Monday, October 12, 2009

FOX "News?"

The FOX News channel is the television ministry of the Republican Party. Its mission is to destroy President Obama. A misinformation machine par excellence, designed specifically to cater to the conservative, white, Christian, gun-toting, nitwit set.

The nasty teabagger movement was instigated and directed by the FOX network. Most of the participants will also self-identify as "dittoheads" if asked, or will at least let it be known that they are "in agreement" with hyper-conservative freak Rush Limbaugh - an opinionated asshole who broadcasts his trash opinions over the GOP radio ministry, the "Excellence In Broadcasting" (yuk-yuk) or "EIB" network.

The psychotic Glenn Beck, and stealth racist Sean Hannity are the most popular poison spreaders on the FOX channel. These guys are backed-up and reiterated by second stringer loudmouth Bill O'Reilly, as he spins away in his "No-Spin-Zone." Tune in sometime. Keep some Rolaids and a barf-bag nearby - just in case. If you have ANY brain cells whatsoever, you will ask yourself: "This is news?"

Rush Limbaugh - even though he does not broadcast through FOX, is the de-facto leader of the Republican Party, and the biggest on-air bullshit generator. It seems like all three of these fuckers (Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh) are on a speed-dial daisy chain, and regularly have drinks together, so they may compare and exchange notes. They may be, for all we know. Ever notice how these guys "riff" off each other? Even though they broadcast through two different networks, on three different shows, their messages are unified, consistent, and pointed.

Michael Steele? Please. Republican window dressing. Diversity on the fly. He needs to sit his stupid ass down. Every time Sean Hannity interviews Mr. Steele or does commentary about him, Hannity has this "look-at-this-dumb-nigger" look on his face. Hannity is so racist - he can't even affect a serious pose for five minutes. It's a fucking joke.

The FOX network is a propaganda sewerhole - and millions of conservative knuckleheads tune in each day. And this is where they get their "news." If you ever want to do a study of the relationship between intentionally misleading media influences, and the sustained political ignorance that we find in our American society today, the FOX News network would be a good place to start. No wonder the "teabaggers" are so agitated.

Hitler would love FOX News.

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