Thursday, August 13, 2009

Try Something Else

A Post To Concerned Christians Everywhere

Concerned Christians are always reminding me that: "The Bible is the inerrant word of God, written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit."

I have thoroughly read the Bible - including and especially the parts they don't talk about in church, many times from cover to cover. That's why I know the Bible better than most Christians. Those were quiet readings, done over time, really dissecting and comparing, and underlining, and highlighting, and bookmarking, and re-reading, and re-searching, and thinking, and re-thinking about what I had read.

Then, BOOM!!!!!

My studies gave me the absolute assurance, that the Bible has nothing of value to contribute to anything... Anything dealing with history, or science, or morality, or understanding, or good - nothing.

The best way to create an atheist is to let him read the WHOLE Bible, in all of its naked literalness. With no whispering influences from any "correct interpreters," or any "proper guidance" from clergy. And please - tell him to stay away from that stupid-assed, know-nothing, Wednesday night "Bible Study." You know the one I'm talking about - the one that has that fat ham-hock-eating bitch with the blonde weave that stutters as a teacher. ("N-no wonder! YuYuYou - you n-n-need t-t-to stop asssssociating with th-them a-a-atheists! They-ssss goinnng to h-hell!") Whew!

When done - ask that individual to give a raw and HONEST assessment of what he just read.

If he has any truthfulness in his character, he will come to the un-reserved, spoken conclusion that the Bible was written by pre-scientific, opaque, phobic, tribal, super-superstitious, hyper-ignorant, delusional, bestial, sadistic, bigoted, misogynistic, and unashamedly hypocritical men that did not know what the fuck they were talking about.

And if someone does tell me that the Bible is the singular repository of "ultimate truth," or even remotely congruent with what relativity-minded, 21st century people understand as reality - I know they are either:

1. Honestly Ignorant,

2. Honestly Delusional,

or 3. Big Liars with a Method or Plan (watch your wallet).

The ignorant need to stop listening to clergymen (so they can stop being ignorant), and read something different but enlightening. Go to Barnes and Noble or Amazon, not the Christian book store, or the religion section. Learn some science - like basic physics and cosmology. Learn about logic - and why it is so powerful, learn about philosophies and cultures other than the ones you grew-up with. Really - knowing shit is not just for white folks. And grown people of any color need to be "knowers" - not "believers." That goes double for Black folks. Have you ever noticed that folks will ask you, when they are questioning your level of ability or proficiency - "Do you KNOW what you are doing?" Not - "Do you BELIEVE what you are doing?" Ok? "Believing" is not even remotely operational on any useful or practical level. Not for you - and not for anyone else.

"I BELIEVE I CAN FLY - I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY!!!" Ah... Which is cool - except, if you are on the 20th floor, and you decide to test "belief" versus "reality." Once you step outside that window - well - at that point we will see whether a strong belief, or a strong reality will prevail.

Listen-up Black folks!!! The six day beginning does not cut it anymore - the enlightened world knows way too much about the universe for that to have any serious or operational play. And we as a people, need to be able to intelligently add to the conversation - without fairy-tales. 

Of course, we don't yet know everything - but that six-day shit was trumped back in the middle of the 19th century. The knowledge wasn't put on blast until the beginning of the 20th century - because at that time, you could be imprisoned in many states for propagating any views of reality that differed with the biblical account.

The delusional need help. I have a list of reputable "de-programmers" and psychiatrists, along with other mental-health professionals that can help those with "BBS" or "Biblical Bullshit Syndrome." We can definitely assist you. Logic-enhanced M&M's are free and available from our help desk. As a prelude to therapy, I would like to invite the delusional to any of my weekly Bible-burnings, held every Thursday night.

The Liars, are the liars. Clergy, politicians, certain segments of the media, and the entire Christianity Industry, all know that the Bible is bullshit - the embodied antithesis of enlightenment. They will never tell you, because money has to be made, and power has to be maintained. For example: "Jesus is the product" - a famous Black mega-church pastor let that nugget slip out of his mouth during a TV interview with Larry King - Christians need to take heed to what this motherfucker is really saying.

Check this out closely: We have a PRODUCT (We now know that product is, well, ahh - "Jesus." Right?), and if you have a "product" you need a MARKETER or seller in place, you know - to "move" the "product" (Could that marketer possibly be a clergyman? Ahhhh... Could be...). And! you need a potential CONSUMER in place, to market to (Could that be you? They do have to SELL the "product" to somebody. Right?). Well - that's how it works. Now, where are YOU in this? Now remember: JESUS is the PRODUCT. Not the redeemer - not the light - not the way - but, the PRODUCT... Like catsup. Ask yourself - where are YOU in this? And - if you have been a long-time consumer of this "product," I would like you to ask yourself squarely and honestly - "Has the consumption of this product been as useful, or as effective for the health and wealth of you and your family as it seems to be for those that "sell" this "product?" It has? So - I'm sure you have run-into your pastor a few times at the airport after your pilot parked your Learjet next to the slot occupied by the pastor's Gulfstream V.


The Bible itself, is the ideal tool though, for money and power purposes. That has been known by the tricky and the powerful since the time of Constantine. This book has been consistently effective, for keeping the masses mentally tied-up and powerless. This book has the power to put your entire life off-track - and it will keep your life off-track for the benefit of the religious hustlers specifically, and the Christianity Industry in general.

