Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stephen Fry on Catholicism - From the Intelligence Squared Debate

Stephen Fry Rocks!!!

Listen to this - I could not have said this better myself. Erudition, passion, and truth. I hope the Pope is listening. And yes - I do think the Pope's racket-running ass should be arrested. Life in prison.

"Got nothing to do motherfucker? Pray!"

Hey... Just getting the mugshots would be worth it ("This is a mugshot Your Holiness - you can't bless the photographer!"). Front shot, side shot, with the pope hat, that white dress he wears, fingerprints and all. Sell the jailhouse booking pictures as a poster. They'll go fast!

The entire Catholic Church should then be prosecuted and taken down under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), because the Catholic Church is truly an ongoing criminal organization. Law enforcement should dismantle the Vatican for landfill, seize all bank accounts and other assets, shut down all church operations, sell off all church art treasures to compensate the innocent victims of sodomy rape committed in the name of God, and levy stiff fines on any Catholic entity caught serving bananas and/or tossed salad.

If you can - watch the whole debate. Christopher Hitchens (my hero) does some heavy solo riffs in this debate also.

Can RICO be used in an international court? If not - bring the case to Chicago. We Chicago folks have a way of making sure a case ends with the right verdict. The Pope could then do Mass every morning (for the next 100 years) at the Marion Federal Penitentiary. Halleleujah!!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Christian Nation - No.4

"In most of us colored folks was the great desire to [be] able to read and write. We took advantage of every opportunity to educate ourselves. The greater part of the plantation owners were very harsh if we were caught trying to learn or write. It was the law that if a white man was caught trying to educate a Negro slave, he was liable to prosecution entailing a fine of fifty dollars and a jail sentence. We were never allowed to go to town, and it was not until after I ran away that I knew that they sold anything but slaves, tobacco, and whiskey. Our ignorance was the greatest hold the South had on us. We knew we could run away, but what then? An offender guilty of this crime was subjected to very harsh punishment."

John W. Fields
Age 89 (at the time) - a former slave. From the 1938-1939 Federal Writer's Project Slave Narratives.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Christianity In Action!!!

The greatest thing about lynchings is that they were always 100% attended by Christians - including the folks being lynched. As you can see, THIS is what interracial fellow-shipping in the name of Jesus is all about. I myself must admit to being impressed, at the many beautiful ways that white conservatives and Blacks in this country can unite as committed, Bible-believing Christians. This is just one faith-based example of how we, together - can accomplish TRUE brotherhood!

God Bless America.*

NOTE: Some people are angry at me for displaying this picture. They scream (through e-mail) that "These are not real Christians!!!" OK... Well what are they then - Muslims? - 5-13-2009

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Christian Nation - No.3

"Question with boldness even the existence of God; because if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear."

Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Christian Nation - No.2

"When the government puts its imprimatur on a particular religion, it conveys a message of exclusion to all those who do not adhere to the favored beliefs. A government cannot be premised on the belief that all persons are created equal when it asserts that God prefers some."

Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun,
from the Lee v. Weisman ruling - 505 U.S. 577 (1992).

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is a picture of Ted Haggard's LYING ASS

Why is it that high-profile, married, white, clean-shaven, right-wing, FOX News supporting, Christian, conservative Republican politicians (like Senator Larry Craig's lying homosexual ass) and clergymen (like Ted Haggard's LYING - homosexual ass) of all stripes always get caught doing it? The same guys that oppose abortion, gay marriage, pre-marital sex and even discussions about sex - seem to get more sex, gay and straight - than every-fucking-body else. Do these guys believe what they are preaching? Well, do they? Maybe I am missing something here. But there has always been a positive, but weird connection (from what I see) between preaching abstinence and getting more ass.

Ahh... Tiger [Woods] ain't in this.

When I was in high school, the main two girls that talked the most about "repentance" and "salvation" and "Jesus" - no make-up, long dresses, no gym, were the first ones to pop pregnant - one by her married, abstinence preaching pastor. I guess she held her "holy" open a little too long.

My brother and I used to debate about which groups of avowed Christian girls gave better sex - be it sanctified vs pentecostal, or whatever. In our experience, it turned out that the catholic girls were always the plainest looking, but also the freakiest (by far!). Baptists and Methodists gave the very best blowjobs. And those fine-assed Jehovah's Witnesses were always the quickest for quickies (when cheating on their husbands). Witness women have always amazed me with their expert ability to leave a motel room (fast!) with a straight face, straight clothes, hair, etc. Like nothing happened!

