Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diverse - But Can't Get Elected?

There are quite a few "conservative" Black people out there, that are running or have run for public office. Why is it that conservative white folks never seem to be able to vote these guys into office? I mean, the white (conservative) candidates DO get elected. Why no Black ones?

The Black ones, no matter how solidly "right-wing," or "Republican-platform," or "conservative-position" or "I'm-wit'-cha-boss" sounding their rhetoric may be, they just don't seem to get the same love.

It may not be that way - but that's how it looks.

The ones that are in high-profile positions within the Republican Party, at least on the surface, seem to be treated badly, or just ignored. They look like they are either "figure-headed," or "window-dressed," or "relegated," or "Michael-Steeled." You know? And any love that is shown, seems to be reserved, just for the TV cameras.

Choose a stage: They do an air hug that lasts for a nanosecond, then the white person walks away from the person of color - real fast. Lightweight - quick handshakes. Look away - turn - gone! So fluidly choreographed - it looks like ballet done on a hot stove. You ever notice that? A remarkable synthesis of racist etiquette and elegant minstrelsy. Funny as hell. Well - Republicans are funny anyway. Check it out the next time you see any televised Republican event.

You can see the same kind of phenomena at large Republican gatherings. The whites that are at those gatherings, don't even look like they are comfortable sitting next to a fellow Republican - ahhh, that happens to be of color. They look uneasy and strained in their seats, like they have a whole-body itch they can't scratch (they need to distribute free Cortisone). When you see wide-angle camera shots of those gatherings on TV, you can clearly see the very few people of color dispersed throughout a sea of white - nervously waving their little flags.

The Black folks at those gatherings look so out-of-place, that I suspect the RNC is renting these people from some service that provides TV-ready colored people to be part of the "staging" at normally all-white events. To me - a service seems plausible. That could be why the Black folks I see at those events remain in their seats, while a Sarah Palin is on the podium, railing about the alarming possibility, of a Muslim nigger being the next occupant of "OUR" (whites only) White House.

There is a constant flow of veiled and not-so veiled racist political rhetoric spoken at those meetings. How can the Black folks continue to sit there? Do they HEAR what is being said? Red-faced white folks throwing tantrums in the bleachers - "I waaant MY country baaak!!!" Oooh wee buddy... I know I would have to be paid to stay.

That's why I can see the utility of a "diversity" service. Let's listen:

The Service: "OK. How many white people do you think will show-up?"

RNC: "Oh - maybe 25,000."

The Service: "Well, how diverse do you want to look?"

RNC: "Ah, well, we need the balance of a good image for TV - but we don't want to do too many. It may scare-off our base. You know what I mean?"

The Service: "I gotcha Sir... I tell you what - how about a spread of 25 Blacks placed into the general seating, and maybe put three or four on the stage for some good camera shots - how 'bout that?"

RNC: "Beautiful - let's do it."

Now, I am not saying that is what's happening. This is America. But I just wonder: How do you have these hundreds of Black conservative Republicans out there, that are enthusiastically and unreservedly spouting the right stuff; but less than one-half, of one-half, of one-half of one percent of the ones that run for office are actually elected?

The ones that do have positions of power or any degree of influence are usually appointed - then treated like pets. The RNC even provides free dog food! Isn't that nice? The appointments don't last long. Again, they are hardly ever elected. The ones that have been elected, don't seem to get re-elected. If anyone has contrary information on this - please let me know. The most prominent Black Republicans always find themselves supporting publicly, those white candidates that have that "I-don't-want-any-niggers-living-next-door" look on their faces.

A political expediency so weird, it is truly beyond explanation.

The numbers of people that do vote Republican; and the numbers of people that are willing to vote for a Republican candidate that happens to be of color - at least, on the surface; are not looking like they want to even, well - even-up with each other. At least to me they don't. Is the Republican Party really the "white mans" party? If it is not, then WHY can't Black folks, in any real numbers, get elected within this party? Discrimination? In the Republican Party? Nah...

It may not be that way - but that's how it looks.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Bush Administration

Investigate, Indict, Prosecute, Convict, Imprison.
Let's get started - Mr. Special Prosecutor.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reconstruction And The Constitution

Let us make one thing clear Black folks: 

True Christianity and True Constitutionality is, was, and always will be incompatible.

No equal rights, no fair rules, and no good laws can ever be derived from commandments or directives that originate from above.

The secular rightness of the freely debatable, in-this-time flexible, and of-the-people consented assuredness of our well-amended present-day constitution; far exceeds whatever soul-saving goodness that might be found in the dusty, ancient, inflexible, discriminating, un-amendable, and divinely ordered morality of the Bible. We need to stop misleading ourselves with this equating and relating of one with the other - they are not, and never will be analogous, compatible or correlative. The history of Black people in Christian America has already shown this as an irrefutable fact. We as a people must wake-up to certain realities, and recent trends.

Reality One:

I will challenge to his face, any white right-wing Republican Christian conservative (that has some reasonableness) to choose between the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. And since this would be a case where only one irrevocable choice could be made - watch which gets chosen. Rights created by the consent of the people, will always trump commandments, decided and imposed by a judgmental and unaccountable party of one. They [Republicans] are not stupid - the non-rhetorical, and surprisingly intelligent choice would be made 100% of the time.

They may talk a lot of mess; but again - they are not stupid.

