Sunday, February 8, 2015


This is from an invitation that was offered to me to attend a gospel concert via Facebook. The invitation was extended by the wife of a childhood friend. I sarcastically refused the invitation, because you can do that with long-time friends that know you. I thought that my friend's wife would respond with some snarky, but humorous remark about my lack of faith - we both would laugh, and that would be it. Not here - a gay brother, and a pushy white woman had to add their two cents. Christian White folks don't like nigger Atheists, and most black folks can't process nonbelief. No Christian can handle me (I can't wait to meet the Pope - that shit would be all over the news - "My God... He said WHAT?"). The brother left after one response, but the white lady had to keep trying with two more posts - and poof!

The dialogue is exactly reproduced below:

Apanage21 - C**** - why would you invite me to something like this - you know I am an atheist. At the same time I appreciate the invite.

Gay Black Brother - @Apanage21 - I think thats EXACTLY WHY YOU WERE INVITED!!!..MR APANAGE21. LOLOLOL... (Pushy White Woman "Liked" this post)

Apanage21 - @Gay Black Brother - I wholeheartedly appreciate C****'s invite, and I love her for it... And I do not have a problem with people that want to spend their time and resources on Christianity, churches, preachers, etc. It is just that I have better things to do with my time.

Pushy White Woman - @Apanage21, I hope you realize the "better things you have to do" with your time here on earth is not going to be enough for you. We are here for a short time, but eternity is forever!

Just sayin'...

Apanage21 - @Pushy White Woman - yes you are entirely correct that "we are here for a short time, but eternity is forever," and that is precisely why I do not spend time or resources with philosophies or institutions that do not carry myself or my people forward. It is quite, quite unfortunate that my black people have accepted something so retrograde and nonsensical from our former slavemasters - but that is the way it is, and you just work with what you have.

As far as "eternity" is concerned - there is not one person on this planet that has any more knowledge about what happens after one dies than anyone else. I am perfectly comfortable with "I don't know."

Pushy White Woman - @Apanage21 - Why does everything always go back to the victim hood mentality? I would have thought that with the election of a black man as president the whole issue would have been moot. If slave owners were Christians I am sure they wanted their slaves to be Christian also. White people don't always have an ulterior motive. "Retrograde and nonsensical" seems a little extreme.

Apanage21 - @Pushy White Woman - I may be mistaken, but I do not remember bringing up or relating to anything regarding a "victim hood mentality." If I did, I apologize for that, and from now on I will make sure to be more precise in my responses. As far as the election of a "black man as president," and "victim hood mentality" moot-ness, that is the deeply misplaced mixing of apples and oranges. One does not relate to the other. That would be as bad as me saying: "With the election of a woman president, that should make the whole thing of violence towards women a moot issue..."

You see?

You are comparing a singular outcome from the endeavors of an exceptional black person, born, raised, and trained-up in exceptional circumstances, to the historical through present-day circumstances of the actual descendants of slaves. This is - an invalid correlation. A unique situation that does not and cannot correct the other. You also said that: "If slave owners were Christians (which they were) I am sure they wanted their slaves to be Christian also."

I am sure they did too...

But, if they were just as enthusiastic about making their slaves FREE, instead of just merely Christian - I do think we would be having a different conversation at this time.

If you look around the world at black communities that are primarily Christian, there is generally not much positive going on that is moving black people forward at the same pace, or to the same high levels as other groups in the areas that really count in the here and now. When we do build something, it is usually a church. The only things we do have going on within our communities that we seem to do better than others is: "Spirituality," basketball, creating music about doing black-on-black murder, and doing black-on-black murder.

That's it.

When I got rid of God belief, I simultaneously got rid of any "victim hood" or "dependency." Hard work, self-sufficiency, and personal responsibility is what creates my blessings (if you want to call it that) - not any prayerful appeals to a supposed supernatural, or wasting precious time listening to preachers. Jesus does not float my boat, and I consider religious belief to be an insult, not just to my intellect, but to my humanity as well. Lastly, when I used the words "retrograde and nonsensical," I most definitely was not being "extreme." I was using appropriate language in describing what I know Christianity to be. But hey - if you want to hear "extreme," here it is - I think that Christianity as a whole, is not only anti-black, but also anti-American, as well. So much of the Holy Bible (if you read it) is in opposition to Constitutional freedoms and protections. Two of the main reasons this country was founded was to get away from fascist bullshit like, "divine rights of rulership" and religious authoritarianism.

