Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Real Meaning of Faith

A profound definition of "faith" - a great commentary response from a blog posting that I found particularly impressive - this was so ass-kicking-ly appropriate that I had to re-post that comment here:

The word "faith" means acceptance without benefit of evidence, knowledge or verification. By declaring one has "faith" one has already admitted that one is ignorant. Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge. But stupidity is the willful rejection of knowledge that is available, the unwillingness to test, examine, or verify claims, and a willingness to accept assertions as true merely because they were convincingly presented...

If religion is the glorification of "faith," then religion is the glorification of ignorance, willful or otherwise. There is at this time, a preponderance of actual knowledge and evidence resources available to anyone to remedy one's ignorance, but since religion instructs the "faithful" to willfully reject knowledge and/or evidence, to reject logic, but uncritically accept dogma, one is forced to conclude that religion promotes error and stupidity.

A. Morrison

Doesn't this statement rightly describe the "faith" practice (institutionalized ignorance) of Black Christianity in general, and the poisonously "faithful" ("believing" not "knowing") behavior of Black Christians in a nutshell?

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