Reality Two:

My Black folks though - may be a different case. Why? Because too many of my people are intoxicated with Jesus - and don't give a flying fuck about logic, ethics, social science, American history, politics, understanding the constitution, or even - understanding the Bible itself. So - if they are that different case (and yes - they are), I would suggest my Black folks fire-up two fucking brain cells - just two folks - TWO (don't want to overwork a nigger). In our collective heads; and make an honest operational comparison between the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution, the opening lines of The Declaration of Independence, and Leviticus 25:44-46, - and think about where the imposition of Mosaic Law can lead to.

Do the Leviticus verses relating to slavery square rightly with these two documents? Do they? The verses cited are direct from the mouth of God. The same motherfucking God that supposedly "blesses" America. Could an American slave be considered "blessed?" Ever? Can pernicious "Jim Crow" conditions or legally sanctioned racial murder (lynching) be part of "God's Plan?"

I cannot find ONE verse in the the Bible that even supports the idea of "All men being created equal." Not one. Galatians 3:28 comes a little close - but the only equality that it mentions is all BELIEVERS "being one in Christ Jesus" - fuck everybody else. I do find support for "The divine right of kings" and "if you are a slave - you stay a slave." I also find a lot of stupid shit like "loving your enemies" and stoning people to death for bullshit reasons. "Chosen People?" Chosen ahead of or aside from whom? Does being one of the "chosen" equal equality with others? Does being equal "in the sight of God" operationally translate into secular equality? If it does, why would we have a practical constitutional need to separate church and state?

Jesus himself tells you: "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's (Matthew 22:21; KJV)." This is his provisional summary of the relationship between Christianity and secular authority.

That summary can be enacted though, in one of two practical ways. Either exercise a totally separate secular government, with a totally separate ecclesiastical authority. This arrangement has a "Second Coming" time limit. The other option is to forcibly initiate the creation of a singular "Kingdom of God" on earth - pushing the clock forward, and hopefully expediting the return of sovereign Jesus.

The "Kingdom of God" creation process can be accomplished either systematically or immediately. One way is to legislatively breach the wall of separation in a piecemeal fashion - Republican style. Or you can suddenly do away with all aggregation of authority - right now - by gun - and martial law - militia style. Kill the liberals, burn the gays, and put the niggers in their place. The Law of God will then overwrite the Law of Caesar.

ONWARD! Christian soldiers!!!

In our case, according to Jesus, this dual rendering - some to the (earthly) king and some to the (heavenly) kingdom, is the correct relationship between the Bible and the Constitution. That is, until the "proper" (Second Coming) changes are finally made. This temporary relationship absolutely means that whatever you are spiritually or denominationally - or however much or strongly you may believe - it makes no difference. If the secular authority says "this is where you need to be," then - according to Jesus, that is where you are supposed to go (you like this?). Whether certain ordinances, acts, or decrees are fair, moral in principle, and equally applicable for everyone, is not an issue.

"Can we get a 'Bill of Rights' here?" "No Sir. Not from Jesus."

The "word of God" has never moved anyone from slave to free. But a constitutional amendment did (the 13th Amendment; ratified on 12-6-1865). The Bible is about obedience - not freedom. About constructing a kingdom - an "in-real-reality" a "you-ain't-got-no-say" gangstership - and not about developing a free, unimposing, and equally righted democracy. According to the Holy Bible - just because you believe does not mean that you should be free (that's American history!). Even those fortunate Hebrew slaves that were freed and relocated with God's direct assistance (Exodus 1:1 - 10:5). They were then cleared by God to exercise the same inexcusably evil practice on others - "You can buy slaves and keep them in perpetuity as an inheritance for your children" (Leviticus 25:44-46). Did those former slaves learn anything?

Apparently not.

Enslavement is just as immoral as murder. Either way - a life has been terminated. "Love your enemies?" Ahh, "Serve your masters?" How about "serving" a potential enslaver with a bullet in the face? How 'bout that? That bullet would be all the "love" you would need to give. Don't you think so?  Isn't shooting a motherfucker the "truly" American thing to do? Why have a 2nd Amendment if you can't shoot a motherfucker - right? At a certain time in this country, there were a lot of true Black believers praying desperately for Jesus to provide relief - that never came. Working in the cotton fields by day - calling out HIS name in vain by night - while getting thoroughly fucked in the ass by massa - every night (OH Jesus!!!).

Reality Three:

Folks... This is where we go into "certain realities and recent trends."

Paul - a biblical hero - said that runaways should be returned to their masters (entire Letter to Philemon: NT - KJV). He had an opportunity to speak directly about the evil of slave-owning in his "letter," but the great man did not do so. He talked about "brotherhood" with a slave(!?) - but not freeing a slave. "Brotherhood" between slave and master. Really? Brothers? OK. Ever heard of the "Fugitive Slave Law (act of 2-12-1793 and law of 9-18-1850)?" Bad laws for Black people in this country have always had their roots and moral justifications in immoral Biblical teachings.

White Christian Reconstructionists, Jesus Christ, and our good friend Paul agree; "You niggers should be returned to your masters." These fine people are not just Republican type propaganda-spouting fakers - they mean what they believe, and they plan to put this country in alignment with those beliefs. And for those that take issue with my usage of the sacred word "nigger" - "nigger" is a perfectly acceptable and proper word to be used in all contexts. I passionately love it, just like the white Christian Reconstructionists do. It was invented by Christians to be used by Christians with no reserve towards certain Christians. And remember: If it's Christian - it's got to be good.

