Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apology Not Accepted

Joe "You Lie" Wilson

09/09/2009. The supremacists in the Republican Party are so utterly disrespectful, rabid, ignorant, and entitled – they cannot even maintain proper decorum when THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is addressing a joint session of congress.

1. Superasshole conservative instigator House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va, while THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES was speaking, along with about ten other stupid Republican congressmen and senators - had his overgrown head down the entire speech. He was texting and playing with his Blackberry. Who knows what else he was playing with?

2. Each time THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES made a point worthy of applause, instead of doing so, the Republicans would hold up copies of their (blank) “healthcare reform bill” to protest the detailed outline of reform that THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES was giving in his speech. While I watched, I wished I could run down the line of those guys, with a stiff, ready, properly positioned palm, and – just slap the shit out of each one of them – you know, Three Stooges style.

3. Then we had the venerable Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C. who stole the show, with his sincere and heartfelt “YOU LIE!!!” That voice - heard loud and clear, swiftly piercing through the dignified air of the House Chamber. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave him the glare of death. The Democrats were off-put by the loss of civility. And the pack of dogs known as “The Republicans” turned on him, like a pack of dogs – and forced him to apologize. And he did apologize within hours of the outburst, issued a statement, said a contrite word to the cameras – you know, the usual process when a politician fucks-up. And it was not even a real apology. It was one of those fill-in-the-blanks type deals that his staff keeps on file, in case of emergency.

Now, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is a really nice guy. He is nice, partly because he really is, and partly because he is procedurally cognizant, and he wisely considers the complexities of the political process. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES accepted his apology, in his usual gracious and accommodating way.


Now check this out. I am not a politician (I bet you can tell by the way I write). I am a citizen, a voter, and a Democrat of color. And even though, over the years, I have said many disparaging things about policies and words that emanate from The White House; my sincere disrespect has always been directed toward policies and words, not against the Office of the President, or against the person of The President. Not even with our last President [George W. Bush].

I don’t accept his apology – and you should not either.

Rep. Wilson feels that because THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is a Black person, he has the latitude and the whiteness to insult this man whenever and wherever he likes. And because he is white – this is supposed to be acceptable. In some areas of this country, it is acceptable. But for the rest of us real Americans that find this particular sort of anti-American behavior reprehensible, censure is just the start. I am mailing him some moving boxes in the morning. He needs to look for another job.

He has insulted – not just Black people, but all people of color who deign to run for office. He has insulted the processes of democracy. He has insulted The Office of the President. He has insulted the Congress. He has insulted the electorate. He has insulted the protocols of the Congress. He has insulted the Democratic Party. He has insulted the best image of America around the world.

That man should be hounded, blogged, cable-newsed, op-edded, talk-radioed, and processed repeatedly through that big media machine – yes, the mean looking one in the corner – until he is ground to dust. Then we can take our broom and dustpan, sweep him up, and dump him permanently into the trashcan.

That dirty Republican bastard unjustly insulted THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. He is over - gone. I will be sending a check(s) to his midterm opponent, Democrat Rob Miller. If Mr. Miller needs me to canvas, or assist with any get-out-the-vote efforts for him, I will go. That man [Wilson] must not ever set foot in the U.S. Capitol again.

I wish Black people were as unforgiving as some other groups, when white folks trespass on their dignity. There would be a lot less of this trespassing mess going on. Other groups feel they can just insult us with no consequences (The output from Hip Hop artists have not helped in this area). And most of the time, insulters don’t get any consequences. This would have never happened if that were a white President speaking. Could you imagine the heated news cycles, if a Black congressman had done that to a white President?

We need to wear his ass out, the same way they [whites] would wear one of us out if the situation were reversed. We need to wear his ass out to the point that he becomes thoroughly cracked. So cracked, and dislocated, he starts sucking his thumb, and dragging around a dirty blanket, and shouting profound stuff at folks on the street like: “Repent infidels!!! Fred Flintstone IS the messiah!!!”

Unquote. I am sober serious and ugly angry to the core.

I am going to keep up with this guy, and I will continue to blog, and complain, about this loud-mouthed motherfucker - until he is gone.

Letter? No... Tear that shit up... APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED.

Black folks, don’t just be mad; let us do everything we can to get him out of office. There is nothing like organized fire. Write, blog, e-mail, complain to your local congressman, petition, and send campaign contributions to the opponent of your choice. And to those Black folks in the 2nd Congressional District of South Carolina: Do the whole country a favor, and please, vote this bastard out.

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