Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Johnson Family

"I've got a $1,250.00 mortgage payment to make. In two days, it will be late. But I didn't tithe last week. My job cut my hours. My tithe commitment is $250.00 a week - I promised my pastor I would stick with my commitment to my church. Goodness, I know God needs the money. A house is only of this world. I want to make sure I do what I am supposed to do to secure my eternal place in heaven.

I don't want to be struck down or sent to hell for breaking my promise to the Lord. God needs the money. I told my wife I was going to mail the mortgage payment today. I don't feel very good. I wonder if I could call the bank and work out something. Our Loan Officer had a cross around her neck, I hope she's saved. Maybe she will understand that I really need to give $500.00 of this money to my church for Jesus.

My Lord, my Lord. Let me pray about this."

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