Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Christian Dialogue - Part 1

This is part of an e-mail exchange.

To Mr. Ward:
You seem to be absolutely negative toward Christianity. I am curious about who you are. What is your experience and cultural background? Please give your views on theism in detail. I am asking you about yourself and your views because of your intriguing responses and commentary. They are atheistic, but they do have a little more to them than just “there is no God.” You also seem to have a working knowledge of science and logic.

There are a few points that you made previously that I am still thinking about. But – brother, even though I am sympathetic to your position, you seem to have no patience with theistic or Christian viewpoints. I would like to know from where this attitude comes from. I am a white protestant – I live in Massachusetts.

Mr. Ward Replies:
Well Sir, I am an African-American that is 52 years old and lives in Chicago. I began wondering about the usefulness of God and Jesus and Christianity at the age of 12. I would observe the racist actions of certain white Christians and the powerless reactions of Black Christians and decided at the age of 14 that there was something wrong with this god shit. I have been a non-believer ever since. One of the best decisions I ever made. I made another decision on 9/11/2001. That was the day I decided to become vocal and uncompromising. After witnessing what a real "faith-based initiative" can, and did do - I am now too shaken to be circumspect or quiet about my Atheism (a friend - Seima Aoyama, died on one of the planes).

I am a proud African-AMERICAN - so out of a humble respect to the memory of what my forebears experienced here in these United States, under the motherfucking cross – I could never be a Christian.


The Rant Begins
I fail to understand why so many Black people continue to be Christians – especially when I look at our 400-year physical and mental lock down under its philosophical system. I see Christianity as beneficial only for the loud-suited religious hustlers (including the Pope), the multi-billion dollar Christianity industry, and the lying politicians that have pimped the Black community since the day we landed on these shores.

My analysis and observations have found Christianity to be operating in fact as the religion branch of an international white supremacy system, whose main purpose is to keep certain white groups, organizations and individuals in the dominant power position, and to keep people of color - ignorant, blind, controlled and exploited.

The church itself, is a legally protected, tax-exempt criminal enterprise that extracts billions of real dollars from my community in exchange for less than useless interpretations of scripture, false declarations of "salvation" and un-provable promises of heaven.

Black clergymen are themselves an important part of a worldwide, lie-dispensing, invigilating, circumscribing collective; making sure that the psychosis-inducing propaganda of Christian doctrine is continuously infused into every area of Black society. They are able to do so freely, without regulative impediment or enlightened dissent.

I know that many of your fellow white people (the political leaders, the well-educated, the white clergy and the variously rich) privately and seriously do not believe in this shit. They do not believe because they are not stupid. But if they SAY they do, it is all part of the game, part of the show, part of the money - part of the politics. And most Black people fall for the gospel game, get the Holy Spirit, and lose the hard-earned money.

Black clergymen are the front-liners in this game; their task is to make sure our minds remain inoperative. This game is played for their personal enrichment and to help maintain the behind the curtain dominance of their political collaborators. Christianity is about money, control, politics and power. So-called "salvation" has nothing to do with it.

I believe ninety percent of these religious leaders are cynical non-believers (read about Mother Teresa for example – TIME magazine 08/23/2007). Most of them are too intelligent and well studied in the Bible and other disciplines to take a virgin birth seriously. They wouldn’t believe it if it were happening right now - next door. Would you? Huh? OK. None of these illusionists fool neither you or I. There is no way any reasonable and widely read person can do an honest study of the Bible without finding (privately at least) that it is not historically true, unscientific, barbaric, immoral and just full of plain to see nonsense.

There is a strong emphasis in my community on cultivating faith in the unproven, appealing to a supernatural nonentity instead of developing one’s own powers, and maintaining belief without evidence. Black people, out of fear, blind piety, willful stupidity, community pressure and “this-is-how-I-grew-up-ness,” overlook biblical inconsistencies, untruths and tales of divinely sponsored human abuse without really THINKING about what they are reading. These attitudes make it easy for the hustlers.

The best hustlers serve-up a marketing elixir called “good preaching.” This is a sweet, but evil concoction; a conniving mix of artfully delivered oration, strategic music staging, obviously manufactured hyper-emotionality, laid-on guilt, fear-inducement, obedience-training, scripture-whipping and really big lies, seasoned to audience with a slick but tasty sprinkling of some extra-biblical truths - the sprinkling of those truths.makes this stuff easier for otherwise reasonable people to swallow.

