Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gangsta Lean

Al Capone

President Obama: For the remainder of the eight years you are in office - do not forget you are from Chicago. Home of Al Capone.

You do not EVER HAVE TO "bi-partisan" with any legislator that does not want to work with you. When you want to get something passed, "posse-up" with your center and left constituency. The real people that elected you - Mr. President. We will bring the fire just close enough to all recalcitrant senators and congressmen, so that they may see the light - and support the health-reform bill.

Because, once they feel the heat, there is no way they can refuse. One thing about George Bush, he had a lot of gangsta in him. He said: "Just because you got the most votes - don't mean you gonna win."* That's what he said - and that fucker kicked Al Gore right out of the White House. Didn't he gangster Iraq? Didn't he make our duped asses look for "weapons of mass destruction?" Alright then.

We have to show even more willingness to kick some ass. Nice is over. The insurance companies and the Republican assholes cannot be allowed to win this one. They are playing with our lives. If you need a few heads cracked within the party - then that's what your support network will have to do. We will take care of it. Just give us a list.

But YOU will have to come out strong and clear and on message - every day, no change, until this is done. Do not waver on the PUBLIC OPTION - that is the centerpiece of this whole thing. If you waver - your support network will have nothing to work with. If you need us to get out in the "town halls" and make some noise - then we can make some noise. And will slap the shit out of the next son-of-a-bitch that asks for your birth certificate.

If you need us to dig up some dirt to hold over some motherfucker's head; so that he may vote right: Well Sir; that is why I keep on ready - a shovel, a bat, a camera, a laptop with a scanner, and a credit card with lots of frequent-flyer miles. We have to fight dirty - just like the Republicans. If they bring a concealed .45 revolver to an agreed upon fist-fight, we have to pull out a machine-gun (surprise).

You kick enough ass - even the "gun-rights" bastards will back-off.

I like a good fight. This is a good fight.

* Attribution - Paul Mooney

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