spent so far in this life count for anything? Does it?

"Born again?" Please...

Why would anyone need or want to go mentally backwards just to receive the supposed "Good News?" Have you ever asked any of those clerical confidence men anything? Or do you sit there, wide-eyed and mute, and let those bastards do ALL the talking, like they have access to some "special knowledge" that you don't?

An exhortation to be "born again" means this: A slick fucker wants YOU to accept whatever dope he says without analysis or discussion, debate or comparison. This is PURE SHIT being handed to you - like a baby.

Accepting this nonsense is crazy and irresponsible on your part... OK? Any Black man that is dumb enough to waste his time and treasure on Christianity at any level - in any form, for whatever reason, "born again" or not, deserves to be fucked.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trayvon Martin And "Justice"

It is about time George Zimmerman was arrested. I do think he is guilty, and he is getting off lightly by being charged with second degree murder. The bastard needs to fry (Florida is still the South - this fucker may be acquitted).

There should be a thorough federal investigation of the practices of the Sanford, Florida Police Department. It should be done AFTER the final resolution of this case. Mr. Zimmerman should have been quickly arrested on day one - even if only because he failed to follow the instructions of the police, who told him "not to approach" the [now] deceased victim. 

No one but Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Martin can really tell what actually happened - but since one of the participants is dead, and it would not be in the other participant's legal interest to give an accurate account - I can be allowed to speculate on what I think happened: First, I saw the police video on TV of Mr. Zimmerman arriving at the police station - he did have a sore or some kind of blemish on the back of his head. I also saw the policeman that assisted Mr. Zimmerman out of the car wipe his hands on his pants (maybe because Mr. Zimmerman's jacket was wet?). So, for some to say that they saw nothing on Mr. Zimmerman to indicate that he was involved in a physical incident are not being totally honest.

Second, I think that after Mr. Zimmerman got off the phone with the [911 dispatcher] police, after they instructed him not to approach Mr. Martin - he approached Mr. Martin and began questioning him anyway. I think Trayvon probably resisted the unwarranted questioning and became belligerent (as he should have). Things got physical, and it is probable that the young man was getting the best of Mr. Zimmerman (the bruise on his head - the wetness of his jacket). At a certain point - Zimmerman pulls out a gun, Trayvon attempts to flee, and Zimmerman shoots him.

That's what I think happened... THEN

The aftermath brings 30,000 people to one spot (mostly niggers and clergy) in Florida DEMANDING JUSTICE!!! Wow. This shit is all over TV. Rallies and demonstrations are being held all over the country. Nigger clergymen are wielding megaphones at these events to whip-up mass indignation. Celebrities show up. The "call for justice" has awakened and reared its righteous head. The bandwagon is gassed-up and ready to go! This is so strange - because on this matter [homicide], my folks [Black people] are some of the most hypocritical motherfuckers on the planet. Really? Black folks are actually concerned about somebody being killed?


That statement was not made to take away from the wrongness of this particular crime. But many (too many) of my folks expect everybody (the police, white people, recent immigrants, etc.) to value Black life more than Black people do. As far as white folks are concerned - we [Black folks] are not consistent in our demands for "justice." When it comes to Black on Black murder, niggers practice "DON'T SNITCH" - which is the operational opposite of justice, and by extension, a destroyer of life and community. And that practice clearly reveals to anyone paying good attention, that the hoodie protesters and "TV Camera Clergy" are full of shit. Black murderers are fully and unashamedly protected by the [Black] community.

"Thugs Need Hugs" - that kind of shit. You know?

Who knows better than the police and coroner, how much respect that Black people ACTUALLY have for human life. The police and the coroner are the scene-first officials to witness and deal with just how much life is "valued" in the typical Black "neighborhood." It is a bright, sunny midday, midweek, and an armed mugging brazenly occurs in front of fifty niggers - the unarmed victim is mercilessly shot to death. Detectives cannot get a word out of direct witnesses. Every one of them go mute, deaf, and blind.

If a gang member(s) is the perpetrator, any potential witnesses will then be targeted and silenced by certain criminal elements of the community. The rest of the community, out of fear, out of apathy, and occasionally out of dirty loyalty, sheepishly complies with this evil, fratricidal, bullshit.

Investigation? Why bother? If an arrest is made - a mealy-mouthed clergyman jumps his fat ass in front of the cameras to rail about "young Black men being unjustly targeted." And, "if we had jobs - this wouldn't happen!" We have a dead body - but nobody did it. Got a crime, but no criminal. Maybe the 78 year-old gentleman shot himself in the face, and took his own wallet? And funeral homes are one of the few Black-owned businesses that never has to worry about a shortage of customers.

Somehow, in our community - not having "a job" is an excuse to kill.

The "Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan," an organization that once had some prominence in this country, actually missed an opportunity. Let me explain: One of the Klan's main activities was (is) killing Black people, and they HAVE killed quite a few of us. But in comparison to the gang-bangers, criminals, and glock-happy maniacs running loose and unopposed in our "community" - the Klan was actually quite inefficient when it came to killing Black folks. The Klan, even though it was (is) an all-white organization - if they really wanted to accomplish its goal of eliminating (most but not all) Black people, they should have recruited some Black folks.

EXPLANATION: The reason that the Klan would like to get rid of "most but not all" Black people, is because they would still need people to cut the grass, do janitorial work, call names, handle domestic chores, shovel shit, rape, pick cotton, shine shoes, unjustly imprison, spit rap melodies about Black people shooting Black people, play professional sports, kick in the ass, discriminate against, and keep the other Black people in line. OK?