"Read this [Watchtower], on the way home sweetie!" (kiss, kiss, SLAM!!)

The sanctified and pentecostal girls were always (numerically) the most unmarried. But they always had the most kids, the most thongs, the prettiest bootys, the wettest pussies, and were always ready to fuck (only after church - of course). Let me tell you brother... Them long dresses, shit - Pentecostal girls can FUCK! (I've found that there is a lot of tight, pent-up spiritual energy on reserve under those long dresses) Open (and quite hot) adultery is the norm within sanctified and pentecostal churches - especially if the great and anointed pastor himself is involved in some of the various adulterous triangles (some of these good pastors have done the mom AND daughter within the same family - check on YouTube).

Like anal? Catholic - is the way to go (those girls give it up)...

"Damn girl - that picture of the Pope seems to be looking right at us..."


Looking for sex? I recommend you stop wasting your time at parties and nightclubs. Find the churches where the congregants shake in the aisles, and dance in the pews, and holler the loudest, praising Jesus. You need to see some sweat-drenched, speaking in tongues, organ-pounding, (amen) choir-shouting, (whoa) Holy Ghosting own down... AMEN!!! You got to feel the POWER... My Brother - of the Hooolee Spirit!!! That way you will know you are in the right place. Look out for big juicy women that ass-play tambourines in the pews - they are especially hot (they always end-up on top, fucking ME).

Oh... Ohhhh JESUS, I'm coming!!! 

(Why is it that Christian women always make sure to alert Jesus when they are getting a nut? This usually happens when you are pounding that wet, blessed and anointed PUSSY good and hard from the back - then, she will turn around - look straight at you, and shout-out a report to "Jesus" that she is popping off!!!  Does Lord Jesus really need to know this? And the more she is NOT supposed to be fucking you - the louder she gets... Why do they do that..? Maybe it's in the Bible - who knows?)


Abstinence and monogamy talk may be good religious PR - but hey man, Christians just love to fuck folks they are not married to. Especially those politicians and clergy that present themselves as conservative, white, married, right-wing, FOX News approved and interviewed, anti-abortion, anti-contraception (really!?!), anti-Black, Republican "morality" types (I really like it when those fuckers get caught in a hotel tryst with a Black girl - it makes for great press... You know?). But if you think about it - this makes total sense. C'mon... You can't deny anything, if you don't fuck anything. So, if you have nothing to deny - why be a politician? OK? If you don't intend to fuck the folks in your congregation on every possible level - why be a clergyman? Okay..? We all know, being a clergyman of any type is a sure guarantee of access to extra ass, along with the money for hotels, plane tickets, drugs, and Viagra.



Ass is one of the main reasons that some are "called" to preach. OK? Now - because of the fact that I really like pussy - and like any man, am always trying to come-up with ways to get more of it - at one time, I actually thought about opening a church, and becoming a preacher. Yes folks - I am a hard-core, unrepentant ATHEIST - but, hey... There is no contradiction there folks... Why? Because most clergymen are just as atheist as I am - they just choose to lie about it. They know there is no God, just as well as I do. But the clergyman's attitude is: "Fuck That - Ah gots to make my money, and gets my PUSSY too!" You know? This, ahhh, stinking - duplicitous, become-a-clergyman-for-the-money-and-the-pussy-and-tell-everybody-else-to-be-abstinent-bullshit - has gone on for twenty fucking centuries folks. How many clergymen do you know of that taught "chastity" - but got caught doing a little "counseling" under sweet little 17 year old Chastity Johnson's dress? How many preachers do you know of that loud-talked about the "sinful nature" of gay people, and the "dangers of the homosexual lifestyle" - that got caught sneaking out of some dive leather bar with his um, "associate" in the smoking middle of "boystown?" Right? I would not be surprised if there were classes on how to do this kind of shit properly offered in theology schools.

So - "Clergymen!!! - Don't miss class!"

My problem is - I like money, but I cannot bring myself to be that big a liar - to that many people - and on a daily basis. While also contributing to the sustenance of the most ignorant and retrograde aspects of human nature.