Back to the show...

Many everyday white evangelical Christians are doing a serious study of the Calvinist writings of Rousas John Rushdoony - the father of Christian Reconstructionism. They are also making serious studies of the anti-freedom writings of Charles Hodge, Robert Lewis Dabney, Thornton Stringfellow, and other pro-slavery theologians of the past. Now - take note folks. The worst aspects of Rushdoony's thought (the favorite) in particular, are being mainstreamed and made acceptable by white religious conservatives.

They want the Old Testament Mosaic Law to replace the Constitution, FOR REAL. Thereby putting Caesar's things, and God's things all in one basket, you know, like the Islamically pious, and Koranically literal Taliban. These biblically literal, biblically crazy Reconstructionists DO, LITERALLY want to re-enslave us, you know - American citizen type African-Americans. Because the holy Mosaic Law, literally, and for real - sanctifies and regulates slavery - with no consideration of citizenship status. Well it does - literally, and for real. And let us remember: Jesus himself - speaking in Matthew 5:17-20 makes very clear that he came not to abolish Old Testament law - but to fulfill it.

You cannot say these good white folks are scripturally incorrect, or misinterpretive, like those slavery words - those slavery endorsements - those slavery permissions are not there - because, they are.

No amount of that clergical "correct-interpretation" rightness, or that, "you-mis-interpreted-because..." retortations or that, "you-you-took-it-out-of-context" deflectionary bullshit can move the ink on those pages, to mean anything other than what that ink is supposed to mean literally with no chaser. So all you Jesus fanatics, clergyfolks, spiritual hustlers, and biblical apologists can stick it.

This can go far. Just like a constitution can be established by force - it can also be abolished by force. Reconstructionists love their guns.

For them - no blessings without bullets.

Since the election of Obama, this movement has gained traction and credibility - being consumed daily, with morning coffee. We [Black people] have already been designated historically, as the correct party to enslave by Hamitic decree; and, considering the possibility of this action from a positive societal standpoint; the re-enslavement of Black folks would make white Christian conservatives very happy.

Another positive effect that can happen due to re-enslavement would be that cable TV viewership would (temporarily) go way up. FOX News would do full coverage of the re-enslavement proceedings - along with well-informed and beautifully effusive commentary. Glenn Beck would declare "a great day in America." Stealth racist pundit Sean Hannity would not be able to remove the smile from his face. They would even reserve two or three "FOX News Approved" Black clergymen on-air to comment on how re-enslavement is a "great blessing" for blacks - and also, to provide those "good optics" to show the world that racism did not have a role in this. 

Don't think it can't happen.

So - what does history tell us? What scriptural authority backed-up our former slave master's position? Were they scripturally correct? What was the philosophy and/or the law that freed us? What literal scriptural support did the abolitionists have - if any? Did Lincoln go against "God's Will" with his "Proclamation" to emancipate?

If America and the Bible go together like mom and apple pie - then where is the democracy in biblically reconstructed enslavement?

"The assumption that slave holding is in itself a crime... is an error fraught with evil consequences. It not merely brings its advocates into conflict with the scriptures, but it does much to retard the progress of freedom; it embitters and divides the members of the [white] community and it distracts the [mission of the] Christian Church."

Theologian Charles Hodge -
From the 1836 edition of The Journal of the Theological Seminary
at Princeton.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gangsta Lean

Al Capone

President Obama: For the remainder of the eight years you are in office - do not forget you are from Chicago. Home of Al Capone.

You do not EVER HAVE TO "bi-partisan" with any legislator that does not want to work with you. When you want to get something passed, "posse-up" with your center and left constituency. The real people that elected you - Mr. President. We will bring the fire just close enough to all recalcitrant senators and congressmen, so that they may see the light - and support the health-reform bill.

Because, once they feel the heat, there is no way they can refuse. One thing about George Bush, he had a lot of gangsta in him. He said: "Just because you got the most votes - don't mean you gonna win."* That's what he said - and that fucker kicked Al Gore right out of the White House. Didn't he gangster Iraq? Didn't he make our duped asses look for "weapons of mass destruction?" Alright then.

We have to show even more willingness to kick some ass. Nice is over. The insurance companies and the Republican assholes cannot be allowed to win this one. They are playing with our lives. If you need a few heads cracked within the party - then that's what your support network will have to do. We will take care of it. Just give us a list.

But YOU will have to come out strong and clear and on message - every day, no change, until this is done. Do not waver on the PUBLIC OPTION - that is the centerpiece of this whole thing. If you waver - your support network will have nothing to work with. If you need us to get out in the "town halls" and make some noise - then we can make some noise. And will slap the shit out of the next son-of-a-bitch that asks for your birth certificate.

If you need us to dig up some dirt to hold over some motherfucker's head; so that he may vote right: Well Sir; that is why I keep on ready - a shovel, a bat, a camera, a laptop with a scanner, and a credit card with lots of frequent-flyer miles. We have to fight dirty - just like the Republicans. If they bring a concealed .45 revolver to an agreed upon fist-fight, we have to pull out a machine-gun (surprise).

You kick enough ass - even the "gun-rights" bastards will back-off.

I like a good fight. This is a good fight.