Black people, when every metric is studied, are much more efficient at killing Black people than white people (along with singing, preaching, dancing, bullshitting, and playing basketball - Black-on-Black murder is just one of those things that Black people do really well). Come on now people - let us give credit where credit is due...


Now, some may ask: "Why is this so?"

"Well... It's a Black thing - you wouldn't understand."

Go online and check any murder statistics aggregated by race. Black people don't have to check shit - all they have to do is go outside and look around. Our guy 50 Cent would have made a GREAT Klansman (Have you ever listened to some of his lyrics regarding the joy of "spraying-up" the block with his AK-47?). And the "gangsta-rap" community generally, thinks that niggers are not killing niggers fast enough. There are serious and ongoing discussions in the "gangsta" community about how this "problem" can be solved as expeditiously as possible!

"Thug Life," anyone?

Superbly agitated justice for Trayvon - only because his shooter is white... But conversely - there's ice cold silence when a drug-dealing nigger hasn't been paid; and he decides to stick an automatic handgun through an open window; and starts to randomly blast away because "Junebug" might be in there; and a little six year-old girl sleeping on a sofa is shot to death; all because she was in the "wrong place," at the wrong motherfucking time.

NOTE: White folks might not be able to understand this - but in the Black community, if you are sleeping on your grandmother's sofa, in your grandmother's living room, in your grandmother's house, at 3:00 in the motherfucking morning, YOU ARE "in the wrong place, at the wrong time!"

No shit!

Back to the show...

When Black on Black murder happens - "DON'T SNITCH" kicks in real hard. No protesting crowds. No ongoing media coverage. No clergy-fueled "outrage." No justice forthcoming. Ever. The shooter has transmuted into an undetectable phantom. The crime itself has dissolved into nothingness. Didn't hear. Didn't see. Can't say. "I got to get to work man." The little girl is just dead. Too bad. "Justice? Shut the fuck up!" What's the difference? What do we want? What do Black people mean when they say "justice?"


"Zimmerman should be arrested!" OK... Sooo... But the amoral, vacuous, shoot-a-child-sleeping-on-her-grandmother's-sofa-type-motherfucker should not? Whaaat? Does white on Black crime weigh differently in our minds than Black on Black crime? Either it does, or it does not. Last I saw, there are not discernible degrees nor identifiable colors of deadness. And there should be no degrees involved in the intensity that we [Black people] pursue and push for the conviction of any and all murderers - be they white or not. OK? So really... What the fuck are we niggers saying?

How many murders in our community go unsolved because of "DON'T SNITCH?" How many perpetrators in our community walk free - right now because of "DON'T SNITCH?" How many of those hoodie protesters are withholding information about un-arrested criminals they know? I mean nigger criminals that have heinously wronged (rape, robbery, etc.) other Blacks. How many Black children, in Black communities across this nation, can't play on their respective front stoops, only because their little voices may be stilled forever by some indiscriminate "drive-by" cowboy?

There are stupid articles now being posted all over the blogosphere - written by "good niggers" saying - "Don't use the Trayvon Martin incident to make light of Black on Black murder!" These articles will take the unsophisticated for a long-assed walk around the block - pointing out: "the legacy of slavery" - "white folks bullshit" - "black poverty" - "bad relations with the police" - "systemic and institutional racism" - "segregation" - "economic disparity" - "substandard mocha lattes at Starbucks," and all of the deep, philosophical reasons why all of this shit must stop before niggers stop killing motherfuckers.

And they want you to keep all of this shit in mind the next time some asshole puts a .45 in your face: "Oh... It's really not his fault - he's only mugging me because of 'systemic and institutional racism..!" Right? "This bullet in my ass is a legacy from slavery - not Pookie!!!" OK. Whom - may I ask, is paying those motherfuckers? I did not think it was possible for the ability to write to become a debasement in itself, but those selectively myopic, excusaholic, keyboard-pecking monkeyheads have shown me even that is possible. What about us Blacks born similarly situated that don't terrorize, rob, rape, or kill?

Any analysis or excuses for us?

OK... I didn't think so...

The parents of murdered children - those are their BABIES that they have to BURY - you motherfuckers!!! And grieve about, and to love, and to remember... Do you really think it makes a difference TO THEM if the murderer was Black or white? Or if the particular non-reasons those babies are dead arose from either sheer racism or sheer criminality - bottom line, those babies are dead. And, I think, in this particular instance, those parents would have a "Dr.-Martin-Luther-King-ish" tendency to think "beyond color." OK? I think they would look at the perpetrator - not as white or Black, or whatever. I think they would just look at him as - "the motherfucker that killed my baby!!!"

What do you think?

And to think we should not talk about this?

Shut-up? Lethal shit? Babies? Dead?

Are you fucking kidding me? 

Every human life is unique and at the same time, profoundly equal to all other human lives, that life is due EQUAL justice when it is unjustly taken. Even a criminal has a right to remain alive - and to have equal justice fairly dispensed to him. And if we as a people cannot deal, discuss and agitate from that level, at least; then I say, all those hoodie-wearing, non-snitching motherfuckers, that are demanding "whatever" because of "this," and are marching "here" because of "that" - can take those "economy-sized" bags of Skittles and stick them straight up their bullshit-farting asses.