When this sweet elixir is preached, and consumed, it targets the brain. Once in the brain, it quickly transmutes into a poison that can move a sensible mind away from sense-making and into playing these irrational, limiting, self-duplicitous, “Correct Interpretation” thought games. Intelligent questioning of hustlers and critical examination of sermons are not permitted ("you don't question God").

Well-educated hustlers utilize special textual re-do techniques, that are described in theology textbooks as either “hermeneutics” or “apologetics.” These are useful disciplines that enable clergymen to smoothly cover-up, skip-over or re-message biblical lies, inaccuracies and atrocities. A re-messaging is sermonized to a congregation as a “revealed truth.” The pastor is the ONLY ONE in the room that receives it from on high. He then brings it down to his flock in his singular role as “messenger.” After this revered “messenger” accomplishes his delivery of god’s latest hit, HE is the only one that gets paid. And paid. And paid. And paid...

And there goes the money. Each year, billions of dollars from my community disappear down a clerical “black hole.” The Black church is partly responsible (oh yes it is) for the wretched condition that many Black neighborhoods are in. This money is used by the pastor to purchase expensive clothing, jewelry and automobiles, finance lavish residences (outside the Black community), and in some cases, maintain private jets too ("Oh... I don't own the jet - it's owned by the church. Ahh... so I can do more of the Lord's work").

The money is also used to purchase finery for the pastor's wife and mistress, ensure college educations for the pastor's legitimate and illegitimate children, pay for escort services, bankroll entertainment at strip clubs and casinos, purchase illegal drugs, pay-off politicians, regulatory and law-enforcement officials, keep homosexual affairs quiet, and to build more impressive church facilities, so a larger number of suckers can be impressed and taken.

The charitable and community service expenditures that churches make are actually a form of marketing. The whole church set-up (the preaching, the music, the venue, the denominational distinctions, the lies) is marketing. This marketing is so well done, that even those that are not particularly religious can be compelled to donate money, time, services, etc. All received tax-free by the church. Charity expenses are actually the smallest part of the marketing budget - but it is extremely effective in promoting the false idea that "doing good works" is one of the main priorities of the church.

The "good works" idea also serves to deflect criticism. The various "ministries" that you see in some of the larger churches are an extension and refinement of the same function.

Correct Interpretation
“Correct Interpretation” is a proven tool that sets people up for tithing and the collection of “offerings” of various kinds. “Prosperity” and “Afro-centric” ministries are at this time making the most profitable use of “Correct Interpretation” methods. The “revealed” hidden meanings or the “Correct Interpretation” of specific Bible verses vary widely from church to church – and all clergymen of whatever denominational ilk, claim to receive these individually transmitted, specifically tailored, completely in-congruent between denominations “revelations.” No inter-sectarian consistency no-way whatsoever. And the rest of us - get no conference calls from God.

These divine transmissions are usually captured through some kind of “dream,” or right in the middle of eating the No.3 Big Mac special at McDonald's. Received only by those whom have been "called."

Focusing for a moment, on the question of "revealed meanings," I have always wanted to know Sir - if the Bible itself is SO clear, why are there so many different interpretations (including yours)? Why would we need anyone to interpret (including you)? Why are there so many denominations (let's count your church too)? In America alone, there are 41,626 different Christian denominations and sects (52,874 worldwide).

Why does the so-called "revealed and anointed" unchanging word of God (is it?) have to be "re-revealed" each Sunday, times the number of churches in the world, each one resonant, with a unique pastoral and/or denominational and/or sectarian perception of that word, preached in righteous certainty, per church? Please enlighten me.

I am asking you Sir - is a clear, direct and trans-denominationaly consistent revelation message, delivered to all preachers equally, even possible from God? Everyone says "God is the ONE God." The one God, but not the one message? Or the one church? What is the "correct interpretation" of that message? Whatever it is. Is it the one YOUR pastor makes? I thought the Bible was THE WORD OF GOD - if it is HIS word, why does it need to be "interpreted" and "re-interpreted?" By you, me or anybody else? How does King James explain the need for HIS "version" of God's word? This is bullshit. Some say: "Oh...! My church is the right one!" OK... By what standard can you or anyone make that assessment? Is that assertion testable? Is it even discussable? Haven't you ever asked yourself about this?