* Attribution - Paul Mooney

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cut Out the Republicans

Stop allowing the Republicans to ruin the good message of health care reform by continuing to engage them. Just walk by those mothers in the halls of the Capitol, or along the beltway like they don't exist. Find out if senate rules can be bypassed. If the Republican fuckers want to attempt a filibuster - let them. Talk to Democrats only, get the Blue Dogs in line, and let's get health care WITH A PUBLIC OPTION passed this year.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Public Option

Mr. President: No health-care reform without the public option. Without that, you may as well not have a bill. Co-ops do not make sense - they are a hand over to the insurance companies. Forget it. We already have a kind of co-op, it is called Blue Cross - Blue Shield. This is okay - but the public is still in need of a last resort option. And as you know Mr. President, the public option is crucial to holding down costs.

Those disruptions that are occurring at "town hall" meetings - are just nasty instigations paid for by the insurance companies and their lobbying organizations. The asshole racists are all too happy to disrupt, tote their guns, then pick-up their little checks afterwards.

You were elected to do this - do not compromise. Fuck the Republicans - they are so in the way, they really need to sit their creaky asses down. They are now just a retrogressive virus, infecting the country, and making everybody sick. They have absolutely nothing to add but air.

Please stop trying to "bi-partisan" with those that don't want to "bi-partisan" with you. If there were something they [Republicans] wanted to get done, and they had the votes, they would just do it. They would not "bi-partisan" a fucking thing with you, Mr. President. You wouldn't find out what they did until the next morning's paper. Whoosh! Gone! Let's not waste anymore time.

We have the votes. If this shit has to be rammed through, then let's just ram this mother through. Whatever it takes - the Left supports you. Fuck it, Mr. President: We will deal with sweeping up the pieces later. Let's put the right message on blast. The parts of the electorate that is "afraid" of reform - will embrace it, once it kicks in. Just like they opposed, then embraced Medicare and Social Security.

The people that elected you expect an uncompromised Public Option.

Let's DO THIS. Mr. President.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Try Something Else

A Post To Concerned Christians Everywhere

Concerned Christians are always reminding me that: "The Bible is the inerrant word of God, written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit."

I have thoroughly read the Bible - including and especially the parts they don't talk about in church, many times from cover to cover. That's why I know the Bible better than most Christians. Those were quiet readings, done over time, really dissecting and comparing, and underlining, and highlighting, and bookmarking, and re-reading, and re-searching, and thinking, and re-thinking about what I had read.

Then, BOOM!!!!!

My studies gave me the absolute assurance, that the Bible has nothing of value to contribute to anything... Anything dealing with history, or science, or morality, or understanding, or good - nothing.

The best way to create an atheist is to let him read the WHOLE Bible, in all of its naked literalness. With no whispering influences from any "correct interpreters," or any "proper guidance" from clergy. And please - tell him to stay away from that stupid-assed, know-nothing, Wednesday night "Bible Study." You know the one I'm talking about - the one that has that fat ham-hock-eating bitch with the blonde weave that stutters as a teacher. ("N-no wonder! YuYuYou - you n-n-need t-t-to stop asssssociating with th-them a-a-atheists! They-ssss goinnng to h-hell!") Whew!

When done - ask that individual to give a raw and HONEST assessment of what he just read.

If he has any truthfulness in his character, he will come to the un-reserved, spoken conclusion that the Bible was written by pre-scientific, opaque, phobic, tribal, super-superstitious, hyper-ignorant, delusional, bestial, sadistic, bigoted, misogynistic, and unashamedly hypocritical men that did not know what the fuck they were talking about.

And if someone does tell me that the Bible is the singular repository of "ultimate truth," or even remotely congruent with what relativity-minded, 21st century people understand as reality - I know they are either:

1. Honestly Ignorant,

2. Honestly Delusional,

or 3. Big Liars with a Method or Plan (watch your wallet).

The ignorant need to stop listening to clergymen (so they can stop being ignorant), and read something different but enlightening. Go to Barnes and Noble or Amazon, not the Christian book store, or the religion section. Learn some science - like basic physics and cosmology. Learn about logic - and why it is so powerful, learn about philosophies and cultures other than the ones you grew-up with. Really - knowing shit is not just for white folks. And grown people of any color need to be "knowers" - not "believers." That goes double for Black folks. Have you ever noticed that folks will ask you, when they are questioning your level of ability or proficiency - "Do you KNOW what you are doing?" Not - "Do you BELIEVE what you are doing?" Ok? "Believing" is not even remotely operational on any useful or practical level. Not for you - and not for anyone else.

"I BELIEVE I CAN FLY - I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY!!!" Ah... Which is cool - except, if you are on the 20th floor, and you decide to test "belief" versus "reality." Once you step outside that window - well - at that point we will see whether a strong belief, or a strong reality will prevail.

Listen-up Black folks!!! The six day beginning does not cut it anymore - the enlightened world knows way too much about the universe for that to have any serious or operational play. And we as a people, need to be able to intelligently add to the conversation - without fairy-tales. 

Of course, we don't yet know everything - but that six-day shit was trumped back in the middle of the 19th century. The knowledge wasn't put on blast until the beginning of the 20th century - because at that time, you could be imprisoned in many states for propagating any views of reality that differed with the biblical account.

The delusional need help. I have a list of reputable "de-programmers" and psychiatrists, along with other mental-health professionals that can help those with "BBS" or "Biblical Bullshit Syndrome." We can definitely assist you. Logic-enhanced M&M's are free and available from our help desk. As a prelude to therapy, I would like to invite the delusional to any of my weekly Bible-burnings, held every Thursday night.

