Friday, February 19, 2010

Hip Hop Is

Pro-Rudeness (toward Black People - but best manners with whites),
Pro-Disrespect (of Black People),
Pro-Theft (from Black People),
Pro-Rape (of Black Women),
Pro-Minstrelsy (keep white folks laughing and shaking their heads),
Pro-Misogyny (for Black Women only - no words for white women),
Pro-Funeral (murder! The higher the Black body count - the better),
Pro-Filth (Generally),
Pro-Armed Robbery (of Black People),
Pro-Rap (niggers getting paid to tell niggers to kill niggers - put the message on a record - sell a lot - win a Grammy - thank God!),
Pro-Carjacking (baby in the back? Throw him out the window),
Pro-Drive-by Shooting (in Black areas only - white folks shoot back).

Pro-Ignorance (of Everything except basketball),
Pro-Nigger (tell the world - "That's MY name!"),
Pro-Bitch (A proper and respectful title for all Black Women worldwide - including YOUR MOTHER).

Pro-Ho (the OTHER proper and respectful title for all Black Women worldwide - once again including YOUR MOTHER).

Pro-Mis-Education (got a book? You're "acting white!!!"),
Pro-Black Children (don't raise em', shoot em').

Pro-Gang (for gangstering and abusing and killing Black People only - I notice they don't swagger towards or shoot white people. They also don't bring that shit to solidly white neighborhoods either - white folks have lots of guns and warehouses full of bullets and target practice).

And, last, but not least: Pro-Slavery - for the clothing and sneaker companies ("Ya want me to bend over a little more Sir?").

I am only saying what I see.

"Pro-Slavery? What do you mean?" Ever notice how Hip-Hoppers are always wearing clothing that have advertising on it? These dum-dums are willing to pay people to be walking billboards for THEIR clothing companies, but not get paid for it themselves in turn (crazy!). Indeed - they are actually paying white folks, and smart Black folks (in the Hip-Hop trick game) to do their product advertising and promotion for them! A whole generation of dummies!

If this ain't self-promoted slavery - I don't know what is.

Look at em' going down the street - Roca-Wear, Tommy Hilfiger, Marithe & Francois Girbaud, Sean John, Louis Vuitton, Apple Bottoms, Baby Phat, etc. And not one of these knuckleheads are getting a dime for walking around with all of this advertising on their persons (I call it "billboard-wear"). If you see "Tommy Hilfiger" on a billboard, and if a Hip-Hopper has that same signage on his back - tell me, what is the difference?

Well - there is a difference: The "Tommy Hilfiger" on the Hip-Hopper's back is actually a more effective advertising vehicle (he is walking around, indoors and outdoors - therefore - more eyeballs are hitting the ad). It is ALL about eyeball hits. The more hits you get - the more you are supposed to get paid (just like Oprah or the Super Bowl - that's how it works). But yet - the typical billboard holder is getting paid thousands of dollars a month (just standing in one spot) - and the typical Hip-Hop dumb ass has just PAID Mr. Hilfiger ($150.00 or more) to do a better job of advertising FOR HIM than the billboard.

That's why Mr. Hilfiger is able to live in a $150 million dollar mansion - and the "fashionable" Hip-Hopper has no clue. The Hip-Hop dummies keep Tommy Hilfiger's and Sean John's, etc. advertising costs down to nearly zero by wearing THEIR ADVERTISING on their backs for free. One young lady I met had so many "designer" labels on at the same time, she looked like a walking clearance rack.

I asked her: "Where's the check baby?"

It is amazing how this [Hip-Hop] industry has maneuvered our young folks into thinking that wearing advertising without compensation is somehow fashion. Good Job! Has ANYONE in the Hip-Hop community ever noticed that Mr.Tommy Hilfiger does not wear "Tommy Hilfiger?" As much as Hip-Hop music and street culture talks about getting PAID, it seems to me that the Hip-Hoppers would have figured out this "get-over" a long time ago.

I guess though, if you are stupid enough to tell the whole world that it is OK to refer to yourself and your people by the worst names possible - it should stand to reason that you would also be dumb enough to do advertising and promotion work for free.

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