Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long - My Hero

Another gay-anti-gay (we need a term for this) mega-preacher bites the allegations. This is turning into a habit. Any time I see anyone - not just preachers, being as vociferously hard-core anti-gay as this guy, I expect them to get caught tossing salad sooner or later.

It's a flag - as far as I am concerned.

Even though sixteen is the age of consent (sixteen... wtf?) in the State Of Georgia - the bald fact is that the guys he was fucking around with were still (in reality) children. A sick-assed pedophile clergyman is a predator of the worst kind. He will fuck your mind from the pulpit with that bullshit snake-oil called Christianity - then fuck your child within his "private" chapel, after he gently "anoints" his or her blessed behind with VaselineÒ.

Isn't it great how mega-preachers use only "name brand" products?

(Back to him...) This dirty bastard will pray with you - then take everything, your heart, your mind, your wallet, your _________ (fill in the blank).

Bishop Long is a pimp and a conniving liar. But I believe that my [Black] folks are dumb enough (yes) to continue to support this booty-snatching charlatan anyway. So let us ALL forgive this motherfucker in the name of Jesus. Might as well... Niggers have already forgiven his dick-sucking ass.

I hope he didn't swallow... Bling-Bling!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Amazing Atheist

Listen to this - this guy nails the "Ground Zero Mosque" issue right on the head. Pat Condell (the guy he is talking about) is a vocal and unrepentant Atheist (he's very funny) that can be seen on YouTube. The link to the video he is referring to is below.