The Liars, are the liars. Clergy, politicians, certain segments of the media, and the entire Christianity Industry, all know that the Bible is bullshit - the embodied antithesis of enlightenment. They will never tell you, because money has to be made, and power has to be maintained. For example: "Jesus is the product" - a famous Black mega-church pastor let that nugget slip out of his mouth during a TV interview with Larry King - Christians need to take heed to what this motherfucker is really saying.

Check this out closely: We have a PRODUCT (We now know that product is, well, ahh - "Jesus." Right?), and if you have a "product" you need a MARKETER or seller in place, you know - to "move" the "product" (Could that marketer possibly be a clergyman? Ahhhh... Could be...). And! you need a potential CONSUMER in place, to market to (Could that be you? They do have to SELL the "product" to somebody. Right?). Well - that's how it works. Now, where are YOU in this? Now remember: JESUS is the PRODUCT. Not the redeemer - not the light - not the way - but, the PRODUCT... Like catsup. Ask yourself - where are YOU in this? And - if you have been a long-time consumer of this "product," I would like you to ask yourself squarely and honestly - "Has the consumption of this product been as useful, or as effective for the health and wealth of you and your family as it seems to be for those that "sell" this "product?" It has? So - I'm sure you have run-into your pastor a few times at the airport after your pilot parked your Learjet next to the slot occupied by the pastor's Gulfstream V.


The Bible itself, is the ideal tool though, for money and power purposes. That has been known by the tricky and the powerful since the time of Constantine. This book has been consistently effective, for keeping the masses mentally tied-up and powerless. This book has the power to put your entire life off-track - and it will keep your life off-track for the benefit of the religious hustlers specifically, and the Christianity Industry in general.

Every word in this book is in total opposition to verifiable reality, true ethics, and anything that even approaches a practicable morality (Abraham and Issac? - "Ok, pass the knife please..."). And - it is only because of the dangerous nonsensicality of this fucking book that everything in it has to be "interpreted," or "explained," or "defended." You know - like a murder case. Pages and pages of open bullshit that is only useful to the hustlers and their co-conspirators. "Literal" and un-assisted readings of the Bible are not really recommended by hustlers or the industry. Otherwise - how could the hustlers sell books like: "Blowjobs Are The True Gateway To Heaven" - or, "Fucking Your Pastor God's Way" - Ok? And to think - all of this extra-biblical wisdom can be acquired for the cheap price of $29.95!

With that - take a good look around the world at communities of color. The more Christian it is - the more pathetic it is. The Black community in America is almost thoroughly Christian - and almost thoroughly pathetic.

Salvation? Jesus - does not seem to be an option.

The fact that this belief system was given to us, by our former slave masters and Jim Crow enforcers, should have been a giant red flag that forever anathematized Christianity for Black people everywhere.

"CHRISTIANITY?!... Man - I don't fuck with that shit!" - That is the proper reaction from a person of color to any white "missionary" or "evangelist" that attempts to offer them the "sweet gift" of Christianity. You [person of color] were already fucked once with Christian Slavery and then again with Christian Discrimination. "Now you [white man] want to fuck my mind up for all eternity with a Bible. Please, Sir - I AM a bit tired now..."

Lynchings were always one-hundred-percent attended by good Bible-believing Christians - including the guy being lynched! And history has shown me, that nothing can brighten up a neighborhood like a cross being burned on one's lawn. Maybe Jesus IS the light.

Leviticus was the best thing that ever happened to Black people. This chapter of the Bible not only gave the "chosen people" direct-from-God permission to enslave others, but instructs - whom to do it to, how to do it, and how long to do it to them. If it were not for Bible-believing white people, doing the right thing, and putting God’s divine and merciful instructions into practice for 400-plus years – we Black folks would have never received our holy enslavement; Amen - the greatest blessing of Christianity.

Amazingly: The one thing Black folks failed to do, once freed, was to show those former slave masters, our deep and prayerful gratitude for facilitating the great blessings we had received. And the right way to have shown that gratitude, I think; would have been to tell the white man; with a solemn and profound humility, to take his fucking Bible, and stick it nice and solidly up his flat, nasty, discriminating ass.

Believe me people - there is still time to do the right thing.

The Bible - in so many critical ways, has basically driven us Black folks crazy. There is not a source in this world that can exponentialize ignorance, irrationality and stupidity, as thoroughly, or as efficiently as the Holy Bible. (FOX News runs a close second though.)

The politician has a tenuous hold on the body through the power of the law, but the priest keeps a strong hold on the mind through the power of the lie. The Bible is the basis of the lie. Biblical indoctrination has the power to make all lies from authority (temporal or spiritual) sweet and believable; and this "Biblelization" (new word) process, blinds one to the ways in which the law and the lie are connected.

For example: The Black masses have always been fooled by that "speaking truth to power" bullshit - thinking of their clergymen as good community representatives, actually working on the behalf of the community; "looking-out for the hood," and protecting the [Black] community from the machinating authorities.

The truth is, "Truth" and "Power" have always collaborated, through an elaborate and intricate back-room compact. Whom do you think gives the politician the appropriate biblical passages to drop into his speeches? Whom do you think gives the priest the "heads-up" on what politics, policies or events, to sermon about in the pulpit?

"Mister Politician - Where does taxpayer-supplied money for 'faith-based programs' and 'projects' really go - and why?"

