Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Steps to Community Improvement

Let us begin by getting rid of all the Black clergymen (send them by red-eye to Siberia). We can tear down Black churches, or convert those facilities to more productive uses. We should put mental health hazard warning stickers on all Bibles. We should censure then refrain from patronizing Black Christian bookstores, for the crime of selling misleading and false information, marketed as fact.

We should remove our children from all Christian schools, so that they are not indoctrinated into being future time revenue sources, or seduced into being present time sex objects for clergymen. We must send representatives to the Vatican, and to the headquarters of all Christian denominations, with a demand for a refund of all Black people's tithes and offerings. (All billing should be backdated to start on 07-19-1865 - Juneteenth Freedom Day.)

Let us bring in "deprogrammers" and non-religious psychiatrists, so that we can start relieving Black folks of Christian Cognitive Disorder or "CCD." This condition is rampant in the Black community. CCD is a deep mental affliction, an awful contagion that is initially induced and sustained by the influence of churches and preachers.

Never heard of "CCD?" Well - some of the symptoms of CCD include; grace-seeking, bigotry, religious arrogance, hyper-emotionality, an aversion to scientific knowledge (or useful knowledge of any kind), irrationality, voice-hearing, a strong belief in the supernatural without evidence, a fear of facts, believing stuff without investigation or verification, and actually tithing.

Other known symptoms of CCD are: A compulsive attraction to books written by TV preachers, harboring delusions of being "blessed and highly favored" with no money in the bank, being open to spiritual advisement from preachers that wear pastel colored suits with matching shoes, and possessing a strong, active, willful ignorance.

Another positive community step we can take, is to hire good financial planners. They can assist our Black people in the ways of properly investing for themselves, using the billions of dollars that they formerly (we hope) gave to preachers. Putting those same funds into education, housing, businesses, retirement, a new roof, the rent, etc.

We need to develop a ZERO TOLERANCE of Black-On-Black crime. Those Black folks that steal, maim, threaten, rape, rob, molest, cheat, and kill other Black people should be imprisoned with maximum sentences, and then ostracized from the community. When they are released, don't let them come back here, send them over to the white community to live. It would be interesting to see how they would put up with these guys.

Now... If the white community sends them back to us, we can turn them into a useful commodity that can be offered through a special trade deal with China. The Chinese government has a need for more prisoners (to make I-Pods, Jordan sneakers, and other stuff). We have a need for money. We will first have to meet with their trade people, and agree on a fair price.

Then, we must pick-up, pack-up, and export these Black homicidal motherfuckers to China, with them ultimately landing in cold, remote Manchurian slave labor prison camps, and away from us. Thereby turning death into dollars. These criminals are killing our babies - Fuck Um... Junebug needs to learn Chinese anyway (Ah So Nigger).

Our community should unequivocally ban gangs as a matter of community viability, personal safety, general tranquility, and Black business development. We, as a community, should lock, load, and assist the police in quickly putting down any gang activity (remember ladies - these are the same motherfuckers that have no problem with shooting your child's brains out, raping you for sport, or burning your grandmother's house down). Identify, apprehend, prosecute, convict, and don't come back (try North Korea motherfuckers).

If a safe community is good enough for white people, why should it not be good enough for us?

A white child can play on his front stoop without getting shot. Why can't yours? The last bullet came through your neighbor's window. The funeral is next Friday. The next bullet may come through YOUR window. Did you mail the insurance premium this month? Effectively dealing with this threat (however we decide to do it), is simply a matter of community will.

"That guy just shot a BABY to death..!"

"Don't snitch!!!" - "Really? Ok... Should we snitch if they kill you?"

Those gang guys are bad... BAD - so, why don't they go and drive-by shoot over in the white neighborhood? OH... They won't, because they know white people have lots of guns (despite any restricting local ordinances), and WILL justifiably "posse-up." They will use those guns against any action or individual, that threatens the peace of their community, and the safety of their children. We should do the same.

Believe me - the police won't mind.

White people don't MARCH. They shoot back. Did they march after Pearl Harbor? Did they march after 9-11? Will a march REALLY influence a fratricidal thug? ONE CAP busted by the community, with a trajectory going in the thug's direction (for a change), will have more influence on him than a thousand marches staged every day.

Lastly - let us put a moratorium on certain rap music. This craziness is nothing but fratricide - beautified, rhythmized, and put to music. These songs are about the joyful noise of Black people killing Black people. Homicidal sickness sung into mainstream normality. "Yes. I'd like my Corn Flakes with bullets please... Thank You." I haven't heard no rappers talking about KILLING WHITE PEOPLE. Have you? Neither have I heard of ANY rap incantations that disrespect white women.

Where are those songs?

How are we going to keep allowing certain people in our community to put words like ho, bitch, nigger, and other "words" to describe us and all of OUR mothers, sisters, and fathers, on a record - promoted and sold to anybody on the planet that wants to buy it - and the rest of us then expect people around the world to respect us?

Respect? Come on folks...

Right after certain people in our community have SOLD them the permission not to?

That's some damned good stuff you're smoking.

"Keep my name out ya mouth
Before them AK shells come straight in ya house
Won't stop 'till ya whole block layin' hit em all up buck buck
then we out
Fuck where you from nigga fuck what you 'bout
We can get it poppin'
Bodies start droppin'...
Death is knockin'
At your front door...
Talkin' and walkin'
You'll meet your coffin
Ain't no stoppin
When the Glock get to poppin'..."

By the rap artist known as - "50 Cent."

To just survive... We must make a change, because if we don't, the only place that Black people will be found, years from now, will be in exhibits. Stuffed and staged in Natural History museums, behind glass. Little white kids pointing: "Gran'pa, you knew people like this?"

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