THIS CHURCH - “God hates fags!” THAT CHURCH - “God loves fags!” Which one? How in the fuck would I or anyone else know?

I'm A Virgin - You're A Slave
It is amazing how otherwise reasonable and logical people can be seduced into “belief” in a virgin birth, walking on water, the universe being created in six days, folks rising from the dead, the Great Flood affair, etcetera, while ignoring explicit God-given warrants for all kinds of unjustified discrimination and human abuse. Abraham and Issac and a knife? Right? How many innocent children died in "The Great Flood?" Right? God’s OK and regulations for the dehumanizing practice of slavery in Leviticus (Old Testament - Lv. 25:44–46, KJV), Titus (2:9–10, KJV) in the New Testament and elsewhere in the Bible. Right?

The Ten Commandments (Ex. 20:3-17, KJV) tells us not to work slaves on the Sabbath, but says nothing about not enslaving anyone. Some people say these commandments should be followed as some kind of moral standard. Should I get some slaves? Read your Bible Christian... There are no non-enslavement injunctions anywhere in the Bible, but, plenty of support for the practice, with no expiration date. And after all the heinous bullshit that has been done to Black people in this country, under Christian ruler-ship, under God's divine recommendations – any kind of church participation on my part, is not an option.

Hustlers And Liberation Theology
Certain clergymen are trend savvy and observant of their congregations. You may be one of them - for all I know. Smart hustlers [clergymen] are constantly seeking refinement in their presentations:

Hands go up - “Ah, Professor, what is the best METHOD to keep my dumb-assed flock tithing generously and in the church?” The Professor responds: “Liberation Theology is the answer pastor! I’ll show you how to DO IT in the next class.”

Let us clear our respective throats Sir… AHEM! “Liberation” and “Theology” are opposing concepts that do not belong in the same sentence, that are not supposed to work together, and never will. Any assertion that they do is pure, un-pasteurized bullshit. I want my dear Black folks to pick-up a dictionary, and look-up the word "oxymoron" - just to see with their own eyes if it applies here. Because it does. The dirty lie of “Liberation Theology” is merely an update to the instruction book of effective congregation fleecing techniques.

There is no liberation in any philosophy that consistently trains my people to seek future “heaven,” or to "pray for an answer," or to chase after "holy spirits," and to then blindly hand over here and now control of our precious community resources, education, politics, housing, base economy, media and unique markets to others Sir. The actual purpose of  "Theology" is to teach (and sometimes force) obedience - not freedom. "Revelation" - not enlightenment... And "Liberation" - from the congregant's wallet - to the pastor's, is why the largest and most profitable Black-owned business in the Black community – is the church!

It is a shame on the part of Black people that this is NOT an embarrassment.

“Liberation Theology” is the best refinement (so far) of an indoctrination process that implants and sustains the proud to be powerless mindset (you know - “I can’t wipe my ass without Jesus”) that flourishes within the Black community. Nobody in my community thinks about opening a coffee shop themselves (“Oh man, Starbucks needs to come in and do something”). Nobody thinks about forming a team to possibly harness the “power of Jesus” and build a better grocery store in the community: “My Lord... They need to give us access to healthier food.”

"THEY NEED TO GIVE US?" OK... Is this how 'Liberation Theology' is supposed to work?"

Sharp Orange Shoes
Could anyone reading this please tell me from what establishment are Black clergymen purchasing those sharp orange shoes that match their beautiful orange suits (you know - the kind that have twelve buttons and the bottoms of the jackets end below the knees)? Amazing! And what is that "stuff" that Black pastors are always putting in their hair? Is it grease or gel - or some kind of oil? What is that shit? Since you're a white guy, you probably don't know. But being a Christian... Hey - you never know.

Return On Investment
The Christianity business has an extremely high return on investment for clergy. In the Black community Christianity is the most common and at the same time the most profitable Black-owned business. Have you ever noticed the large number of ex-pimps, con-artists, released felons and perverts of all persuasions that go into the Christianity business? Really - look at how many perverts are Catholic priests for example... And why not? Clergymen are a socially protected criminal class. And Christianity itself is the pimp game made legal. Hey! If you can just get yourself called "Reverend" - YES! You can BE a criminal without being called one. Robbery without guns! Lies without lawsuits! Income without taxes!

