Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diverse - But Can't Get Elected?

There are quite a few "conservative" Black people out there, that are running or have run for public office. Why is it that conservative white folks never seem to be able to vote these guys into office? I mean, the white (conservative) candidates DO get elected. Why no Black ones?

The Black ones, no matter how solidly "right-wing," or "Republican-platform," or "conservative-position" or "I'm-wit'-cha-boss" sounding their rhetoric may be, they just don't seem to get the same love.

It may not be that way - but that's how it looks.

The ones that are in high-profile positions within the Republican Party, at least on the surface, seem to be treated badly, or just ignored. They look like they are either "figure-headed," or "window-dressed," or "relegated," or "Michael-Steeled." You know? And any love that is shown, seems to be reserved, just for the TV cameras.

Choose a stage: They do an air hug that lasts for a nanosecond, then the white person walks away from the person of color - real fast. Lightweight - quick handshakes. Look away - turn - gone! So fluidly choreographed - it looks like ballet done on a hot stove. You ever notice that? A remarkable synthesis of racist etiquette and elegant minstrelsy. Funny as hell. Well - Republicans are funny anyway. Check it out the next time you see any televised Republican event.

You can see the same kind of phenomena at large Republican gatherings. The whites that are at those gatherings, don't even look like they are comfortable sitting next to a fellow Republican - ahhh, that happens to be of color. They look uneasy and strained in their seats, like they have a whole-body itch they can't scratch (they need to distribute free Cortisone). When you see wide-angle camera shots of those gatherings on TV, you can clearly see the very few people of color dispersed throughout a sea of white - nervously waving their little flags.

The Black folks at those gatherings look so out-of-place, that I suspect the RNC is renting these people from some service that provides TV-ready colored people to be part of the "staging" at normally all-white events. To me - a service seems plausible. That could be why the Black folks I see at those events remain in their seats, while a Sarah Palin is on the podium, railing about the alarming possibility, of a Muslim nigger being the next occupant of "OUR" (whites only) White House.

There is a constant flow of veiled and not-so veiled racist political rhetoric spoken at those meetings. How can the Black folks continue to sit there? Do they HEAR what is being said? Red-faced white folks throwing tantrums in the bleachers - "I waaant MY country baaak!!!" Oooh wee buddy... I know I would have to be paid to stay.

That's why I can see the utility of a "diversity" service. Let's listen:

The Service: "OK. How many white people do you think will show-up?"

RNC: "Oh - maybe 25,000."

The Service: "Well, how diverse do you want to look?"

RNC: "Ah, well, we need the balance of a good image for TV - but we don't want to do too many. It may scare-off our base. You know what I mean?"

The Service: "I gotcha Sir... I tell you what - how about a spread of 25 Blacks placed into the general seating, and maybe put three or four on the stage for some good camera shots - how 'bout that?"

RNC: "Beautiful - let's do it."

Now, I am not saying that is what's happening. This is America. But I just wonder: How do you have these hundreds of Black conservative Republicans out there, that are enthusiastically and unreservedly spouting the right stuff; but less than one-half, of one-half, of one-half of one percent of the ones that run for office are actually elected?

The ones that do have positions of power or any degree of influence are usually appointed - then treated like pets. The RNC even provides free dog food! Isn't that nice? The appointments don't last long. Again, they are hardly ever elected. The ones that have been elected, don't seem to get re-elected. If anyone has contrary information on this - please let me know. The most prominent Black Republicans always find themselves supporting publicly, those white candidates that have that "I-don't-want-any-niggers-living-next-door" look on their faces.

A political expediency so weird, it is truly beyond explanation.

The numbers of people that do vote Republican; and the numbers of people that are willing to vote for a Republican candidate that happens to be of color - at least, on the surface; are not looking like they want to even, well - even-up with each other. At least to me they don't. Is the Republican Party really the "white mans" party? If it is not, then WHY can't Black folks, in any real numbers, get elected within this party? Discrimination? In the Republican Party? Nah...

It may not be that way - but that's how it looks.

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