Wednesday, March 13, 2019

#ADOS No.1 - Three Answers To Pan-Africanists

With any movement that is for and by Black people - we always have to deal with the usual Black obstructionists within our own ranks. You know - nigger preachers, Black conservatives, Jack And Jillers, Boule's, Black talking heads on liberal media, Black talking heads on conservative media, instructed columnists, instructed scholars, stupid athletes, talk show-ers, empty think tank-ers, steak-lunch-eating civil rights professionals, bought politicians, religious Negroes, religious Negroes that don't vote, apathists, tap dancers, shoe shiners, Black people that are married to white people, Negropeans, African immigrants, Caribbean immigrants, the "Can't-Be-Doners!!!" - 

And the "Why-Nowers???". 

The shocker though, was the viciously negative reactions of many Pan-Africanists. Blew my mind Family. You don't always get what you expect. Right? Specifically - the two that I was very surprised with - Dr. Umar Johnson and Dr. Conrad Worrill. 


Below - I will give three full blown responses to words pointed in my direction on Facebook from Dr. Conrad Worrill. Details about Dr. Conrad Worrill can be found on Wikipedia. 

1. Conrad Worrill: "The emergence of #ADOS in the Reparations Movement through social media is causing a great deal of confusion for people who sincerely support the demand for reparations. #ADOS has asserted itself into the Reparations Movement in America with no apparent historical context of reference to the on the ground work that has taken place the last thirty or forty years. They are operating in a historical vacuum."

Arthur Ward: "Social Media?" The best way to communicate ideas today. Shows the organizers have a good sense of efficiency - and that is probably why it has caught fire in the way that it has. "Confusion?" I don't think so. The ordinary Black person on the street may not have the detailed policy analytics or deep historical knowledge that you may possess. But, the average Black person has enough overall understanding of the genesis of the issue - the directly and historically experienced pain caused by the issue - and what the probable solution to the issue should be. So Sir - there is no "vacuum". People are just not willing to wait another thirty to forty years for ground games - policy creation - law establishment - and payouts to happen. Not at this point. And if #ADOS is the final solution - I would say that YOU should be proud of being part of the process-heritage that brings us HERE.

Stop being an obstructionist to the fruition of your own work.

"#ADOS has asserted itself into the Reparations Movement in America?" What do you mean by that statement? Yes - #ADOS has asserted and moved. But does N'COBRA, Dr. Conrad Worrill, or other Reparations movements or organizations established prior to #ADOS somehow own this issue? Do you or others hold copyrights or patents on this? If you do - please show me the paperwork. Do The Black Panthers own the rights to Black folks defending themselves against the police too? We did not know we needed your permission to petition for what is rightfully ours. Glad you let me know Sir.  

2. Conrad Worrill: "I despise your reparations advocacy that is anti African immigrant and anti Pan-African. And for the record, we are not scared at all. We are freedom fighters who disagree with you and the divisive nature of your tactics. Try all you want, but we will continue to challenge the absurdity of your positions as we continue to help press for the Reparations Demand for African people in America."

Arthur Ward: How is any #ADOS advocacy anti African immigrant or anti Pan-African? Really? What is there to "despise?" How is an American domestic issue between specific entities anti anything to third parties that are inappropriately inserting themselves into a contention that has nothing to do with them? The only division is #ADOS push back telling others to: "Mind your business." When others mind their business - there is no division. 

Believe me. 

Sir - instead of "challenging the absurdity of my positions". That energy would be better spent challenging the absurdity of political professionals opposing, deflecting, minimizing, and politicizing my position. Which is the #ADOS position. You See? Better spent making constructive, scholarly, suggestions on improving policy. 

Your challenge statement is interesting though. 


Now - according to you, my position is "absurd". And my position IS to "help press for the Reparations Demand for African People in America". At the same time - you are going to challenge me on that position. While YOU continue to "help press for the Reparations Demand for African people in America". OK. I will be looking forward to that challenge Sir.  

3. Conrad Worrill: "We just disagree. There is nothing in-house about the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the capturing of African people in the Western Hemisphere. We [American, Caribbean, and South American slaves] were impacted by the same forces and we [the Diaspora] have now united in our demands for Reparations for African people worldwide."

Arthur Ward: Dr. Worrill - I would have expected a little more from you than just: "We just disagree". That was a sincere and respectful question [how you would improve the #ADOS approach and conceptualization] - I really do want to understand in detail why you disagree AND what from your perception and understanding we can do to improve we are doing. Like I said: "... we are trying."

You are correct when you say: "There is nothing in-house about the Transatlantic Slave Trade... YES SIR. But - everything that happened to our ancestors was definitely in-house once we landed here. Brazil, Haiti, Dominican Republic, France, Spain, etc. had nothing to do with AMERICAN policy on how to deal with slaves. These other places also had nothing to do with Jim Crow, American style lynching, the KKK, etc.

Everybody else had their own ways and issues and handlings when it came to slavery. They all had different policies and laws in their post-slavery situations. These are all different countries that are better dealt with in the aggregate by their own citizens, for their own - specific, local benefits. Internationally - each solution HAS TO BE different and focused and strategically done per country. That would be the most practical and effective way. 

I also think that what we accomplish can serve as a general blueprint for other African Diasporans similarly situated around the world. 

Family - isn't this shit unbelievable?

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