Not bad – maybe I should open a church.

How many other professions do you know of Sir, where you can step onto a podium, claim divine assignment and authorization with no legal, third-party or even peer reviewed verification, propagate stupid, useless nonsense without challenge – and get paid for it... Incredible.

Oh – and don’t forget to throw in some good music!

Not Enough Churches
I sometimes wonder if my people are capable of building anything other than churches. We are somehow handcuffed when it comes to creating businesses or building good housing – but a goddamned church – HEY, NO PROBLEM! And now - we are doing mega-churches (for mega-suckers, I guess). I even heard a crazy Black evangelist bitch actually say: "We don't have enough churches." Wow..!

There is a condition that I have consistently observed throughout this country that I would love pastors to answer to, or explain. I have noticed that whenever there is a high concentration of church facilities, there is nearly simultaneously a high concentration of the ugliest human pathologies apparent within that area. Then - (as a response maybe?) even more churches are built (because more "salvation and healing" is needed - I guess) - and then, in parallel with the increased number of churches, those same burning pathologies expand and intensify (drug abuse, rape, murder, prostitution, robbery, teen pregnancy, etc.). There seems to be a pattern here.

It looks like (I could be mistaken - but it LOOKS like...) the presence of churches either create and/or attract pathologies. The Catholic Church itself for example - has historically been shown to be quite dangerous for children - with its nasty, centuries-old tradition of sodomy child rape.

I have noticed the same nasty, deep, persisting condition in Hispanic communities also. Whenever you see a large number of churches concentrated within a particular neighborhood or city - it seems to be a near guarantee that you are in a high-crime - high-pathology area.

Atlanta, Georgia has one of the highest concentrations of churches of  any major American city. It also has one of the highest concentrations of strip clubs, (church-going) prostitutes, and (church-going) "escorts" of any American city. It is one of the most convenient cities for committing a sin - then confessing that sin, so that Jesus may pay the price. In Atlanta, everything is well located. The juiciest strip clubs are all less than 10 minutes from the nearest church. So you can efficiently complete as many 24-hour sin/repent cycles as you like... That way, you can get your rocks off at THIS place. Shower... Stop-off at THAT place to cleanse your soul... Done..! All before you start work...


Conversely - it seems like the better the neighborhood or city is - the harder it is to find a church. Pastors tell us that being in or near the house of the Lord is a "positive influence." So tell me Sir - how many churches are there in say - Beverly Hills, California, or Kenilworth, Illinois, or even Jupiter Island, Florida? All of these ultra-wealthy areas - I'm saying Sir, if the "positive influence" theory is correct - there should be churches on top on churches in these places - you would think... Right..?


Hey - I have seen affluent people consistently vote AGAINST churches being built in their areas. Not that they don't exist in those places - but there are fewer to choose from per person. Beverly Hills, California has only sixteen churches listed - with a population of 34,980 (median home price - $2.2 million). The "positive influence" (?) of those sixteen little churches must be powerful as hell! The wealthiest enclaves (worldwide) seem to have no churches at all. Why not?

Let's do the numbers - Beverly Hills, California - low crime/high income, 16 churches, pop. 34,980 (1 church per 2186 people). Compton, California - high crime/low income, 155 churches, pop. 93,493 (1 church per 603 people). Jupiter Island, Florida - no crime/high income, pop. 817 (median home price - $5.6 million), NO CHURCHES AT ALL!

In some of the more affluent neighborhoods in Chicago, older churches are being converted into condominiums, recording studios, offices, stores, etcetera, you know - positive uses. In poor Black neighborhoods, facilities that were once used commercially, like stores, offices, factories, etcetera are mostly being turned into churches, temples and "outreach centers," you know - negative uses.

Maybe the richest folks understand a few things that the rest of us don't.

The Awakening
Black clergymen are always in front of TV cameras whining about “the lack of opportunities” in the Black community and how Black people “need more jobs.” I would like nigger pastors to answer this - how is it that everybody that is not part of the Black community can walk in and find “opportunities” on every corner and those opportunities do not involve selling drugs or "hustling" in some manner?

