Friday, May 7, 2010

Saggin Ass

Maybe because it is my age or something - but I am so confused about this "sagging" stuff. I mean, the main stylers of this "style" are supposed to be the most macho of our [Black] race. They say this is "gangsta" - but it looks so - well - GAY. But maybe it isn't. In Chicago, I don't see many guys that are openly GAY doing this "sagging" thing - I really don't. The gays, on average, are actually more masculine in their dress than the average Black heterosexual. Is this the new "macho?" The new "gangsta?" Somehow - I just don't see Al Capone or John Gotti rolling like this.

It is like these guys are signaling or inviting others to make some kind of contact with their asses. "Here's my drawers man - come and get it." That can't be it. Right? But their pants are "down" and "low" - aren't they? Not a homosexual flag?  Are we sure that this is not an invitation to get it "up the ass?" You sure? OK... Maybe their asses are so hot, they need to get additional cooling before their pants burn-up.

"Smoke!!! Pull um down man! Pull um down!"

This practice also (to me) looks; "BUSTED" - "LOST" - "HOPELESS." "No way do I know where I am going man - and don't want to know..." A 25 year-old man emulating the sartorial habits of a 2 year-old with a full diaper (I have met a few that are 40 years of age that do this -  and yes, I call it properly: "The Full-Diaper Look"). The more extreme stylers of this look have the actual tops of their pants FULLY UNDER their asses, and then stabilised with a fancy belt. I mean, full ass with colorful underwear OUT! "Sir - are you SURE you don't want it up the ass?" WOW. I am now supposed to regard (for real) a grown man as a serious individual that intentionally walks in public with HIS PANTS DOWN.

"Cultivated infantility" - shall we say?

Any woman(!?) that would date a guy dressed like this has to be actually retarded herself, or have some other intractable mental issues - she's got to. What masculine attraction does she see here? His pink and blue underwear? This is a man? Really?

Do "saggers" pay child support?


Believe me - once some gangsta rapper pushes the idea hard enough, these same guys will seriously be wearing (Nike) skirts and panties next ("saggin' skirts?"). I mean, they already wear earrings, and some even sport long fingernails now (how cute!). I think we are now witnessing the full-press "bitchification" of the heterosexual Black American male.

Why not go all the way?

(I do understand that in old times past, earrings for men was a regular and normal thing. That was culturally phased-out over time because of practical military and personal defense reasons. Any kind of piercing provides an adversary with more points, or opportunities to put a hurting on you via damage by tearing, or amplifying and reinforcing the pain of a blow because of the presence of metal on or in the skin. RIP OUT - a nose or ear ring. PUNCH HIM - right square on his brow or lip piercing... BOOM!!! - AAHHH!!! Get the picture?)

At a wedding (no less) - I saw an individual so invested in this look, that he was "sagging" the pants and cummerbund to his (purple) tuxedo. A tuxedo that precisely matched the color of his purple Nikes. But I must give the purple tuxedo brother credit however - he had made for himself, an inconceivable and probably unprecedented objective, and the brother accomplished this objective superbly. MAN. Talk about being a witness to something new and different...

Another confusing thing I was witness to: The saggers always seem to wear the loudest colored and boldest design underwear they can find (so that folks CAN notice it?). But when a guy actually NOTICES IT, and expresses his attraction to it [the ass] - now the sagger has an attitude and a "real" reason to fight ("I ain't no fag man!!!"). I witnessed such an encounter at a mall. It was as incredible as it was interesting.

But you know... At this age, I have finally learned that "incredibility" is one of the great things that add surprise and interest to the living of life. And anything that you yourself may find to be, or deem as "stupid," or "dumb-assed," or "tasteless" - others may find that very thing to be just what they are looking for. For example - it is like a long time ago, I was in a leather store, and there was the first time I saw a Pelle Pelle jacket. I examined it, then said to myself: "This some stupid looking shit - who would be dumb enough to wear this crap?" Now you see Black folks everywhere wearing this stuff...

You see?

Maybe "sagging" comes under that category.

What if they have to run? Looks complicated. I would love to see how you pull off a getaway with your pants like that. I am sure I am wrong.

Am I?

Someone - please give me a reasonable explanation for this.


  1. there is no explanation for it. it actually began in prisons, though, by homosexual men who were doing exactly what you said-displaying their goods so that they could exchange it for sex or contraband. it really isn't hot, i'm not really sure why these men ascribe to these sorts of ridiculous fashion trends, but that one of MANY things that have no explanation that these type of men do.

  2. I will be putting your link to this blog in my blogroll.