If there is a "separation of church and state" - an actual separation of "Truth" and "Power," why in the fuck are politicians campaigning in churches, and having "strategy discussions" and "political consultations" with clergymen. How is it that churches ("Truth") do not pay taxes - but they have so much power over the shaping of policies and the ratification of laws ("Power") that affect the lives of individuals, and the operational viability of business entities that do pay taxes?

What kind of bullshit is this?

Hey - just asking a question.

Be aware of the actual pull-down-the-shades coordination of talking points. Done, for whatever political or financial reasons you will never be privy to. "Truth to Power?" It's a fucking charade folks.

If only you could be a fly on the wall when "Truth" and "Power" get together for drinks - where the envelopes are passed - and the talking points re-set - right after the staged-for-TV "protest march."

Your own self-enlightenment efforts (for you at least) removes the grip of the religious money-grabbers, counters stupid propaganda, and opens reality to realism. When many more everyday folks make the effort to see and think, and become better informed, they can and will correctly circumscribe the power of the government. They can and will build a tranquil and safe community. They can and will create prosperity for themselves. Clarity and power come from within - not from above.

Studying the Bible, [only] if you are doing it with the serious purpose of making it a guide for living, is a horrible waste of time.

Folks, read that Bible honestly, and read other books on serious subjects, think informed and logically, get understanding - not revelation. Get some real knowledge - not "good preachin." Apprehend and process things from the standpoint of "the way it is," rather than from the unstudied, unreasoned emotionality of "It has to be." Because "it has to be" is never "the way it is."

Then, PLEASE try something else.

Note: You can see a list of some of the books I have read in my "Complete Profile." Click on the link in the "About Me" box on your right and see the titles of a few of the books in my home library.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A significant number of those "birther" assholes that question whether President Obama is a citizen, are not even sure if The State of Hawaii is a part of the United States.

Sarah Palin - Part 4

First, while still in Alaska, this idiot jumps into the debate over health care. Spouting ominous sounding "Obama death panel" remarks - not knowing what the hell she was talking about. Second, she then travels South and appeals to the basest tribal urges of "right-to-bear-arms" type white bubbas. Thereby heating-up the racist hordes to boiling temperatures that may not be containable.

Presently, she is appealing for "calm" and "reasonableness" now that she and other right-wing ignoramuses have pushed this debate beyond political gamesmanship, and into real violence incitement. The Republican leadership is now waking-up after going too far.

But the drawling "2nd Amendment" snuff-dippers are willfully deaf to "reasonableness," and are now bringing guns to these "town halls."

Will a bullet get the last word?

The Republican Formula

Jesus + Racism x Conservative Policies = White Supremacy.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Security Cameras

When I watch crime shows on cable, I always notice that the security cameras used by stores, banks, etc. seem to never have a high enough resolution to solidly identify a person. Even if there is a full-on facial shot. With good lighting. A bank robbery - No Mask!!!

These recordings are so fuzzy, that you might as well not even have cameras in those places. You can get zoomed-in satellite surveillance pictures with higher resolution these days. The satellites themselves are orbiting 200 miles or more above the planet.

Who is selling these systems?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What People Know

I cannot tell you how many people I have met (because of what I do for a living) that will tell me about the glories of heaven, and how much Jesus loves me, and what the afterlife will be like if I would just get "saved." But, those same folks, even if their lives depended on it, cannot not tell me what their zip code is.

I kid you not.

Sarah Palin - Part 3

You claim that President Obama's health plan is "evil." What altenatative plan do you have that will help the millions that are poor and uninsured? I am willing to check it out. Let's see it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Have Respect For My Pastor"

Why do people always do "reverential" stuff they don't want to do - just to be "respectful" to other people's religious sensitivities? Don't bring me, please - I won't do it.

You know how your churchgoing friends and relatives always attempt to corral you into doing that extra-special politeness and deference thing along with them, whenever their pastor comes into your space? "Here comes my pastor Arthur - now watch your mouth - don't embarrass me!" Doesn't that shit get on your nerves? Well, it gets on mine, anytime I am told to go "holy on demand."

There is not one "reverend" on this planet that is deserving of any more respect than you would give any other panhandler.

When I was twelve, I saw a guy on TV run up to a stage, fall to his knees, and kiss the Pope on his hand. That grossed me out. "What kind of freak mess is this?" I thought. Then the Pope stuck two fingers in the air, and waved his hand around, all the while mumbling some kind of incomprehensible nonsense.

My grandmother said he was "blessing" him. "And then what happens?" I asked. She said, "I don't know - but its supposed to be good. I think a blessing gets you closer to God." Even so... I still did not like what I saw. I could understand a little respect. But, I mean, shit, he just kissed that man's hand! And the Pope was standing there wearing a stupid hat - and a dress... "HE'S A FREAK!!!" Was my unspoken impression.

"You are supposed to have respect and reverence for the Pope," my grandmother said. "For what, who said so, and why?" I thought.

You know... I never did like the whole "reverence and respect for clergy" thing. Something in me always felt that the whole "reverence and respect for clergy" set-up, was wrong. I can never say "reverend" without bringing up gas. I always say "Mister." The only person I can revere as "reverend" is me (you read correctly, I do mean myself).