If this god that we ceaselessly invoke, is so merciful and powerful – why has HE not awakened Black people to the wisdom of exploiting their own markets, owning their community and doing for self? To be sure, Black people do pray enough. We definitely have more churches per-capita than everybody else. We have no problem informing ANYONE within speaking range how much we "believe." We do aggressively (but selectively) extol the Bible. We do listen with our hearts and souls to wonderful gospel music. Everywhere you turn in my community - Jesus this! Lord that!

Now, Sir - with my Black people filled-up to our collective brims with all of these quiescent “spiritual” reserves, why have we not been able to convert all of this latent “spiritual power” into the concrete practicality of self-sufficiency, non-violent fraternity, operational cohesiveness, and simple trash can utilization within the Black community? Why? After all, we both know that Black folks are “blessed and highly favored.”

Are they? “Brother - shall we take my limousine or should we take your limousine?”

Look Sir! This is the same god that could create a universe in six days. Could flood the entire surface of the earth for 40 days and 40 nights. He could split the sea to allow escaping slaves to pass. But - he can’t handle this? And this is supposed to be a god of miracles? A god that hears prayers? A god of justice, mercy, and wisdom? Ok? How could it be that the ones that seem to pray the most, always have to go begging the ones that seem to pray the least – and then for just a job or a handout?

What gives? How can Black people ACTUALIZE the "Liberation" that is supposedly preached about in the "Theology?" More prayer? More tithing? More fat bitches in church choirs with no money and no means singing at the top of their lungs - "I've Got The Power?" Help me out here... Is actualization possible for us? And if it is - after 400 years of exposure to this shit - why has it not so far - happened for us? It certainly has happened for everybody else - and it has happened for them, as far as I can tell - without "Liberation Theology" or any other Christian infusions - being brought to their respective planning tables.

The Koreans, Arabs, Jews, Italians, Cocker Spaniels, you name it – can somehow see an under-served Black market (without any declared help from "The Lord"), can open a store in the Black community, can make enough money to send THEIR children to college and even get rich from selling in the Black community.

They do it without “the athletes and entertainers” coming in to provide financing and they don’t march on city hall chanting about a “right to a job.” You don't see any rusty-assed preachers at the table when it is time for them to negotiate their BUSINESS. Also - they don’t call upon another community to do what they as men need to do.

They don’t waste time attempting to build “coalitions,” or arranging silly meetings with anybody outside their communities to dialogue about “race relations.” They internalize, plan, save, prepare and execute. They accomplish all these things with no clerical assistance or “spiritual” advisement. Fuck a "race relation" - they stand, think and operate on their own two feet and it shows.

What god are the Koreans praying to?

Independent Thinking
The Black church cannot prosper without large numbers of people auto-cultivating a dependent and ignorant mindset. The more independent thinking, self-sufficient and educated one is, the less he finds a need for a pastor. Let us do a search. Where is:

Bill Gates’ pastor?

Warren Buffett’s pastor?

Donald Trump’s pastor?

Maybe independent thinkers don't need pastors.

Black pastors always encourage menial job-seeking and marching instead of studying, planning, ownership strategy and business creation. You develop where you place your attention. Instead of encouraging Business 101, these NIGGERS give us midnight basketball and Bible study – you know, to “keep us off the streets.” And if we are found on the streets - pastors want us to march ("Did you march today?"). March here nigger, OK, march there nigger, good - now try this circle I got for you... Think about this: The Asian folks are up at midnight studying economic theory - the Black folks are up at midnight playing basketball.

Who is going to be running who?

Pastors don’t like Black folks in their congregations to read too widely – unless they are reading the stupid-assed Bible or material that supports that pastor’s particular theological viewpoint. Books on science or philosophy or anything that may cause them to doubt or think critically does not serve the church and are falsely disparaged by clergy as “the devils work.” Thinking too much does affect church revenues.

