Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Letter To The Editor

Not all Black people are welfare-minded, pathology-nurturing lumps that are always looking outside themselves to be "saved." Even though this young woman is a Christian - enough real sense has been put into her to make her letter a standout. I concur with most of her letter. I am posting it below in its entirety:

"As a proud African-American woman, I am disappointed and ashamed of the comments some have expressed regarding President Obama and what he should be doing for the Afro-American community. We have a painful reputation of wanting handouts. That thinking needs to end. Even with the presidency achieved, many still can see the glass half empty!

Why does President Obama have to have a special agenda for us? His accomplishment is our victory!

Doesn't he have enough to deal with? He has a country to care for - not just our neighborhoods! We need to take responsibility for our actions, our schools, our crime, our children, our children, our drug problem, our fatherless families.

Why does our community have to have this reputation? Why should politicians have to be blamed for what goes on in our homes?

I was raised by my aunt. My mother was in and out of prison. I had no relationship with my father, though I knew who he was. I was very lucky I had been involved with my church, and thanks to my aunt, I had to get good grades while I worked part-time jobs. I also had to be home by 10 p.m. My aunt knew nothing but trouble comes after dark. I received several scholarships, and I am now completing my bachelor's degree at Loyola University. I never asked for what can be done for me; I simply did what I needed to do to reach my goals.

The very concept that we continue to need more special treatment is what fuels the race tensions. Yes, I am ashamed. When are we as a nation going to be colorblind? I do not wish to be treated any differently.

What I want is equality. Yes, discrimination exists, but it does for many. I have seen discrimination against people at my job due to their weight, religion and especially against women! I also must admit I have seen as much discrimination against whites as I have against our race.

When I worked at a government building, I witnessed flagrant displays of reverse discrimination.

As long as we continue to focus on a race-oriented agenda, we are thinking divided. We mimic the very problem with our government and the obvious loyalty to the parties - not the people.

We need to think about Americans as all one family with our own agenda for our country. Let's think united, lets talk united, lets act united!"

Latasha Jackson,
a letter to the editor - Chicago Sun-Times: Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

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