"Kingdoms," either earthly or celestial, don't appeal to me - democracy works just fine. And after 400 years of Biblically supported slavery - lords, masters, saviors, redeemers, "chosen" individuals, or any damned thing that looks like those, don't and won't appeal to me either. Thank God (ahem) that the founders of this country had the courage, the foresight, and the wisdom to separate church and state... Now that's "extreme."

POSTSCRIPT: The dialogue that you see here is a good example of some of the back and forth religious shit that I regularly talk about. Notice how the white bitch immediately "liked" the post from the black (religious) guy (she knows what she's doing). White folks do innately know (yes) that Christianity is the main operational component of the great white supremacy propaganda system. It is a dangerous thing (a problem to be solved) to encounter any African American that is non-Christian (second), or that is totally atheist (first).

They know that any black person that has divested himself of God-belief (especially the Christian kind), has probably in-part or in-full de-niggerfied him or herself. Can't have that... Being a Christian is an essential part of being a nigger - it always has been that way, from slavery, till now (and that's why many white Christians get so worked-up when they encounter nigger atheists). All white one percenters and black clergymen know this. And if an alleged nigger is not a Christian, that means - THAT nigger may not be UNDER WHITE CONTROL. "Wtf? A black nigger that don't pray to our white Jesus..? WHOA!" "My God - is it possible this nigger might not be a NIGGER?" And then - there's me, an actual de-niggerfied nigger, right here, being that one black non-participating sonofabitch that atheistically might do or say anything.


"That heathen NIGGER might not kiss our white asses!!!"


Christianity is the ENEMY of all African Americans... Christianity, when a white person understands (or sees) that it is the "operating system" of whatever black person, people or group that they are dealing with - it cools him right out. This "system" functions as a type of "safety assurance" for them. Christianity renders US [black folks] intellectually non-competitive and proactively worthless. And THAT is why whenever a white person encounters any black person that conversationally "makes too much sense" - they have to do a "Jesus Check" on them for two reasons: The first reason - is to make sure this potential troublemaker is innately co-signing the white supremacy program (whites know that as long as that nigger "Believes In Jesus" - they will firmly hold the keys that can shut that sonofabitch down if he gets too far out of hand), and: The second reason - that "Jesus Check" is there to make damned sure that whatever positive or constructive things that he or she might be thinking, saying, or doing, towards or for other blacks, can somehow be nullified with some good Biblical authority.

"Can this nigger be authoritatively - PUT BACK IN HIS PLACE?"


"What you got?!!!"

"We got some "LIBERATION THEOLOGY" for this NIGGER..."


My significant other (whom is only nominally religious) has noticed and pointed out, how white folks will fold-up and put away the bullshit that they bring to other African Americans when they find out I am a real atheist ("Oh Shit!"). Thats right folks! I have went through and have completed an entire deniggerfication, degodification, and dejesusfication process (and that process includes my custom-made Jesus Christ dartboard).

As a result, I don't care what religious motherfuckers think (especially the white ones).

No... I don't pray, I don't respect clergymen, I don't seek "blessings," I don't believe in the Bible. If I ever meet Jesus - the first thing I will tell him is to: "Kiss my ass..!" And... "Give our money back man!" Now look - I do enjoy watching those white folks attempting to process within their white minds, the presence of a deniggerfied nigger (A nigger that thinks and speaks on equal terms with all motherfuckers. OK?), and then attempting to discuss pertinent and substantial subjects with a black motherfucker that can't exalt the name of Jesus, can't do "amen," and can't "praise the lord," without having to pop a goddamned Rolaids.

Shit - those motherfuckers are 99 cents a pack at Walgreens man...



  1. I’d recommend The Fault in Our Stars to everyone. It reminds you how precious life is, and how lucky we are to be healthy. It reminds you to take every opportunity you get, and I love that about it. I’m sure The Fault in Our Stars will stay with me for a long time, and I’d be tempted to revisit it again in the future if I feel like I’m forgetting.

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