Saturday, May 17, 2014

Christianity Causes Mental Illness

Does Christianity cause mental illness? It is my opinion that it does. At the same time - I am not a medical professional by any means, but the rant that was sent to me by a friend is something that I have seen consistently throughout the years. This kind of speech (with the behavior to go with it) seems to be especially prevalent among a significant minority of African-Americans whenever the real relationship between American slavery and Christianity is made light of. At the moment that light is turned on - they will "snap" - and then go into an angry, ranting, apologetic fit (eyes popped-out - and bat crazy speech, with sweat flying and spit foaming), upholding and sanctifying what is essentially a criminal act, that was committed on us specifically, that just happens to have God's approval and permission.

The shit reproduced in the next paragraph from "queensarafina1989" is just one example of this kind of "mentally ill" nonsense. Check this out:

queensarafina1989 @blackatheistpostz:

First of all boy, don't you ever come on my page disrespecting my GOD like that. I don't need your evil devil worshiping self telling me that I can't believe in Jesus. And you need to stop talking about slavery. That was GOD's way of saying that we deserve to worship him(!?). Slavery happened to us because we were sinners and worshiping other gods and not the real GOD. We were stupid when we was in Africa worshiping dirt and rocks. So if anything, the good thing about slavery is that we were given the choice to accept GOD's love. Did I also mention the Bible taught us how to read? Huh? What you got to say about that? And the Bible gave slaves happiness, so when they died, they knew they could go to heaven. Slavery was just a trial that we had to face because all of GOD's children must suffer like Christ did on the cross. The Bible makes me a strong woman, because I can do all through Christ who strengthens me. You are weak because you only have Satan on your side. Now get off my page before I block you when you come back to a black Christian woman's page. So whatever, i'll pray for you, because you need Jesus in your life.

"And the Bible gave slaves happiness, so when they died, they knew they could go to heaven." Is this woman incredible - or what?