Every word in this book is in total opposition to verifiable reality, true ethics, and anything that even approaches a practicable morality (Abraham and Issac? - "Ok, pass the knife please..."). And - it is only because of the dangerous nonsensicality of this fucking book that everything in it has to be "interpreted," or "explained," or "defended." You know - like a murder case. Pages and pages of open bullshit that is only useful to the hustlers and their co-conspirators. "Literal" and un-assisted readings of the Bible are not really recommended by hustlers or the industry. Otherwise - how could the hustlers sell books like: "Blowjobs Are The True Gateway To Heaven" - or, "Fucking Your Pastor God's Way" - Ok? And to think - all of this extra-biblical wisdom can be acquired for the cheap price of $29.95!

With that - take a good look around the world at communities of color. The more Christian it is - the more pathetic it is. The Black community in America is almost thoroughly Christian - and almost thoroughly pathetic.

Salvation? Jesus - does not seem to be an option.

The fact that this belief system was given to us, by our former slave masters and Jim Crow enforcers, should have been a giant red flag that forever anathematized Christianity for Black people everywhere.

"CHRISTIANITY?!... Man - I don't fuck with that shit!" - That is the proper reaction from a person of color to any white "missionary" or "evangelist" that attempts to offer them the "sweet gift" of Christianity. You [person of color] were already fucked once with Christian Slavery and then again with Christian Discrimination. "Now you [white man] want to fuck my mind up for all eternity with a Bible. Please, Sir - I AM a bit tired now..."

Lynchings were always one-hundred-percent attended by good Bible-believing Christians - including the guy being lynched! And history has shown me, that nothing can brighten up a neighborhood like a cross being burned on one's lawn. Maybe Jesus IS the light.

Leviticus was the best thing that ever happened to Black people. This chapter of the Bible not only gave the "chosen people" direct-from-God permission to enslave others, but instructs - whom to do it to, how to do it, and how long to do it to them. If it were not for Bible-believing white people, doing the right thing, and putting God’s divine and merciful instructions into practice for 400-plus years – we Black folks would have never received our holy enslavement; Amen - the greatest blessing of Christianity.

Amazingly: The one thing Black folks failed to do, once freed, was to show those former slave masters, our deep and prayerful gratitude for facilitating the great blessings we had received. And the right way to have shown that gratitude, I think; would have been to tell the white man; with a solemn and profound humility, to take his fucking Bible, and stick it nice and solidly up his flat, nasty, discriminating ass.

Believe me people - there is still time to do the right thing.

The Bible - in so many critical ways, has basically driven us Black folks crazy. There is not a source in this world that can exponentialize ignorance, irrationality and stupidity, as thoroughly, or as efficiently as the Holy Bible. (FOX News runs a close second though.)

The politician has a tenuous hold on the body through the power of the law, but the priest keeps a strong hold on the mind through the power of the lie. The Bible is the basis of the lie. Biblical indoctrination has the power to make all lies from authority (temporal or spiritual) sweet and believable; and this "Biblelization" (new word) process, blinds one to the ways in which the law and the lie are connected.

For example: The Black masses have always been fooled by that "speaking truth to power" bullshit - thinking of their clergymen as good community representatives, actually working on the behalf of the community; "looking-out for the hood," and protecting the [Black] community from the machinating authorities.

The truth is, "Truth" and "Power" have always collaborated, through an elaborate and intricate back-room compact. Whom do you think gives the politician the appropriate biblical passages to drop into his speeches? Whom do you think gives the priest the "heads-up" on what politics, policies or events, to sermon about in the pulpit?

"Mister Politician - Where does taxpayer-supplied money for 'faith-based programs' and 'projects' really go - and why?"

If there is a "separation of church and state" - an actual separation of "Truth" and "Power," why in the fuck are politicians campaigning in churches, and having "strategy discussions" and "political consultations" with clergymen. How is it that churches ("Truth") do not pay taxes - but they have so much power over the shaping of policies and the ratification of laws ("Power") that affect the lives of individuals, and the operational viability of business entities that do pay taxes?

What kind of bullshit is this?

Hey - just asking a question.

Be aware of the actual pull-down-the-shades coordination of talking points. Done, for whatever political or financial reasons you will never be privy to. "Truth to Power?" It's a fucking charade folks.

If only you could be a fly on the wall when "Truth" and "Power" get together for drinks - where the envelopes are passed - and the talking points re-set - right after the staged-for-TV "protest march."

Your own self-enlightenment efforts (for you at least) removes the grip of the religious money-grabbers, counters stupid propaganda, and opens reality to realism. When many more everyday folks make the effort to see and think, and become better informed, they can and will correctly circumscribe the power of the government. They can and will build a tranquil and safe community. They can and will create prosperity for themselves. Clarity and power come from within - not from above.

Studying the Bible, [only] if you are doing it with the serious purpose of making it a guide for living, is a horrible waste of time.

Folks, read that Bible honestly, and read other books on serious subjects, think informed and logically, get understanding - not revelation. Get some real knowledge - not "good preachin." Apprehend and process things from the standpoint of "the way it is," rather than from the unstudied, unreasoned emotionality of "It has to be." Because "it has to be" is never "the way it is."

Then, PLEASE try something else.

Note: You can see a list of some of the books I have read in my "Complete Profile." Click on the link in the "About Me" box on your right and see the titles of a few of the books in my home library.

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