Little Boys Behinds
The Catholic Church is a legally protected haven for pedophiles, in addition to being the most immoral and corrupt Christian organization in the world. This church - even though it cannot control it's own insatiable appetite for little boys behinds - attempts to control the rest of society by the unwelcome imposition through secular law (with their no-tax-paying asses) of some fake-assed “moral authority.” In the majority of the Western countries it once flourished in - the thick stench emanating from its doors has become intolerable, and many have left. So - its propagation efforts at this time are now being successfully focused on sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the Third World.

At this time - most Christians in Africa are delusion-ally Catholic. The Catholic Church's creepy, low-blow, propagation efforts in Africa (mostly through "charity" and "education") are supported by First World governments, in order to make sure African Third World countries remain in the Third World.

As an example of this Sir, look at how the Pope is running around in the most HIV ravaged areas of Africa to dispense his infallible wisdom on the sinfulness of condom use. Politicians remind us that the Pope preaches morality and peace. Telling people not to use condoms is moral? But then - we can suppose that if enough infected people die in certain areas of the world, peace can be expeditiously attained.

Tell me Sir - how does Catholic clergy know so much about sex - and they are not supposed to be fucking? They will talk about sex - even when they are not talking about sex. They are obsessed with who is doing it, whom they are doing it to, and in what context. But celibacy itself is kinda kinky - if you really think about it... I mean... What do you do with your hands? Huh? No jacking off? No blowjobs? Fuck that shit. And the first claim of Catholic authority starts from the sweet, clean, immaculate condition of Mary's hot - holy pussy.

Any guy would like to get a whiff of that.

The Virgin Mary - pregnant but un-fucked? My mind boggles just thinking about how hot that is. You mean to tell me, all the Holy Spirit had to do was blow on this bitch? I wonder if she wears panties? Did her "husband" Joseph ever get any? No? Just a handjob? OK... Maybe that "boggling" is why such large numbers of Catholic men rush home to take cold showers after mass. Whew! It's the spirit... They don't know what to do. And the Pope himself wears a funny hat, and a long white dress (with lace and shit). Check it - the whole Catholic thing is one big freaky fuck.

Watch Your Ass!!!

Could you imagine presenting your own daughter to folks this way? "... And now everybody - I would like to introduce my eldest daughter - The Virgin Shaquita."

I mean - seriously... "Mary - do we really need to know the condition of your pussy BEFORE you tell us your name?" Please...

Now, with the Vatican talking about all of this immaculate sexual morality bullshit - somehow, the Catholic priesthood has the latitude, the nerve, and propensity to party in the the way that they tell you not to. Abstinence for you - but not for clergy? This shows how greedy the Catholic Church is - they want to keep all the booty to themselves.

Just greedy.

And with that - I shudder to think how many fresh, young, untouched behinds in Third World countries are in danger of being "blessed."

"Sir - why do you walk that way?" "I'm Catholic - leave me alone!"

The real history of the wrongful relationship between the (non-tax-paying) Catholic Church and Black enslavement is solid, sordid, sick, and documented. Why are there Black Catholics? Why? I could never understand that. This is the same church that had to rack their brains, trying to figure out whether or not Black people were "human." (Don't be bullshitted) This church then sanctioned and blessed the slave trade when they decided we were not.

I would be suicidally embarrassed to tell anyone that I was "Catholic."

Conservative White Christians
Most conservative Christian whites become concerned when they encounter any African-American that is not a Christian. I don't blame them for being concerned... Just look at the way I talk.

Biblical Submission
Well-meaning Black people, tricky preachers and white people like yourself always attempt to beat Black non-believers back into biblical submission. Community pressure stays on autopilot in this regard – Black folks keeping Black folks in line: "Stay narrow minded son, and always remember to be irrationally respectful of whiteness. You must choose to cultivate powerlessness, and be sure to practice every day at being confused and ignorant, because as you know, those are skills you'll really need in the long run - you stupid fuck."

Another aspect of biblical submission is the dumb-assed situation that Black politicians, intellectuals (?), professionals, and businesspeople find themselves "caught-up" in: They have to play the "I-believe-in-Jesus" game (even if they don't) in order to get business, respect, votes, and the perception of credibility from Black people. This is so discriminatory and unfair. I see these guys in different venues doing their religious pandering, while passing-out their business cards - some of them look like they're in real pain while they are bullshitting people with stuff they know ain't true, just to get business ("Jesus is my business partner" - shit like that).