Today, I always make sure to let fly, at least three good, well-formed, cuss words out of my mouth in the course of conversation, whenever I am around clergy. From this - one can see MY level of reverence for these shit-talking, money-grabbing, not-respect worthy, hypercynical lowlifes. You are probably thinking by now, that it would not be a good idea to bring me around your pastor, that is, if you have one.

It's okay. It is not like I am not civil, or reasonable, because I am.

It is just that I get impatient when extras are being demanded from me for no good reason. And then to be pressured into expending those extras toward those whom I feel are no-good. That kind of expectation makes me feel like I am standing on the bad end of a stick-up.

I hate it. I refuse to falsely reverence the false, and I won't, don't, can't do piety. Can't do it. No extras here for pastors. I see most clergymen (99.7% and counting) as nothing but a bunch of strutty, slick, lying, covetous, thieving, poison-spreaders. These charlatan dogs are always trying to "Amen" their way into your wallet, or "preach" their way to holy heaven, right under your wife's dress.

And besides, clergymen are always getting extras. That's why so many of them are overweight.

So, if there is a clergyman around, and if, at that same moment you feel like cussing... CUSS!!! And if blasphemy is your thing - then hey, let loose baby. Why should YOU have to watch YOUR mouth?

Should you?

Well, as far as I am concerned, mouth watching goes both ways. Clergymen certainly don't watch their mouths. Their utterances go mostly unchecked and unchallenged. Especially when they are flapping in some stinking pulpit, vituperating about some "sin" or anything else they deem worthy of condemnation or disparagement.

Cussing and blasphemy are First Amendment rights, that are open and exercisable to every citizen of this country. We have constitutionally separated, the church, and the state. That means; within this beautiful bitch we call the United States of America, you have the un-intimidatable, un-curtailed right, to bitch to, and about, and in the proximity of, any Bible-farting, wind-bagging, flim-flamming, pastor-pimp all you want - no matter how "anointed" he may be.

And you can legally do it, loudly and continuously; until all the "blessed and highly favored" adulterating mothers that are fucking those same pastor-pimps, come home. You are free and legal and First Amendment correct baby! Ain't that a bitch? And if you happen to be A BITCH, well bitch; YOU are fucking free, and fucking legal, and fucking constitutional too.

That's why I love this country.

The founding fathers set it up this way - just so you would be freely able to blaspheme or cuss, or not - in front of whomever you want to - with whatever degree of appropriateness that YOU decide is necessary, according to the situation. And yes, it is quite possible you may "offend" certain people because you "differ," or don't believe, or burn Bibles, or whatever. SO WHAT.

Those that are "offended" - have an equally constitutional right to "counter-offend" - OR get the fuck outta here. In this country, you can openly and sincerely rail away, legally and constitutionally, without the possibility of being jailed, fined, exiled, or burned at the stake for being a self-declared "infidel," or "apostate," or "dis-respecter of the cloth."

Welcome to America, you religious son-of-a-bitch.

Now - if the Pope just happens to be standing there at the moment you get the urge to flow - OH WELL. "Freedom is a motherfucker, Your Holiness." Allowing yourself to get caught-up and dragged into being over-respectful and deferential to likely criminals, just because everyone else is caught-up-crazy, is being wrong to yourself - and being wrong to the whole concept of freedom.

If you don't want to do it, then really - don't do it.

The constitutional separation of church and state allows YOU to decide whom you may be reverential and/or respectful towards. Get some sense please. There is a difference between reverence, and plain everyday civil respect.

Reverence should never be automatic towards ANY son-of-a-bitch you just met - regardless of whom they are supposed to be. Pope or whomever. Fuck that. Especially when that meeting requires you to do any faking, kneeling, head bowing, eye closing, wallet opening; or droning out some bullshit prayer. Forced piety and participation, should always be out of the question.

No one should have to debase themselves in this way, just because they must occasionally put themselves in the same room, with some greasy-assed, "called and ordained" motherfucker.

This is how you do it properly:

THE INTRODUCTION: "Oh, um, Mr. Ward: I would like you to meet The Right Honorable Reverend, Doctor, Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Overseer, Apostle, Bishop Al Cheatumwell of the Heavenly Dollar Baptist Church."

THEIR ATTITUDE: "My God... Don't you see my Pastor standing here asshole? Stop eating your goddamned chicken wings for a moment, you hell-bound maggot. Get up, bow, thank the Lord Jesus, and kiss my Pastor's ring - you faithless fuck. Show some gratitude, you heathen bastard - for receiving the great blessing, of being in the presence of a man chosen by God himself."


"May I finish my wings please?"

There is nothing more civilizing than a proper display of respect.

You should be just as polite to him as you would anyone else you meet. No more - no less. And if anyone expects more than that, make sure they walk away thoroughly disappointed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Want My Country Back!!!

Whenever I see coverage of "town hall" meetings on political commentary shows, at least one white person always screams; "I want my country baaack!" I would like a "town hall" white person to explain to me exactly how the country was "taken."

And precisely how they want it "back."

Monday, August 3, 2009


I would bet that many successful gangsta rap artists, don't allow their children to listen to rap music.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Steps to Community Improvement

Let us begin by getting rid of all the Black clergymen (send them by red-eye to Siberia). We can tear down Black churches, or convert those facilities to more productive uses. We should put mental health hazard warning stickers on all Bibles. We should censure then refrain from patronizing Black Christian bookstores, for the crime of selling misleading and false information, marketed as fact.

