Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Good Christian

You cannot be a good Christian unless you are discriminating against or hating somebody. Inclusiveness, tolerance, equality, freedom, morality, enlightenment - all of these things are actually against the "Word Of God." Read the Bible for yourself and see. One of the things that is extremely irritating to many Christians in this country is the fact that non-Christians have freedom of speech rights also. If it were not for First Amendment constitutional restraints, Christians would imprison, torture and kill those that had the nerve to express a different worldview than the Christian one (like they do regarding Islam in Muslim countries).

"Blasphemer!!! Off with his head!!!!"

Even in America - you must still be careful about being honest (about your non-belief) around Christians (especially Black ones) - they can and will get violent in some cases (this dumb shit is seen as "defending the faith" - truth only needs to be demonstrated - not "defended" - but since many Christians have no concept of logic - this may be hard to get across), or some may do things like setting you up to get fired from your employment or pressuring a landlord to evict you from your home. Many Christians are too weak-minded and credulous to handle frank dialogue.

Christians are also into "shunning" - today, that means soft ostracism, arrogant avoidance, or just not wanting to talk to a person that they know is an atheist. They can't behead people anymore - like they used to. Nigger clergymen teach their flocks to fear intelligence and independent thinking ("everything you need to know is in the Bible"). But that may be a good thing - you will know, explicitly who is, and who is not worth talking to. Why would you want to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to reason with a bunch of whooping dummies anyway?

Lying about or hiding your own non-belief, exercising sage-like patience and practicing strategic accommodation and deference in the face of pure ignorance - you know - the same way you would deal with a retarded person (be sure to add-in a few "amens"), helps you to get-along with the typical Christian. No, no, and no - you cannot be honest with many Christians and expect to co-exist with them peacefully at the same time. I mean that - you seriously HAVE TO LIE in order to get-along with most Christians.

There is a reason that the first thing the founders did while formulating the U.S. Constitution was to separate church and state. They separated the law of God - from the law of the land. The most anti-Constitutional, anti-Bill of Rights, anti-humanity, pro-slavery book ever composed on this planet is the Holy Bible. The founders understood this shit completely. The majority of Christians (who - by the way have never seriously studied the Bible in its entirety, like most atheists have) really don't understand why the law of the land should not be the law of God.

It is a shame that nigger Christians don't get the fact that if the law of God was legislatively reconstructed and put back into practice - the first thing that white, conservative, dominionist Christians would do - would be to put our Black asses back into slavery (no expiration date on that practice folks - check your Bible please), all women would have to go back into true submission mode, meaning shut the fuck up or get fucked-up (equal what?), and all homosexuals would be picked-up and wiped-out. Keep it up - you dumb-assed religious knuckleheads might just get what you keep asking for.

Religious Motherfuckers (new noun) that live in this United States of America need to research and recognize where their freedoms actually come from... And it ain't from the Bible or God or Jesus or Your Pastor or TD Jakes (that "God-given" stuff is total bullshit). Proactive credulity and enlightened consent just do not mix - they can't. 

Imagine the idiots in this picture running the country.

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