Pious Black people will quickly dis-invite unbelieving Black folks from events, clubs, and organizations. They will prevent them from speaking or teaching. I've seen this. Nigger Christians will even attempt to get certain Black individuals fired from their employment, if they find those Black persons to be non-Christian. "Well... It's the Christian thing to do."

White folks, Asians, and Arabs don't have to pass any religious tests in order to get business or votes from Black folks. It's crazy... Black folks do this to each other all the time - but I have never heard of any Black person making a demand to find out what is the religion of the owners of Chanel, or Louis Vuitton, or Versace, or any non-Black owned business. Never.

"What's our religion??? Ahh... SECURITY!!!"

"Ah, Sister... Do you use a computer? Well - what the hell is Bill Gates religion? New shoes? The founder of NIKE - what's his religion?.. Maybe it's the shoe god? Huh? OK. The Korean owner of the beauty supply on the corner - the one that you buy something from at least three times a week? What's his religion? You don't know? Why haven't you asked? Because you certainly asked that brother that just opened the beautiful cafe down the street, and when you found out he wasn't "saved" you told him you are not going to patronize him. So... You go to Starbucks now? OK... Well, Sister... What is Starbucks religion? You don't know?.. OK."

This is the kind of shit I have to deal with.

Christianity is the internally destructive driver, that forces Black people to force other Black people to jump through hoops that we don't demand any other groups to jump through before we hand over our support or money.

White folks, Arabs, and Asians are laughing their asses off every day - right to the motherfucking BANK.

Deprogramming And You
White supremacists (Pat Buchanan/Rush Limbaugh types) know it is hard to control people of color that are not Christians, even if they believe in some kind of god (Remember Malcolm X?). A person of color that is not Christian usually needs a lot more work to fool, dominate and fleece. At the same time - and you know this Sir; that, whenever well-educated white folks encounter other white folks that REALLY, openly, believe this stuff, they label them as "nuts" or "fanatics" or "Jesus Freaks" and look down on them as possible candidates for psychiatric assistance.

"Is Bill OK?"

Concerned white parents of means will take their "Bible-believing" children to high-priced specialists to be "deprogrammed." Think about this Sir: If something is really "the truth" - why would anyone need or want to be "deprogrammed" out of it? Right? I mean - if it is really, reeely the truth. "You're a 'math freak' son, we'll have to get you deprogrammed." Isn't "truth" the best basis for living your life? Could it be that - maybe this ain't the truth? And some folks are - maybe - pretending that it is? And they don't want their own kids "caught-up" in bullshit?

I have noticed that white people never label Black people, that are Christian, no matter how "god-intoxicated" or irrationally religious they may be, as "fanatics" (I haven't seen it). I sincerely know that most (97%) Black Americans are in dire need of "deprogramming." You are white: Sir, what do you think?

Have YOUR children been "deprogrammed?" Ok...

This duplicitousness really bothers me: The way well-educated white people in power (or conservative proxies of color like author Dinesh D'Souza) and/or means will get on TV, print, etcetera, and tell folks of color about the "rightness" of Christian belief - but when their own children actually take those very beliefs to heart, let's say, to the same degree as a Black person would - the same folks will pay big money (to a motherfucking specialist no less) to get their children "deprogrammed" out of it... In-doctrination for Black kids - de-doctrination for white kids.


Look Up And Tithe
Christianity makes you look up instead of around. Good pastors know that believers are easier to set-up for tithing when they are looking up. Tithing is for suckers. If you were to take all your money out of your wallet and burn it – you would be getting more out of that money than giving it to a pastor. Preaching equals fleecing Sir. Why do you think congregations are called flocks? And, if tithing is such a good and wonderful thing – I must ask: "To what church does Creflo Dollar tithe? Does he tithe? To whom does the Pope tithe? Oh... Don't ask?"

"That's what I said brother... Don't ask."

Leviticus 18:22
I’m sitting here in my motherfucking living room and a Black clergyman is welcoming me to the neighborhood (?) trying to preach to me about some “moral standards” he probably can’t live up to himself - and making a "by-the-way" request of a donation for some "ministry" (he didn't get it of course). A slick white Christian conservative cynic is being interviewed at the same moment on TV - with his motherfucking capped teeth and hair-sprayed hairdo - talking about some made-up right-wing garbage regarding “Family Values” (what?) and “The Gay Agenda.”


