Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three More Reasons I Am An Atheist

1. I just can't bring myself to worship white people. For me - to worship Jesus is the same thing as falling on one's knees and indiscriminately giving every passing white guy on the street a blowjob. Can't do it.

2. Can't give money to clergymen. I need to buy my own private jet before I pay for someone else's.

3. God does exist (my atheism is cracking). And he's white. Can't worship him. I know he's white, because in every venue I've visited that has artwork showing what God looks like (see the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican for example), those works show him as white. His only begotten son is white (see the picture above and Mel Gibson's movie). Right?

All the angels, cherubs, and seraphs in those artworks are also white. The Virgin Mary is definitely white. I never saw Black folks even in the backgrounds of those works - you know, doing the things that Black folks are supposed to do in a Christian heaven: Cleaning, yard work, shining sandals, cooking, ironing, getting lynched, you know - the usual Christian stuff.

No niggers in heaven nowhere - shit, heaven may be segregated too (it probably is)! Hey, even Moses himself looked just like Charlton Heston (see the "great" movie "The Ten Commandments"). And since we all know that Christians don't lie - I take their word for it. God is white!

I also know God is white because of the way that Black people were treated for 400 years in a Christian land. It makes total sense: If you are not white (even if you are Christian) why shouldn't you be treated like shit? And if Black Christian people were, or if they are now - being regarded like shit by God himself and God's chosen people, in a Christian country no less - why should I worship him or even acknowledge his existence?

He certainly doesn't acknowledge mine - that is for damned sure. How about you? Slavery, Jim Crow, Lynching. Salvation for niggers was not, or ever - his business. I haven't seen it...


  1. Keep hookin' off the jab Apanage21. I've been asking Black Christians for years to address the blatant fact that irrespective of what the "real" Jesus might have looked like (if he ever existed); would European Western civilization have enjoyed its material success if its Jesus iconography depicted him as a Black or Brown man? To paraphrase a Wesley Snipes character; ..."as long as everything stays white everything will be 'allwhite'"! Peace, Rob H.