Friday, December 4, 2009


Gov. Rick Perry - the motherfucker with the gun

I do not understand why Texas Governor Rick Perry has not been indicted for treason after promoting the idea of “secession.” Has he lost his mind? Are there federal laws against this? After what this country had gone through during the Civil War – it seems to me there would be. I will have to do research on this. It is one thing for an ordinary citizen to talk about secession – that’s fine – that is plain, everyday “freedom of speech.” But when a state official propagates this kind of - possibly inflaming speech, regarding the forced separation of a state from these United States - it makes this kind of notion "official," and that is something on a totally different level.

This kind of speech – from a governor, is not just politics - it is dangerous. There is too much latent nuttiness in this country that is just waiting for an excuse to shoot-up, blow-up, create havoc, etc. for any state official to expediently support, and to then - on TV - actively disperse this type of (politically) reckless language. Any elected or appointed government official that makes a speech supporting secession, or proposes a bill regarding secession to the floor of any legislating body in this country - should be immediately imprisoned (don't waste time, just drag their asses right off the floor). The accused offender should be promptly relieved of his or her office - then tried in a court of law - that day. The entire case can be done before lunch. Just order the pizza early.

Government officials found guilty of this offense should be executed* within five minutes after the verdict. Use a stopwatch. Appeals? Not needed: Why? We have the guilty party in a holding cell. We have the records of the proceedings on the floor, we have the videotapes of any speeches given - and we have the final first verdict. That's enough.

If there is a federal law against this bullshit – it should be enforced. And if there is not one – it should be created.

* NOTE: Damn, sometimes I wish I were not against capital punishment. There are some folks out there that need to be eliminated once and for all. But - I must be consistent in upholding the sanctity of human life. Even when it comes to dealing with folks like this asshole. When I typed "executed" - it was in the heat of anger that I allowed that word to fly off my fingertips.

Secession talk from a public official is quite serious indeed. The last time that kind of talk flourished - it evolved into a Civil War (1861 - 1865), where a total of 3,164,000 people went to war, 412,200 of those people were wounded or maimed, and 620,000 of those people ended up dead. Not in some foreign land - right here in our front yards. And yes - it can happen again (don't be bullshitted - the war eventually became a conflict against slavery as a strategy - not as a conviction).

That is why dum-dums like Gov. Rick Perry should be indicted and prosecuted for fanning this kind of dangerous speech. Folks like him do not appreciate the kind of damage that can created from this. It is obvious that he has a blind spot when it comes to American history. Since I am not (really) with execution - a life sentence in solitary confinement will do nicely. Secessionists should not be allowed to talk to anybody - not even in prison. Give him a picture of Mickey Mouse to hang on his cell wall - let his ass talk to that.

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