Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sarah Palin - Part 4

First, while still in Alaska, this idiot jumps into the debate over health care. Spouting ominous sounding "Obama death panel" remarks - not knowing what the hell she was talking about. Second, she then travels South and appeals to the basest tribal urges of "right-to-bear-arms" type white bubbas. Thereby heating-up the racist hordes to boiling temperatures that may not be containable.

Presently, she is appealing for "calm" and "reasonableness" now that she and other right-wing ignoramuses have pushed this debate beyond political gamesmanship, and into real violence incitement. The Republican leadership is now waking-up after going too far.

But the drawling "2nd Amendment" snuff-dippers are willfully deaf to "reasonableness," and are now bringing guns to these "town halls."

Will a bullet get the last word?

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