Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Public Option

Mr. President: No health-care reform without the public option. Without that, you may as well not have a bill. Co-ops do not make sense - they are a hand over to the insurance companies. Forget it. We already have a kind of co-op, it is called Blue Cross - Blue Shield. This is okay - but the public is still in need of a last resort option. And as you know Mr. President, the public option is crucial to holding down costs.

Those disruptions that are occurring at "town hall" meetings - are just nasty instigations paid for by the insurance companies and their lobbying organizations. The asshole racists are all too happy to disrupt, tote their guns, then pick-up their little checks afterwards.

You were elected to do this - do not compromise. Fuck the Republicans - they are so in the way, they really need to sit their creaky asses down. They are now just a retrogressive virus, infecting the country, and making everybody sick. They have absolutely nothing to add but air.

Please stop trying to "bi-partisan" with those that don't want to "bi-partisan" with you. If there were something they [Republicans] wanted to get done, and they had the votes, they would just do it. They would not "bi-partisan" a fucking thing with you, Mr. President. You wouldn't find out what they did until the next morning's paper. Whoosh! Gone! Let's not waste anymore time.

We have the votes. If this shit has to be rammed through, then let's just ram this mother through. Whatever it takes - the Left supports you. Fuck it, Mr. President: We will deal with sweeping up the pieces later. Let's put the right message on blast. The parts of the electorate that is "afraid" of reform - will embrace it, once it kicks in. Just like they opposed, then embraced Medicare and Social Security.

The people that elected you expect an uncompromised Public Option.

Let's DO THIS. Mr. President.

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