"With a Bible? Over some pussy, some Benjamins, and a private jet?"

"Not doing that - is called 'morality' folks..."

Being a clergyman is easily one of the only professions that you can legally make multi-multi-millions directly and openly from bald-face lying, baiting others, cheating, and expending blatantly unverifiable assertions. It is, great money, BUT - from a purely moral standpoint, being a clergyman is not morally worth it. That's right folks. NOT... Any Black person that professionally preaches Christianity (or anything that is "faith-based" for that matter) to anyone in the Black community is a lying criminal and a traitor. Christianity always equals White Supremacy. To intentionally assist the power structure in keeping my Black people's heads, not only up in the clouds - but up their asses as well (you got to switch-up sometime... OK), when we as a people need to intelligently organize our efforts to solve our very real now and here problems down here? "Keep HOPE alive? Ahh, no motherfucker..." As much as my Black people have been over-lied to over the very long course of 400 fucking years. And then attempting to balance that lying practice with making money - I could not ever bring myself to live within the deceptively filthy duality of an appearance of morality, through the practice of clergycraft, while, at the same time, intentionally exhorting my people to believe what I know to be hyper-stupid and hyper-retrograde mis-truths, super-righteous bullshit, anti-morality, anti-history, and piously unscientific nonsense... Yeah, you know - backwards bullshit.

Can't do it... There are better ways to get money, AND pussy.


Look man...

The Virgin Mary herself wouldn't stand a chance in most churches (or Washington for that matter). Could you imagine how many clergy and politicians would like to bust THAT ass - including the Pope? Or including me. Yes... I'd want to INHALE that immaculate pussy. Who wouldn't want to get a whiff of that? If I ever met THE VIRGIN MARY, hey man - I would ask - no reserve: "Hey baby, you been sitting on that for a long time... 'Like a drink?"

And she'd say:

"YES! Been waitin' over 2000 years for a guy with the balls to ask!!!"


A Letter To The Editor

Not all Black people are welfare-minded, pathology-nurturing lumps that are always looking outside themselves to be "saved." Even though this young woman is a Christian - enough real sense has been put into her to make her letter a standout. I concur with most of her letter. I am posting it below in its entirety:

"As a proud African-American woman, I am disappointed and ashamed of the comments some have expressed regarding President Obama and what he should be doing for the Afro-American community. We have a painful reputation of wanting handouts. That thinking needs to end. Even with the presidency achieved, many still can see the glass half empty!

Why does President Obama have to have a special agenda for us? His accomplishment is our victory!

Doesn't he have enough to deal with? He has a country to care for - not just our neighborhoods! We need to take responsibility for our actions, our schools, our crime, our children, our children, our drug problem, our fatherless families.

Why does our community have to have this reputation? Why should politicians have to be blamed for what goes on in our homes?

I was raised by my aunt. My mother was in and out of prison. I had no relationship with my father, though I knew who he was. I was very lucky I had been involved with my church, and thanks to my aunt, I had to get good grades while I worked part-time jobs. I also had to be home by 10 p.m. My aunt knew nothing but trouble comes after dark. I received several scholarships, and I am now completing my bachelor's degree at Loyola University. I never asked for what can be done for me; I simply did what I needed to do to reach my goals.

The very concept that we continue to need more special treatment is what fuels the race tensions. Yes, I am ashamed. When are we as a nation going to be colorblind? I do not wish to be treated any differently.

What I want is equality. Yes, discrimination exists, but it does for many. I have seen discrimination against people at my job due to their weight, religion and especially against women! I also must admit I have seen as much discrimination against whites as I have against our race.

When I worked at a government building, I witnessed flagrant displays of reverse discrimination.

As long as we continue to focus on a race-oriented agenda, we are thinking divided. We mimic the very problem with our government and the obvious loyalty to the parties - not the people.

We need to think about Americans as all one family with our own agenda for our country. Let's think united, lets talk united, lets act united!"

Latasha Jackson,
a letter to the editor - Chicago Sun-Times: Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Christian Nation - No.1

"As a child, I used to ask God why did he make me Black because it wasn't fair for me to be treated the way I was treated, being called names, spit at... going through all that harassment that we went through."

Franklin Richmond,
a middle school student in 1960 and brother of original sit-in participant David Richmond.