Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Cross

One of the most irritating ubiquities to me - solid, inescapable across the "separated church and state" American landscape is the Christian cross. They are everywhere. At the same time - Christians think there are not enough of them to be seen, so people tattoo them onto their bodies, wear cross earrings, wear cross t-shirts, use cross coffee mugs, etc. Maybe God needs to know whom to strike down, and whom not to ("Got a cross man? You straight dude!"). It is also a sign that you might be dealing with a disordered mind when you see a cross hanging around an individual’s neck or otherwise attached to their person(s) in some sort of way. A nut?! Maybe - be on a careful and discerning guard until you get to know them.

At the very least - you have fair warning.

Through my readings and observations of history – I look at the Christian cross as the number one symbol of white supremacy, even more so than the Nazi swastika. When I see any white person wearing a cross, I see that as an open, but unspoken agreement that supports the system of white supremacy. When I see any person of color wearing a cross, I see that as an open, but unspoken agreement that supports the system of white supremacy. Sometimes that agreement is a quite conscious one (white folks), and sometimes not quite (Black folks). Sometimes...

"See my cross - Ahmm witcha BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It is interesting that during the first two centuries of Christianity that many Christians were reluctant to use the cross at all, because it reflected a particularly heinous method of public execution (maybe they had more sense then). I think those ancient Christians would be horrified at seeing today's gratuitous use of the cross if there were a way to resurrect and bring them into the modern here and now. After all - it was the "electric chair" of its day. Christians of the early church primarily used "the sign of the fish" ("ichthys") to mark meeting places and tombs. The extensive use of the cross itself as Christian iconography did not start until the fourth century (overtaking the usage of "the fish")*. I am not exactly clear on when they started making crosses with depictions of the executed Christ nailed to it ("crucifix") – but I have always looked at those kinds of crosses as particularly sick and perverted constructions.

From an aesthetic standpoint – they are just plain ugly.

Have you ever noticed that wherever there are crosses – there is always some kind of “death activities” going on near them, under them, around them. In neighborhoods (ghettos) where there are lots of churches, and lots of crosses - there is also lots of death, poverty, and pathology. Inversely, if you notice - the more affluent the neighborhood - the harder it is to find churches, crosses, and pathology. And if you notice further - mega-church pastors do not live in neighborhoods where there are lots of churches, crosses, or pathology. Maybe they know something we don't.

And so - WE have the cross...

Those poisonous perpendiculars, standing firm and tall, there-in and un-moved, sweet, in all of their depraved magnificence - atop the roofs of, and around, and fixtured-in throughout all of those wonderful churches, where ultimately; the death of the mind occurs, and the death of critical thinking happens, where the death of self-esteem is a certainty, where the death of actual learning is beautifully accomplished, and through your tithing - the death of your fucking bank account – gone - kaput!

Didn't "The Savior" die on one of those things?

Cemeteries - headstones, crosses on the lids and interiors of caskets and burial vaults. Death. Tattoos of crosses; mainly on the right arms of gang bangers – the usual shooting arm, solidly attached to a right hand, ready to pull the trigger. A bullet, blessed and waiting in the chamber to assist you and your four-year old to that “better place.” Then, he aims and fires; and when someone impiously makes light of his sacred and "God-willed" deed: “See this CROSS motherfucker??? Only GOD can judge me."

There it is... Mortuary Science - in action!!!

Whites-only "Christian Identity" organizations: Now - let's make this quick - crosses all over the place, on their motorcycles, on their guns, on their boots, tattooed on their bald heads, embroidered on their underwear. "Kill all the Jews, kill all the niggers, kill all the gays, kill all the liberals, kill the Mexicans, kill all the pinkos - in the name of Jesus!!!" An America-based Armageddon (They say - "Bring it on motherfuckers!") - they want a "racial holy war" of sorts. Why? - to "purify the fucking country," as they loudly say. "Purify the country of what?" you may ask - "Of Niggers!" is the reply, every time, homicidally consistent, even in their fucking sleep. Amen.

Most racist organizations in America (99.7%) are Christian.

Then - we have the "bling-bling" gangsta-rap cross-bearers. The lowest, filthiest propagators of fratricidal self-hate propaganda on the planet. Every time the power-structure deems a particular rap lyric to be more self-murderous than the last self-murderous lyric - the propagating "artist" is patted on the head with a Grammy. At the show; his name - "G-Murder" or some such is announced: Then, the asshole saunters onto the stage with the top of his pants at his knees, some fucked-up "grills" on his teeth; a sequined jacket fitted five sizes too big, and in dire need of instruction as to why sunglasses are not needed indoors. And - in front of all this: he has a big, gold, diamond-encrusted cross hanging around his motherfucking neck. He accepts the award - and THANKS GOD for the "inspiration" to write the "best rap single" entitled: "Blow Dat Bitchez Brainz Out!!!"