Many of these white evangelical pastors have bathhouse secrets of their own. These (married) guys travel everywhere with several tubes of "K-Y Gel" (a must) or big "Sam's Club" sized jars of "Vaseline." I've heard they "shower" a lot. They then have the dirty nerve to sermon openly racist political agendas on top of that. Nigger pastors put on hats and large dark sunglasses to go "down low." After Wednesday night Bible study - you can see those bastards driving real slow through alleys and side streets at 2AM (with the lights off) to get to the bath house. Those niggers will be well served upon arrival - Black folks' hard-earned tithes pay for their blowjobs.

"Hey Rev - don’t forget to shower motherfucker!”

Guns And Jesus
The white Christian Identity movement is to me the most fascinating and the most confusing part of all Christendom. They want to purify this country through the (Nazi-like) subjugation and extermination of all liberals, homosexuals, Jews, Democrats, socialists and people of color, even if they are Christians! The most rabid Christian Identity homophobic ranters always turn out to be in the closet themselves.

At the same time, they preach a loving and beautiful theology that reveals the deep spiritual connection between God and guns. Jesus can be found in a box of ammunition. So let us pray: “Gaaad Bull-less AMerree-ca and to HELL with everrrbody else! Aaay-men!!!”

Nobody can tell me these people are not inclusive.

Slavery, lynching (Oops!), Jim Crow and police dogs in America. In God We Trust and segregation with taxes.

Now…where is Jesus when you REALLY need him?

“I’m Here – kidnapping you from your homeland, enslaving you, raping you, Jim Crowing you, Ku Klux Klanning you, White Citizens Councilling you, arresting you, beating you, cheating you, creating new words to identify you and doing everything negative and exploitative that I can think of to you EACH AND EVERY FUCKING DAY – uh, that’s on the one hand: But Look! On the other hand - I am giving you something that will save your soul.”

Get the fuck out of here.

Let's March
Lastly Sir, I believe Christianity to be the main source in the Black community of the rampant ignorance, self-destructiveness, delusional thinking, hopelessness, economic dysfunction, anti-literacy attitudes, widespread political absentia, a-historicity, intellectual suspension, fratricidal criminality, unscientific reasoning, misogyny, homophobic discrimination, and unquestioned deference to and fear of white people. Community disunity is maintained partly through an ugly but beautifully effective denominationalism. All of these specifics are major impediments to Black progress.

I watch these fucking preachers and politicians talk their “faith-based” moralistic nonsense, attempting to demolish the separation between church and state. I see right-wing conservative politicians rake in their “faith-based” PAC money and receive their “faith-based” votes – from which their ignorant supporters believe they have given these legislators some kind of “divinely-inspired mandate” to make the Bible the 28th Amendment. I see these same politicians and their preacher collaborators, brazenly appropriating our secular purposed taxes for clearly unconstitutional “faith-based initiatives” and “programs.”

Then - I see them BOTH get busted with their “faith-based” mistresses.

I cry every day for my people. These guys and their biblical bullshit keep my people running around in circles. And when we are not running - instead of thinking, planning, investing and building,


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  1. You wrote: "the proud to be powerless mindset (“I can’t wipe my ass without Jesus”) that flourishes within the Black community. Nobody thinks about opening a coffee shop themselves (“Oh man, Starbucks needs to come in and do something”). Nobody thinks about forming a team to possibly harness the “power of Jesus” and build a better grocery store in the community - “They need to give us access to healthier food.”

    "THEY NEED TO GIVE US?" OK... Is this how “Liberation Theology” is supposed to work?"

    Oh my goodness, this is one of my biggest pet peeves about our community. I used to routinely hear in NYC (where I grew up - I've lived in Cleveland for 3 years now - which is even worse): "The city needs to come in here and clean up these streets" or "the city needs to better police this neighborhood", etc.

    My thought (like yours) was Why don't YOU keep your property clean? Cut your grass. Don't drop trash on the street, and it'll be clean. Why don't YOU police yourselves? Stop raising unruly, apathetic children, and stop embracing the crime-culture of gangsta rap, and you won't even NEED police.

    Just to scratch the surface...