Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Republican Solution

I was watching "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC on Tuesday 09/01/2009. She had a segment focusing on a young lady that was disabled as a result of a shooting. The young lady is a recent college graduate and is unemployed. She has no insurance. Her medical expenses have been offset a bit, because her family and volunteers from her community are washing cars to raise money to help pay those bills.
It will be a while before she fully recovers.

I wonder if this is what the Republicans mean by "bootstrapping" when it comes to dealing with medical expenses.

This may be the way out of the health care mess. Car washes! Why didn't I think of this? Yes. A true "Public Option." Need a heart transplant? Start washing cars! Need a tumor removed? Better get a bucket and a squeegee baby. How many people out there need care right now? No insurance? How many cars are out there?

There will need to be some actuarial work done, so we can see just how many car washes a month per capita the U.S. population can reasonably pay for. This makes you think. I can imagine having the ability to gauge the overall health of a particular community just by counting the number of clean cars on the street. Pure genius! The Republicans said they have a better plan - this could be it.

Wash or die.

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