We should remove our children from all Christian schools, so that they are not indoctrinated into being future time revenue sources, or seduced into being present time sex objects for clergymen. We must send representatives to the Vatican, and to the headquarters of all Christian denominations, with a demand for a refund of all Black people's tithes and offerings. (All billing should be backdated to start on 07-19-1865 - Juneteenth Freedom Day.)

Let us bring in "deprogrammers" and non-religious psychiatrists, so that we can start relieving Black folks of Christian Cognitive Disorder or "CCD." This condition is rampant in the Black community. CCD is a deep mental affliction, an awful contagion that is initially induced and sustained by the influence of churches and preachers.

Never heard of "CCD?" Well - some of the symptoms of CCD include; grace-seeking, bigotry, religious arrogance, hyper-emotionality, an aversion to scientific knowledge (or useful knowledge of any kind), irrationality, voice-hearing, a strong belief in the supernatural without evidence, a fear of facts, believing stuff without investigation or verification, and actually tithing.

Other known symptoms of CCD are: A compulsive attraction to books written by TV preachers, harboring delusions of being "blessed and highly favored" with no money in the bank, being open to spiritual advisement from preachers that wear pastel colored suits with matching shoes, and possessing a strong, active, willful ignorance.

Another positive community step we can take, is to hire good financial planners. They can assist our Black people in the ways of properly investing for themselves, using the billions of dollars that they formerly (we hope) gave to preachers. Putting those same funds into education, housing, businesses, retirement, a new roof, the rent, etc.

We need to develop a ZERO TOLERANCE of Black-On-Black crime. Those Black folks that steal, maim, threaten, rape, rob, molest, cheat, and kill other Black people should be imprisoned with maximum sentences, and then ostracized from the community. When they are released, don't let them come back here, send them over to the white community to live. It would be interesting to see how they would put up with these guys.

Now... If the white community sends them back to us, we can turn them into a useful commodity that can be offered through a special trade deal with China. The Chinese government has a need for more prisoners (to make I-Pods, Jordan sneakers, and other stuff). We have a need for money. We will first have to meet with their trade people, and agree on a fair price.

Then, we must pick-up, pack-up, and export these Black homicidal motherfuckers to China, with them ultimately landing in cold, remote Manchurian slave labor prison camps, and away from us. Thereby turning death into dollars. These criminals are killing our babies - Fuck Um... Junebug needs to learn Chinese anyway (Ah So Nigger).

Our community should unequivocally ban gangs as a matter of community viability, personal safety, general tranquility, and Black business development. We, as a community, should lock, load, and assist the police in quickly putting down any gang activity (remember ladies - these are the same motherfuckers that have no problem with shooting your child's brains out, raping you for sport, or burning your grandmother's house down). Identify, apprehend, prosecute, convict, and don't come back (try North Korea motherfuckers).

If a safe community is good enough for white people, why should it not be good enough for us?

A white child can play on his front stoop without getting shot. Why can't yours? The last bullet came through your neighbor's window. The funeral is next Friday. The next bullet may come through YOUR window. Did you mail the insurance premium this month? Effectively dealing with this threat (however we decide to do it), is simply a matter of community will.

"That guy just shot a BABY to death..!"

"Don't snitch!!!" - "Really? Ok... Should we snitch if they kill you?"

Those gang guys are bad... BAD - so, why don't they go and drive-by shoot over in the white neighborhood? OH... They won't, because they know white people have lots of guns (despite any restricting local ordinances), and WILL justifiably "posse-up." They will use those guns against any action or individual, that threatens the peace of their community, and the safety of their children. We should do the same.

Believe me - the police won't mind.

White people don't MARCH. They shoot back. Did they march after Pearl Harbor? Did they march after 9-11? Will a march REALLY influence a fratricidal thug? ONE CAP busted by the community, with a trajectory going in the thug's direction (for a change), will have more influence on him than a thousand marches staged every day.

Lastly - let us put a moratorium on certain rap music. This craziness is nothing but fratricide - beautified, rhythmized, and put to music. These songs are about the joyful noise of Black people killing Black people. Homicidal sickness sung into mainstream normality. "Yes. I'd like my Corn Flakes with bullets please... Thank You." I haven't heard no rappers talking about KILLING WHITE PEOPLE. Have you? Neither have I heard of ANY rap incantations that disrespect white women.

Where are those songs?

How are we going to keep allowing certain people in our community to put words like ho, bitch, nigger, and other "words" to describe us and all of OUR mothers, sisters, and fathers, on a record - promoted and sold to anybody on the planet that wants to buy it - and the rest of us then expect people around the world to respect us?

Respect? Come on folks...

Right after certain people in our community have SOLD them the permission not to?

That's some damned good stuff you're smoking.

"Keep my name out ya mouth
Before them AK shells come straight in ya house
Won't stop 'till ya whole block layin' hit em all up buck buck
then we out
Fuck where you from nigga fuck what you 'bout
We can get it poppin'
Bodies start droppin'...
Death is knockin'
At your front door...
Talkin' and walkin'
You'll meet your coffin
Ain't no stoppin
When the Glock get to poppin'..."

By the rap artist known as - "50 Cent."

To just survive... We must make a change, because if we don't, the only place that Black people will be found, years from now, will be in exhibits. Stuffed and staged in Natural History museums, behind glass. Little white kids pointing: "Gran'pa, you knew people like this?"

Pro Life

Have you ever noticed that the most vocal pro-lifers don't adopt?