But, you know what? - A cross - in this case - is entirely appropriate.

The Crusades (meaning “taking up the cross”) – lasting from the 11th till the 13th centuries. A bloody religious conflict of ass-kicking conquest and holy pillage conducted by Catholic Europe against anybody that was not Christian (and not in submission to the Pope), along with those that were excommunicated or considered to be "a heretic." The adopted emblem was the Christian cross. I am sure that when motherfuckers saw these "crusading" sons-of-bitches marching their way over the hill with their cross-emblazoned standards, cannons, swords, knives, and crossbows, they knew they were not coming to provide charity, anointing, or salvation.

Knife at my throat? "OK - whatever you say!!! His name is what? Jesus?"

And let us not forget the use of the cross in the hands of the white-assed “Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.” Their use of the cross is really not that much different than that of the Black gang banger. I mean – they have both missioned themselves to kill Black people (not much difference). It is just that the Klan is much more dramatic in their usage of the cross than most other groups. Black folks knew that when the Klan came onto your property – and burned a cross, it probably did not have the same meaning that was applied to the crosses that Black folks wore around their necks.

Everybody knew that when that cross was lit-up – somebody was about to be deprived of something – of their rights, of their property, of their dignity, of their life. "A cross Sir?" No - and you don't get a fucking thank you for the offer bitch. Too much negativity - too much baggage - too much death.

And you want that filthy thing around your neck? Please...


Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Real Meaning of Faith

A profound definition of "faith" - a great commentary response from a blog posting that I found particularly impressive - this was so ass-kicking-ly appropriate that I had to re-post that comment here:

The word "faith" means acceptance without benefit of evidence, knowledge or verification. By declaring one has "faith" one has already admitted that one is ignorant. Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge. But stupidity is the willful rejection of knowledge that is available, the unwillingness to test, examine, or verify claims, and a willingness to accept assertions as true merely because they were convincingly presented...

If religion is the glorification of "faith," then religion is the glorification of ignorance, willful or otherwise. There is at this time, a preponderance of actual knowledge and evidence resources available to anyone to remedy one's ignorance, but since religion instructs the "faithful" to willfully reject knowledge and/or evidence, to reject logic, but uncritically accept dogma, one is forced to conclude that religion promotes error and stupidity.

A. Morrison

Doesn't this statement rightly describe the "faith" practice (institutionalized ignorance) of Black Christianity in general, and the poisonously "faithful" ("believing" not "knowing") behavior of Black Christians in a nutshell?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where Do You Get Your Morals?

CHRISTIAN: WELL...Where do you get your morals!!!?

ME: Oh... Corn flakes - of course.


ME: Yes - corn flakes. Most people would be shocked at how much anointing and moral force is contained within a simple box of corn flakes... A word of caution though; just as in Christianity, OK - in order to be assured of complete salvation, and sufficiently filled by the Holy Spirit, it is necessary, to use the right Bible and follow the correct interpretation. In Atheism - the same rules apply... You cannot become morally correct unless you eat the RIGHT corn flakes... Only by eating Kellogg's - that's RIGHT... Kellogg's - let me say it again: Kellogg's Corn Flakes - Amen, can you be assured of the kind of righteous awakening - Amen, ANNND moral certitude (yes) that will take you into a real heaven (Las Vegas)!!!

Can I get a WITNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!?

A cracker and a glass of wine becoming the body and blood of Jesus? Ahhh... Sorry my friend, that is not going to cut it anymore... That was The Old Revelation - you know... The revelation that was revealed by the god that never existed. The New Revelation (from ME - I exist) - reveals that you do not have to consult a particular clergyman, attend a particular church, or adhere to a particular scripture. That is over and gone. No matter what denomination you presently belong to - or, if you don't belong to anything... A great moral awareness can emerge spontaneously from within - just by ingesting the blessed and Holy Trinity of Flakes, Milk, and Sugar. Try it, my friend, for once in your life, you need to open your eyes (and your mouth) - Amen, to experience the crunch of true salvation...

I forgot: Be careful, my friend... Don't lose your soul, and inadvertently become a tool of the Devil by eating the wrong corn flakes from other manufacturers. Eating off-brand corn flakes is nothing but a deception and a gateway to hell. Only Kellogg's Corn Flakes - Ayymen! - can evoke the highest favor, the greatest blessings, and the best moral understanding.

I eat them every day...


Now... Where do you get YOUR morals?